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Case Studies

Learn how a simple Virtual Number can line up the supply chain of management

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Office24by7 is a plat-form to automate a complete communication of an Organization. SMART IVR and SMART Operator are the Cloud based Solutions which resolves the needs of any entity. Office24by7 offers even In-Host Solutions and built rendering to Client’s necessity.

Logistics is a huge sector that is set to manage the flow of goods from the point of origin till end point meeting up various sites. Due to its extensive supply chain of management, it finds difficulty in updating their customers with the shipping details, delivery status, order status, tracking field executives and collecting data from them. Tedious process is involved for Logistic companies to give their customers a comprehensive review in addressing their concerns.

Smart IVR is also known as Virtual Receptionist and SMART Operator works as Front desk executive that can be accessed through a single Virtual Number in the form of a Mobile or Landline or Toll-Free number. This single-point-solution not only track and manage calls, can in-turn track the location of the field employee’s that helps in evaluating the productivity. It allows them to receive calls on their mobiles via Virtual Number instantly updating the real time status of the calls.

How it works?

For addressing any solution, a simple Virtual Number can be activated and that can be configured with IVR, Call forwarding and Call Tracking solution as per logistics needs.

  • Consignment Tracking – Easy to know the status of order either through SMS or Voice
  • Shipping Details – Accurate information of disposable standing
  • Delivery Status – Whether delivered as ordered in good condition
  • Delivery Executive Tracking – Delivery executive arrival will be acknowledged very evidently
  • Billing Details – Soft copy of Invoice is also accessible

When an Inbound or Outbound call gets initiated, greets the caller with a Welcome message providing DTMF keypad inputs to route calls to destine in right segments as implemented.