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Case Studies

Dynamic Call management process to streamline IT operations

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Office24by7 is a plat-form to automate a complete communication of an Organization or Institutions. SMART IVR and SMART Operator are the Cloud based Solutions which resolves the needs of any entity. Office24by7 offers even In-Host Solutions and built rendering to Client’s necessity.

IT industry is being a service sector, utmost priority is to provide excellent customer service. Most of the organizations finds difficulty in maintaining track record of customer calls, handling high volume of calls and routing to a specific agent for an appropriate interaction as per need. Thus, Office24by7 has created customizable solutions that works instantly through a single Virtual Number without hardware set up. It allows Multi-level IVR configuration of routing all Incoming and Outgoing calls through a single registered number to many agents mapped under varied departments to resolve queries productively. It forms a single platform for a complete call management solution updating call status and history without missing out a single potential call and at the same time provides real time reports to track agents call activity to that of performance.

How it works?

For addressing any solution a simple Virtual Number can be allotted and activated instantly which can be configured to that of IVR to handle high volume of calls, Missed Call Services for App Downloads, Conference Call to take up formal internal meetings, Call forwarding, and Call Tracking on a single interface as per needs.

Once a call gets initiated, greets the caller with a Welcome message which can create awareness and brand image providing DTMF keypad to route calls to destine in right segments as implemented.