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Agent CTI


Agents equipped with right tools to access database of callers for loads of information is essential for quality interactions. Smart IVR Agent dashboard offers this at the agent’s finger tips to improve productivity levels, customer engagement rates by reducing human resources and cost at the same time.

Agent dashboard is a computer telephony based integrated solution that is easy to install, configure and manage incoming calls of an inbound contact centers. A robust tool to upscale productivity and customer satisfaction with high dashboard redundancy. An innovative, simplified, customized, manageable, IT independent and user friendly UI that allows you to deploy flexibly when contact centers expand.

Smart IVR Agent dashboard enriches agent - customer relationship ensuring customer experience and customer engagement. A User friendly Interface that gives top down information of all callers that agents need for an interaction with an ongoing call. Complete details and data required for an interaction is conveniently accessible. It enhances call resolution and declines call handling time improving quality interactions.


Agent Module

  • Agent calls can be tracked using a web interface with log in credentials.
  • Click to call option allows agents to view and make calls to the assigned leads
  • Caller and call updates are incorporated for future reference
  • Centralized data updating system to progress business needs.

CTI Screen

An integration between the telephone and the desktop. CTI allows screen pops available to agents prior to call connection to access information about the caller to handle more calls effectively, quickly and to provide better service. It is also known as automated or automatic screen pop ups. This is an alert which alerts the agent about the caller instantly providing all information.

Smart IVR CTI Screen is customized, integrated and well organized in a way that it pools out complete background history of caller as soon the caller enters in an IVRS.

CTI Screen is an inbuilt feature of Smart IVR, the company can use it in the most possible way to reduce call handling time to ensure call resolution in the best way.

Agent Scripts

Smart IVR offers script for the agents to follow, to ask relevant questions and to offer right resolutions. Supervisors can design custom scripts that can be made accessible by each agent via Agent Module.

Such Scripts can be used by the manager level authorities to announce target scores, special instructions, day to day scalable target and motivational messages etc. to all agents.

With the increase in services and expansion of contact center might make agents inconvenient or not confident enough to speak to callers. Agent script essentially guides them through the call efficiently.

It offers instant guiding to the agents to know the best action in terms of trouble shooting an issue, avoid legal problems and get most out of the provided potential opportunity.

Smart IVR Agent Script not only eases the agent communication but also allows rapid changes and customization of script and when required to that of a company’s requirement.

CRM Integrations

The company might be anything and doing anything but caller profile, prospectus information and potential details are to be retained to expand business. This is when CRM acts.

The complete background history and profile of a caller can be accessed in no time. Contact centers is about interacting with the caller and prospectus. The CRM organizes, pool, track and maintain all of a company caller’s information, activities and interactions. This helps the contact centers being the customer support team to support the callers at any point of time with all required data and any changes made by the agents are too, updated for future record.

Contacts Database

Office 24by7 maintains complete contact database that can be accessed in accordance to that of system configuration. This helps the agents to verify caller information during the call to serve better, to identify the prospectus lead or existing caller and to maintain records as well.

Call Recording

Call recording enables to review quality of calls, content of calls to analyze agent’s performance and to identify customer complaints. This helps to check the agent’s conversation to be in compliance with regulatory rules, to check for the quality of conversion and training and improvement of agent’s quality conversation.

Virtual Phone

The Virtual Phone allows the calls to be taken on any number that is configured with the Office 24x7 system.

Work From Home

All the features are cloud based and so, Office 24x7 allows agents to work from home with the help of call routing to any configured number and providing access to the Agent Module from remote locations.