Agent CTI Calls

Cti screens

Agent Module

A web-interface with log-in credentials for each agent makes it easy for agents to keep track of their calls. Supervisors can also see the progress as al information gets updated to a centralized database.

Agent scripts
cti screen

CTI Screen

The CTI screen provides timely pop-ups with information crucial for agents needed for their on-going call.

Agent Scripts

The Agent Script can be used to prompt the agents to say the right things to the callers, ask relevant questions and offer correct resolutions. It is a pre-written script that is accessible by each agent through his or her Agent Module. The script can also be used by the supervisors and managers to announce the day’s targets, special instructions or motivational messages, etc. to all agents.

agent scripts
crm integrations

CRM Integrations

The complete customer history and profile can be accessed via CRM integration with the Office 24x7 system. This helps agents provide better service to the calling clients and any updates made by the agent during the call are added to the CRM database as well.

Contacts Database

Office 24x7 maintains the complete contacts database, which can be accessed by the agents according to the system configuration. This helps agents verify customer information during the call and maintain records as well.

contacts database
call recording

Call Recording

All calls received by an agent can be recorded for the purpose of conversation verification and training and improvement of quality of call conducted by the agent.

Virtual Phone

The Virtual Phone allows the calls to be taken on any number that is configured with the Office 24x7 system.

virtual phone
work from home

Work From Home

Office 24x7 allows agents to work from home with the help of call routing to any configured number and providing access to the Agent Module from remote locations.