Data Management

outbound data management

Campaign and List Management

You can create and manage contact lists according to various campaigns. As a next step, segment and allot lists to agents. Experience the ease of monitoring the status of the campaigns at a glance.

This especially helps when the call list is voluminous and can be categorised into various segments. For example, senior callees can be attended to by older

outbound campaign and list management
outbound data import

Data Import

Directly import contacts database from multiple sources in .csv/xls/xlsx formats or create the database manually. Manage as separate lists or consolidate into one list.

NDNC Registry

Office 24x7 regularly cross-checks the database against the National Do Not Call registry to ensure that no DND numbers are contacted by the agents for promotional need. DND numbers are clearly marked and indicated as DND by the system.

outbound ndnc registry
outbound schedule announcements

Schedule Announcements

You can schedule announcements for dates and events important for your customers. For example birthdays, anniversaries, insurance policy due dates, etc. The system prompts the agent on marked dates and depending upon system configuration, the agent can call the client or an automated message can be sent out.