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Case Studies

Learn how a simple Virtual Number helped Travel business in lead generation

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Office24by7 is a plat-form to automate a complete communication of an Organization. SMART IVR and SMART Operator are the Cloud based Solutions which resolves the needs of any entity. Office24by7 offers even In-Host Solutions and built rendering to Client’s necessity.

Travel and Transport is a very significant sector which should be operative and alert round the clock. The businesses thrive to have a seamless solution to connect its agents and customers on a single platform as people spend a lot of time and money to have a great time with their loved ones. To rule out on a single platform, the business finds difficulty in tracking calls of passengers and in maintaining call records as it has a high call volume. With the changing outlook of customer’s preferences, a great continuous optimization of travel schedules.

Office24by7 have introduced on stop solution which reduces human interaction and automates the process using IVR system. With this solution, tracking the trips of all the vehicles and communicating passengers about their vehicle for smooth travel under a single platform. Our solutions help to map group of executives of various departments to receive calls anywhere – anytime, ensuring no call is unanswered efficiently handling a drastic flow of incoming calls.

Office24by7’s Smart IVR, not only engages customers through an Inbound solution, it streamlines the communication through Web/Live Chat, Email management, IVR – self-service solution and Text/Voice SMS for sending promotional and transactional alerts in no time.

How it works?

For addressing this solution round the clock in 24/7/365 form, a simple Virtual Number can be activated and that can be configured with IVR, Call forwarding and Call Tracking to get equipped with a complete communication hub as per business requirements.

  • Arrival & Departure Information – Alerts the passenger about their trip and timings of the vehicle via SMS or Voice
  • Vehicle available timings – Vehicle available time acknowledged

When an inbound/outbound call gets initiated, it greets the caller with a Welcome message providing DTMF keypad inputs to route calls to destine in right segments as implemented.