Out Bound Dialer

Office 24by7 Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer helps increase the efficiency and productivity of agents. It connects agents only to those calls that have been answered by the lead or customer. This saves the agents’ time that is normally wasted in waiting for the call to be received, listening to busy tones, messages of disconnection, etc. The dialer predicts the time in which an agent will get free to take the next call, this way the callee also doesn’t have to wait too long before an agent comes online.

Office 24by7 dialer
progressive dialer

Progressive Dialer

The Progressive Dialer connects calls to agents based on a pre-set ratio. The ratio decides how many of the calls go to the queue and how many are connected to the agent.

Preview Dialer

The Preview Dialer works manually. It allows the agent to see the callee information before connecting the call. The agent can use the click-to-call option to dial out to the customer.

preview dialer