Reports & Analytics

office 24by7 reports

Reports and analysis helps managers keep track of their campaign. This helps calculate the efficiency and success of a Company. They are a great means of looking back and deciphering where your efforts are resulting in success or identify weak points, which could be improved to succeed

Real Time Reports

Real Time Reports help track the status of the campaigns being run. With the help of these reports, you can track the status of calls on parameters such as completed calls, in completed calls, converted calls, no replies, etc.

real time reports
agent performance reports

Agent Performance Reports

You can extract reports to gauge the performance of the agents. With the help of these reports you can know how each of your agents is doing and improve the ones that are not reaching the benchmark set by you.

Call Status

A comprehensive report that helps track the status of calls such as pending, completed, not interested, etc.

inbound call status
inbound geographical


Extract reports to know the status of calls based on geographical locations of the customers or call receivers.


Get hourly reports on status of calls. This is especially helpful when monitoring short-term campaigns.

inbound hourly
inbound monthly


The monthly reports help track progress of campaigns. If the pace of calls is slow, the pace can be picked up with correctional steps.

Agent Wise

Agent Wise Reports help delegate calls amongst various agents. The status and progress on the allotted scope can then be tracked through these reports.

inbound agent wise
inbound location wise

Location Wise

In case of multiple dialer centers, you can extract reports for each location. This will help you monitor the productivity of various centers.