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A Systematic Platform to integrate all clinical streams

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Office24by7 is a plat-form to automate a complete communication of an Organization. SMART IVR and SMART Operator are the Cloud based Solutions which resolves the needs of any entity. Office24by7 offers even In-Host Solutions and built rendering to Client’s necessity.

Hospital is being a responsible sector for the hospitality on all levels requiring a customized communication platform. Hospitals finds difficulty in maintaining a track of patient records, handling high volume of calls and routing to a specific Doctor for an appropriate interaction as per need. To put a check for these loops, Office24by7 has come up with a single stop innovative solutions to facilitate a persistent connection between patients and the health care team. Smart IVR works as Virtual Receptionist and SMART Operator works as front desk operator. With this, Hospitals can integrate the below stated clinical streams on to a systematic platform bringing up new patient walk-in and retaining existing patients.

  • Appointments – Schedules & Reschedules on the availability of a particular Doctor
  • Emergency Care Unit – Visiting Time, Ward Manager and Nursing Staff can be known to interact efficiently in case of emergency
  • Patient’s Health Record – Treatment and processor
  • Clinical Reports – Reports status can be known instantly
  • Billing – Invoices, Payment details and Consolidated bills can be extracted
  • Lab Analysis – Available Services, Diagnosis Procedure and the process can be detailed
  • Health cards and Health Insurance – Details can be extracted
  • Other Supporting Resources – Ambulance service availability, Vehicle arrivals, departure, and location can be perceptible

All the above features are enabled through API. API integration to any third-party CRM is highly viable which automates the updates. SMS and Voice alerts are also can be set forth as needed.

How it works?

To cater any type of Solution, a single Virtual Number can be configured with IVR provided API as needed by the hospital which enables the alerts through SMS or Voice.

When a patient calls, the IVRS greets with a welcome message and DTMF inputs implementation checks for the existing or new patient and the differentiation takes them to other multi-level inputs guiding them to the right destination as required by the hospital.