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Instantly get connected to the customers from your website with
Smart Click

Office24by7 can empower your business with the right tools to make communication with clients and customers as easy as a click on the screen. A Click to Call button placed strategically on the webpage makes it easy for visitors to connect to you thus converting every visitor into a lead. Likewise, Click to Call or Dial button on the dashboard allows your agent to connect to the customers with a click. Smart Click with Click to Dial and Click to Call power your profitability to explore new business frontiers. What more? You can easily integrate Click to Call Service into any CRM and ERP through API.

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Initiate calls easily with

Click to Call Solution

Reach out to visitors instantly with the all-new, innovative Click-to-call solution and Click-to-dial feature. Set up the Click to Call button as a widget on your web pages strategically as a call-to-action option and immediately get connected to the visitor. When clicked on the widget, a notification gets initiated to you with the visitor number. Likewise, make calls form the dashboard to any number with a click. Bridge the gap between customer and organization with the Click to Call solutions.

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Start Making Calls From Your CRM
Make calls from the dashboard with a

click to call button

Make calls to customers and leads easily from the dashboard with the Click-to-dial. With API, you can use your existing CRM tool to call your contacts when required. The easy and quick process by the Click to Call software makes your customer communication swift and effective. Click to Call solutions also helps the agent to save time and perform better as there is no need of dialing the number manually.

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Call any new number by dialing manually

Click-to-dial also enables you to call a new number by dialing numbers manually, making it easy to reach customers not in your database. Click2call solution makes it easy for visitors to call you, whereas the Click-to-dial is best to reach any new number. You can integrate dialer in any third-party CRM to avoid multiple dashboards.

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auto responsive
click to call auto responsive
Send personalized messages post call to engage

Automate the response reaction with a personalized message for building better relations with the Click to Call software. Send an instant Voice, SMS or Email message as acknowledgment after the call. The seemingly simple post-call response with the appropriate message goes a long way to establish customer loyalty. Take advantage of Click to Call Service and build strong customer relations.

call survey
Post-call surveys for better customer insights

Customer surveys help to get the sense of accurate consumer needs and to build a valued connection. Click to Call button of communication automation provides for easy post call surveying and feedbacks. Set up an automated process of post-call survey whether a visitor reaches you over the call or your agent calls a customer. Your agents can get better insights to understand the customer and to serve better.

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