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Reports & Analytics

Office 24by7’s Reports and Analytical tool help Contact center to deliver services as promised to callers, keeps a track of all operations and to gauge agent performance. Office 24by7 allows you to access a number of statistical and analytical data to best manage and to retrieve agent’s performance.

Office 24by7 – Reports and Analysis helps to understand, tune customer and agent experience by gaining valuable and actionable insights on the performance of contact center. Real time data through a cloud based interface provides statistical information on Contact center performance that helps to gain actionable insights on the agent - customer interactions to improve customer satisfaction and radically enhance agent performance and experience.

Office24by7 offers a User Friendly UI where Businesses are allowed to customize on the basis of their requirements to alter the statistical charts in terms of real time and threshold data that are to be displayed on the dashboard. Graphical formats can be utilized to look the informative and intuitive representation and insights.

This Cloud based interface not only allow Contact Centre administration to access reports from anywhere, anytime but also helps to innovate, customize, manage to achieve efficient operational experience.


  • Segregates key metrics by providing individual performance insights.
  • Allows to assign leads and to route calls based on pre-determined parameters.
  • Communicates clearly the importance of customer satisfaction and experience to that of contact center.
  • Empower agents to be in compliant with customer service standards
  • High redundancy and highly scalable supporting several number of agents.

Real Time Reports

Real Time Reports are the expert analytical tools that enables business to foresee and track agents calling efficiency. It provides complete track record of call analytics, agent module, agent’s scripts, compliance violation and agent’s performance. With the help of these reports, the status of calls on parameters such as completed calls, in completed calls, converted calls, no replies, etc. can be tracked. The real time reports are excellent tools to track agent’s performance of how an agent work on a day to day basis by simply viewing a small sample of each agent on daily basis than listening to his/her live calls to analyze performance and monitoring compliance.

Agent Performance Reports

Agent performance report summarizes a particular agent performance in the selected/particular period of time. Organization can sort a agent to view reports based on various parameters. With the help of these reports you can know how each of your agents is performing and arrange training sessions for their improvement to reach the benchmark set by you.

Comprehensive reports

  • Complete call status such as ringing, not interested, answered can be tracked.
  • Caller geographical location from where the call is initiated can be tracked
  • Extract hourly reports on status of calls. This is especially helpful when monitoring short-term campaigns.
  • The monthly reports help track progress of campaigns. If the pace of calls is slow, the pace can be picked up with correctional steps.

Agent Wise

Agent Wise Reports help delegate calls amongst various agents. Such reports allows to allocate leads and helps to track the performance based on the parameters set by you. The status and progress on the allotted scope can then be tracked through these reports.