Number Selection

inbound Number Selection

Contact centers need phone numbers to function. But selecting the numbers from the operator or from other sources requires a tedious process, which does not result in a customized solution. Office 24x7 offers you an expedited process that gets the number of your choice activated – saving you time and giving you maximum opportunities.

It also gives you the flexibility of switching the selected number from one service to another with zero downtime.

We provide a number to our clients for Cloud and On premise Solutions.

Virtual Number

  • A virtual number is a telephone number that is not directly associated with any hardware. These numbers can be programmed to use as a Local number, Mobile number, Toll-free number which can be forwarded to customer

    • Local Number

      The local number is a local landline number that can be provided to the customers, so that they can call in to reach the specific number. Although, the number is prefixed with the local STD code, actually the number may be in a remote location.

    • Mobile Number

      This virtual number appears as a mobile number, which can be shared with the customers so that they can call in to reach the specific number.

inbound virtual number
inbound tollfree numbers

Tollfree Numbers

Toll-free number is a 12-digit number that companies share with the public and their customers to enable effective communication. The cost of calls on these numbers is borne by the company. Once the user calls on a toll-free number, he may connect with an agent of the company or with an IVRS menu.

Call Forwarding

You can forward all incoming calls to other desired numbers or destinations such as:

  • Another mobile number directly.
  • An office number during working hours.
  • Other existing call center applications.
  • To an office during working hours or play the IVR message in non-working hours.
inbound call forwarding