IVRS Calls

multilevel ivrs

Office 24/7 includes both, a direct or single level Integrated Voice Response System or IVRS and a multi-level system. You may choose to opt for the one that suits your requirements. The IVRS offers the following features.

Welcome Message

When the caller calls in, a welcome message greets him. Set a message as you like and change it as per your convenience or need.

Welcome messages improve the company’s brand value. You can even use them to showcase company’s products, services and updated features.

You also have the flexibility of changing your voice message file at any time.

inbound welcome
inbound scheduling or time based

Scheduling or Time Based

Schedule the IVRS and its messages according to Time Based Schedules as required. Update different menus and messages according to the activities and services offered within those hours.

For example, if a caller calls during the firm hours, the IVRS leads them to various menus. While if they call during non-office hours, the menu may ask them to call back later or leave a message or the call may be transferred to a designated agent/ specified number.

Caller Based Activities

When a caller calls in, the system checks whether he is an existing customer or a prospect. Based on this differentiation, the IVRS menu, takes each caller through different steps. In case of a new customer, the IVRS could play multi-level messages to guide the callers to the right segment, while in case of an existing customer; the IVRS can skip the preliminary registration steps and take the customer directly to the relevant menu.

inbound caller based activities
inbound multilevel ivrs

Multilevel IVRS

In case of companies with multiple products, line of services and departments, multi level IVR can be implemented for the convenience of the customers. They can be directed to the relevant departments without any human intervention. This process is a dual-benefit system that saves time for both – the customers and the company.

Programmable Extensions

After a caller has dialed one, the call can be further connected to a pre-programmed extension. The caller just needs to press the desired extension number through the dialer pad upon receiving the relevant instructions. In case the caller doesn’t know the extension number or if there is no response from the extension, the call can be further connected to an operator or another menu level.

inbound programmable extensions
inbound text to speech recognition

Text-To-Speech and Voice Recognition

You can type in the various menu instructions and messages that you need in your IVRS. The Text-To-Speech option has capability of the system converts the text into speech and interacts with the callers.

Voice Recognition:

Voice Recognition system recognises the caller’s voice then forwards the call to the next level of the IVRS.

Voicemail Integrations

In case a caller is unable to talk to a company representative due to unavailability of the representative, busy or during non-working hours, etc. caller has the choice to leave a voicemail, which can later be retrieved by the company representatives.

inbound voicemail integrations
inbound audio store

Audio Store

Upload pre-recorded custom messages for any segment of the IVRS or enjoy the flexibility of live-recording your messages on the spot from any location by receiving a call.