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Case Studies

Cloud based platform to resolve educational institutions needs

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Office24by7 is a plat-form to automate a complete communication of an Organization or Institutions. SMART IVR and SMART Operator are the Cloud based Solutions which resolves the needs of any entity. Office24by7 offers even In-Host Solutions and built rendering to Client’s necessity.

Office24by7 has come up with a single stop solution to facilitate a persistent connection between parents and educational institutions. Smart IVR works as Virtual Receptionist and SMART Operator works as front desk operator. Educational institutions can communicate anything as stated in the below flow to concerns quickly through these solutions.

Educational institutions like Schools, Colleges and Universities are finding difficulty to communicate about Student to their parent’s instantly. In other way, reaching a large group of people individually is a tedious process and time-consuming aspect for institutions. Office24by7 addresses all the below requirements.

  • Admissions – Admission dates & procedure to get a seat is known
  • Attendance - Attendance of the child day, weekly and monthly wise can be posted
  • Performance – Student’s performance can be known subject wise
  • Daily schedules – Daily dairy notes can be known whenever needed
  • Events – Parent can manage their calendar by knowing the events much in advance
  • Holidays – Either working and Non-working is notorious
  • Exam schedules – Exam dates and syllabus can be extracted which helps to perform better
  • Rescheduling aspects – Pre-pone or Postpone activities are also posted
  • Transport – Vehicle arrival, departure and the current location is perceptible

All the above features are enabled through API. API integration to any third-party CRM is highly viable which automates the updates. SMS and Voice alerts are also can be set forth as needed.

How it works?

For any type of Solution, a Virtual Number is allotted and activated instantly. Then the IVR configuration will be done provided API as needed by institutions which enables the alerts through SMS or Voice as set.

As soon as the call arises, it greets the callers with a Welcome message providing DTMF keypad inputs to route the caller to destined department by pressing keypad input as implemented.