Agent CTI Calls

outbound agent cti

Agent Module

A web-interface with log-in credentials for each agent makes it easy for the Company to keep track of agent’s calls. Agent’s can view details and make calls using Click-to-Call option to their assigned leads with an option to set the importance/priority of the calls. All the updates of the conversation with the caller can be incorporated for future reference.

outbound agent module
outbound cti screen

CTI Screen Pop-Up

The CTI screen aids the agent during an on-going call by providing requisite information in the form of pop-ups. The pop-ups can be quickly closed or dismissed if the agent doesn’t need them any more.

Agent Scripts

Agent Scripts ensure that the flow of the call is in the right direction and no crucial step is missed out. It also includes filters and courtesy prompts that make the call more pleasant for both, the agent and the receiver. Supervisors and managers can also use scripts to broadcast updates, instructions and other messages to all agents at one go.

For example, if the day’s target is to complete 120 calls per agent, the supervisor can broadcast this to all agents through agent scripts.

outbound agent scripts
outbound crm integrations

CRM Integrations

CRM integration lays the foundation of a pleasant call. The complete customer history and profile can be accessed via CRM integration with the Office 24x7 system. This helps agents provide better service to the calling clients and any updates made by the agent during the call are added to the CRM database as well.

For instance, when a caller with an on-going request calls back, it makes it more convenient for them when the agent is aware of their history and knows why the caller is calling.

Contacts Database

Office 24x7 maintains an easy to access Contacts Database. You can grant different permissions to different agents to access specific parts of the database according to their priority or campaign or allotted tasks. This is especially helpful when you want to keep sensitive customer information like financial records, etc. accessible only to the agents who deal with them.

outbound contacts database
outbound call recording

Call Recording

Call recording eliminates the risk of discrepancies between customer request and execution by the agent. All calls made by the agent can be recorded for scrutiny in case of an audit or conflict. Moreover, call recording serves as an important tool to provide feedback and help the agents do better.

Virtual Phone

The Virtual Phone allows the agent to receive calls from any number that is configured with the Office 24x7 system.

outbound virtual phone
outbound work from home

Work From Home

Office 24x7 allows agents to work from home from a pre-configured number that provides access to the Agent Module from remote locations.