Out Bound Dialer

hosted out bound dialer

Reaching out to their target audience effectively is very important for any organization. Office 24/7’s Dialer algorithm and logic enable companies to reach this audience quickly and economically making it possible for them to grow their customer base.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer helps increase the efficiency and productivity of agents. It connects agents only to those calls that have been answered by the lead or customer. This saves the agents’ time that is normally wasted in waiting for the call to be received, listening to busy tones, messages of disconnection, etc. The dialer predicts the time in which an agent will get free to take the next call, this way the callee also doesn’t have to wait too long before an agent comes online.

Office 24by7 predictive-dialer
outbound predictive-dialer

Progressive Dialer

The progressive Dialer makes multiple calls at a time, based on agent availability and based on pre-set ratio. It consumes lesser time from the campaign as compared to the Predictive Dialer and makes a beneficial tool for small contact centers with limited recourses.

The framework checks agents’ calls lists multiple times and paces dialing in light of late abandonment rates and just dials when the operator gets to be distinctly accessible. Boosting the your operator’s talk time by 300%.

Preview Dialer

The Preview Dialer works manually. It allows the agent to prepare for the call by seeing the callee information before connecting the call. This proves very helpful for contact centers that deal with complex callee information. Once the agent is confident about his knowledge about the customer and expected requirements, he can use the click-to-call option to dial out to the customer.

The Preview Dialer makes for power customer engagement and builds their trust towards the company.

The system also skips presenting those customers who are on the company’s no-call list, hence saving time and efforts of the agents.

outbound preview dialer