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Automate inbound and outbound customer communication with
Smart Telephony

Modernize your customer conversations with a single business number and streamline both inbound and outbound call flow with Cloud Telephony solutions. Upgrade your complete traditional call systems to Cloud Telephony to make, receive and track unlimited calls on a single platform for better customer engagement. Divert calls to the correct department without human intervention to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Secure customer interactions with a cloud call center software that is simple, reliable and intelligent.

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Cloud Telephony

for Business communications

Setup one number for all business purposes with the cloud call center software and engage national, international customers from a single platform. Virtual Number is important for businesses to handle multiple calls by enabling call forwarding option. Cloud telephony services enable you to set up a virtual number of your choice, whether it is Landline, Mobile, or Toll-free. Local number obtainability is possible for all major countries and cities.

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interactive voice response(IVR)
cloud telephony interactive voice response(IVR)
Automated IVR for smooth incoming call flow

Completely automate all your incoming business calls with advanced IVR of cloud telephony services. You can route calls to a specific department with preset criteria like availability, time and skillset. Cloud call center software allows to design your own call flow and streamline the incoming calls to make it easy for customers to reach you. Add or reduce the number of departments as per the convenience too. IVR of cloud telephony solutions offers perfect solutions for effective management of all your incoming calls.

cloud telephony Call Routing
Route calls to the right agent and department

Make the process of routing the incoming calls, based on preset criteria, fully automated with the contact center software. Reduce the human intervention, help the customer reach to the right department and get the due information or queries solved with the cloud telephony services. The smart IVR ensures you to never miss a call for any reason whatsoever. Calls can be redirected to mobile numbers when not at the desk with the cloud telephony services. Also, the calls can be recorded and tracked for better subsequent engagement.

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call center dialer
contact center dialer
Connecting just a click away with advanced dialers

Connect in real-time, establish quality communication with different dialers of cloud telephony services. The Advanced Dialer allows your computer to make multiple calls at the same time and connect to your available agents to attend the calls. The Progressive Dialer allows you to decide the number of calls you want to make with a single click. In the Predictive Dialer, the machine picks up data and makes multiple calls for all your agents at the same time to improve the agent performance.

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Robust Computer Telephony Interface (CTI)

Enhance the performance of your calling agents by providing the team with the everything-at-one-place dashboard. Advanced features of the call management system help to increase the agent capabilities and deliver the best experience to the customer leading to overall better engagement. The user-friendly interface gives complete information about a customer. Incoming calls can give the impression in the Agent dashboard and indicate the history of the caller to track the previous interaction with cloud call center software.

agent cti
post call survey
Take feedback and conduct post call surveys easily

Receive feedback about your product or service with automated voice calls, SMS with short URL or Email with Short URL. With advanced cloud telephony services, make the process automatic and easy for customers to give feedback in a quick response. Cloud telephony provider gives an inbuilt feature to collect valuable information and makes life easier for agents and customers, as the process of the post-call survey is automated.

Cloud Telephony Features

  • Virtual Number can be selected online.
  • Multi-Level IVR flow is configurable.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) voice and own recorded voice is integrated.
  • Call distribution based on Skill, Time, Caller and Sticky Agent.
  • Predictive, Progressive and Preview Dialers for Outbound calls.
  • Agent CTI is enabled with Script, snooping, barging and whispering.
  • Aided with Internal Chat and Conference facilities.
  • APIs are ready for any third-party CRM integrations.
  • Black Listing & White Listing is facilitated.
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