Call Routing

Call routing server

When the contact center receives calls, a set protocol of routing the calls makes it easy to manage and optimally respond to each call. Calls can be routed based on the following aspects:

Automatic Call Distribution

The ACD distributes incoming calls to a targeted group of agents based on customer's telephone number, customer’s selection, or time that the call was received. The intelligent Automatic Call Distribution algorithms can be set to route the waiting callers to the company agents on First In First Out basis or even as Random selection.

Inbound call routing services
Routing number

Time Of The Day Routing/ Scheduling

All incoming calls can be routed to chosen destinations or groups based on the time of the day or as per a schedule of agents available you’ve decided.

For example, based on customisation, calls can be directed to different groups depending upon working hours and non-working hours as in the case of service organisations. The service industry makes use of such routing where during weekdays, the calls can be directed to service agents trained to take relevant actions and orders, while during weekends the calls can be directed to agents trained to offer soft solutions only.

Skill Based Routing

When a call comes in, based on the preliminary choices made by the caller, the call can be routed to an agent based on various skills such as Language or specified options chosen by caller.

For Ex: Support requirement, Sales requirement, or if the caller speaks only English, etc.

skill based routing
priority routing

Priority Routing

High priority calls can be routed to your best agents based on parameters set by you. Calls can be directed to senior agents for high priority calls like that from a Premium membership customer and to junior agents for low priority calls like that from a regular membership customer. This ensures that your best customers receive the best assistance you have to offer.

Sticky Agent

Give your customers the advantage and convenience of being attended by an agent who already knows their situation and is aware of their service history. The system recognizes the caller and as a priority tries to route his call to the last agent who had attended to him.

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queue management

Queue Management

When the volume of calls is high and all agents may be occupied with other customers. The Office 24x7 solution queues all the callers who are waiting to connect with an agent. The system manages waiting callers and routes the calls to the available agent and system plays custom messages to the caller while in queue

In-Queue Count Message

To facilitate callers’ time management efficiently, the system calculates the estimated wait time before an on-hold caller can be attended to by an agent. It also counts their number in the waiting queue and informs the caller about both.

in queue count
music on hold and custom moh tones

Music-On-Hold and Custom MOH message

Waiting can be boring! But not for your callers. Choose and set music that plays for callers on hold. You can also use the wait time to convey information about your products or services to the waiting callers through a pre-set message.