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Data Management

Customer Experience/Customer Satisfaction is equally important to that of Customer Service. Customer needs and interests should be known to render them best customer service. Any business should have contacts/customer database. Any service without proper oversight and tools, it is impossible to achieve customer satisfaction and retention. Office 24by7 Data Management tools enhances insight to monitor, suggest, request and to get involved whenever wherever required to deliver the best customer service.


List Management

This tool facilitates to create and manage a number of contact lists based on the company’s products and services. You can segment and allot lists based on the agent performance and or parameters set by you.

When the list is voluminous or large, this tool helps you to segregate into various segments.

For instance: Senior callers or Agents can be given prospective or potential customers and Junior Callers or agents can be allotted with existing customer list.

Every business have unique requirements and every business decision depends on the current and stored actionable data. The data playing the important role in communicating customers, it is highly essential to save each and every information that comes in to the Contact center for future reference. Actionable data with all statically algorithm are the best performance indicators.

Data Import

Office 24by7 offers seamless flexibility in directly importing contacts from multiple sources in .csv/xls/xlsx formats or to create the database manually. Imported data can be managed as separate lists or consolidate into one list.

NDNC Registry

Office 24x7 regularly cross-checks the database against the National Do Not Call registry to ensure that no DND numbers are contacted by the agents for promotional need. DND numbers are clearly marked and indicated as DND by the system.

Schedule Announcements

You can schedule announcements for dates and events important for your customers. For example birthdays, anniversaries, insurance policy due dates, etc. The system prompts the agent on marked dates and depending upon system configuration, the agent can call the client or an automated message can be sent out.