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About Us

Office24by7 is a unique assembly of office automation solution with an intelligent CRM and business process management tool at its core built under the umbrella of Striker Soft Solution Pvt Ltd. Understanding the integral importance of communication in business success, Office24by7 was designed & created to meet the ever-changing needs of clients across industries.

Our Objectives

Office24by7 objective is to help organizations to automate and streamline the operations across all the departments of an organization like Communication, Marketing, Sales, Support, HR, Administration, Technology and Accounts to increase productivity and efficiency to ease the ‘pain points’ and automate the routine work-flows across the verticals in 360°.

After a thorough study and extensive analyses of operational gaps and improvement areas, examining wide variety of solutions available, we designed Office24by7 a comprehensive CRM application suite focusing on the Communication Automation, Sales Automation and Marketing Automation modules which can be customized and integrate seamlessly with any business solutions. Our goal is to provide simple, powerful and automated process to increase efficiency and business returns.

Our Story

Well, we do have a story like everyone else. But, the same story differentiates us from the rest.

While we are delivering Enterprise Messaging and Voice Services to help organizations streamline the communication, the need for taking control of communication completely and to improvise the efficacy and efficiency of sales and marketing operations propelled us to think and bring in lasting solutions.

After a thorough investigation and exhausting analyses of operational gaps and organizational pain points, and examining many varieties of solutions, we have come up with Office24by7 with numerous tools as a comprehensive solution to improve the office efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Now with an adoptive, customizable communication automation software and one-of-its-kind, completely dynamic sales and marketing automation software under our belt, we are offering complete automation solutions to communication, marketing and sales.

We are working an all-encompassing social media automation software to harness the fast increasing vast social media space for enhanced business opportunities.

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Understanding the importance of customer communication in the business processes, Office24by7 has designed intelligent office automation solutions covering the core areas of a business. Our automation solutions reduce human intervention using the automated interaction and power the growth opportunities. We bring the world of automation to your doorstep to streamline and automate the main business areas an effortless way.

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