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Every one of us are different, so are the customers, so must be the businesses as the interests of the customer are of paramount importance directly correlating the business success, customer retention and branding. Treating a customer on high priority basis is the most important aspect of a business.

Office 24by7 offers intelligent call routing systems to distinguish which customers should be routed to what level to get maximum out of customer active interaction.

Smart IVR offers customizable routing feature to experience a set of protocol routing to make it comfortable for the contact center to assign, manage, attend and respond to each call on priority addressing business unique calling needs.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution routes all incoming calls distributing uniformly across available agents balancing the customer inputs as determined. This acts as the backbone for a Call/Contact Center Solution streamlining the complete communication process.

The intelligent ACD comes with powerful packed engine that can route waiting callers to the agents in different ways:

First in First out basis/Linear – where the incoming call is made to follow a step wise protocol that is one after the other starting with the same agent every time or based on the predetermined configuration. It makes sure that all the agents receives calls uniformly.

Randomly/Round Robin – where the incoming calls are allocated to the agents randomly whoever is free, or idle for longer periods so that your business never lose a prospect or potential opportunity.

ACD is the most valuable resource for any Call/Contact Center Solution that interacts with the customers largely. It is the perfect feature for businesses handling large call flows, executives on filed/geographically dispersed teams or companies with specialized teams like accounts, sales, service etc.

The most specialized feature of ACD is that it routes calls effectively to the right agent or allows callers to destine in right segments to get benefited from a seamless consistent experience and agents to experience intelligent and effective call routing systems.

Time of Day Routing / Scheduling

All incoming calls can be routed to the right destinations based on the time of the day or as per the schedule availability of agents. It can be designed or configured in such a way that every call without missing, can be handled during business hours and non-business hours, as in the case of service industry. This routing makes it an efficient manner for the service industry to direct calls to the agents trained to take relevant actions and orders. During week days and in weekends, calls can be directed to agents trained to offer soft solutions only.

Skill Based Routing

It is a component of ACD that directs and routes all incoming calls to the contact center agents with the particular/most applicable skill set of meeting the caller needs based upon various skills like language, product knowledge, demographics, etc. to that of specified options as chosen by the caller. If that particular agent does not answer, it automatically routes the call to the next agent with the most applicable skill set.

For instance: Support requirement, Sales requirement or if the caller wants the agent to speak only in English or etc.

Priority Routing

A priority routing is the priority given to routing system to destine in right segments based on the parameters and assistance set by you.

For instance:

High priority calls can be directed to senior agents like that from a Premium membership customer and to junior agents for low priority calls like that from a regular membership customer. This ensures that your best customers receive the best assistance you wished to offer.

Sticky Agent

It is a feature where it allows the caller to speak with the same agent again and again, who already knowns their situation and service history. This ease off the work for both the parties as caller need not to explain the same query or issue multiple times and the agent aware of the caller’s query will be able to suggest the solution quickly. The system recognizes the caller and try to routes the call to the agent who had attended him lastly.

Queue Management

This feature manages caller’s dis-connectivity and waiting time in a well-mannered way with custom hold music and messages of the company, greeting and creating awareness of the products and services of the company while in queue to refrain your business from losing prospective clients. This management reduces unoccupied time of your caller during peak calling hours.

In Queue Count Message

During heavy flow of calls and to make sure that neither the caller nor the agent stressed out, to facilitate caller’s time management efficiently, the system calculates the estimated wait time before an on-hold caller to make them know how far are they from reaching to be attended to by an agent. It also counts their number in the waiting queue and informs the caller about both. It allows managing the calls in an efficient way ensuring that the wait time does not lead clients to hang up.

Music on Hold and Custom MOH messages

Nobody likes to be on hold and keep waiting, it is even worse with silence. Unlike any advertisement, use the silence part in making your products and services getting registered in customer minds. Office24by7 MOH is a great feature to keep your customers happy and engaged while on hold. You are flexible to choose music selections, pre-set messages, or to upload your custom music to play, to hold clients online. This gives a chance to let them know what a company can do for them. Utilize this time to reassure that they are of important and what a business like yours can do for them while marketing on hold.