Post Call Survey

Hosted IVR

Feedback IVRS

Feedback is crucial for improvement and maintaining repeat customers. With Office 24x7 you can obtain feedback from the caller through an IVRS. User response such as quality of call on a numeric scale or objective responses such as yes or no, etc. can be recorded with the help of keypad dial-ins.

IVR survey software
Call feedback survey

Voicemail Integration

Integrate surveys with Voicemail to record the user feedback. The customer is free from the need to type anything, a simple voice response suffices.

SMS With Short URL Integration

Short URLs help collect unique information most efficiently. They eliminate the possibility of the same user responding multiple times and work with the simple system of an SMS that can be sent to the customer after the call is over.

Call feedback survey
Call feedback survey

Through Missed Call

Once the call is complete, the customer receives a message with instructions to give a missed call on the given numbers to have their feedback and opinion registered.