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Smart Conference

Connect to different teams of multiple people across the globe on a single screen with the conference call service. Office24by7’s powerful Conference Call solution allows connecting to more than three people at a time with unlimited scalability. Resolve communication issues, complete sales negotiations easily irrespective of the participants’ location with the Conference call number. A powerful video, audio and messaging integrated conference call software gives you the real-time meeting experience.

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Conference Call

Inbound call facility of conference call service allows making calls without disclosing your number. When a call lands from several participants on Virtual Number, a call gets patched into the conference as decided. To ensure safety at the highest level, PIN configuration is considered from DTMF input for conference call solutions. The smart conference tool with a customizable dashboard allows managers to regulate the conference and participants with the options of mute, un-mute, hold and hand-raising in the panel. Inbound Conference Call service provided on Cloud as well as On-premises.

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outbound conference call
outbound conference call service

Conference call dialer

for outbound conference

Select to host an outbound conference call for a large number of participants and avoid any delay in connecting. Conference call dialer initiates from the dashboard to pre-determined participants by selecting the numbers. Conference Call can be initiated either from a single or different pilot numbers. Once connected, you enter in the conference. Re-try option is enabled in the dashboard for the participants to connect again if they miss a call. Pass-code configuration is commonly incorporated taking security reasons into purview if needed in the Conference call service.