Nurture Your Leads with Care and Precision through

Smart Drip

and never leave a lead communication at a dead-end.

Influence your leads using predefined flow of information with minimum effort. Automate your communication channel of emails, voice, SMS and push notifications to reach your customer. Target a selected group and personalize campaigns. Based on the delivery report of messages, create another flow email or voice. The best part is, you can create the flow with drag and drop options on your panel.

Build an effective drip marketing campaign

drip marketing tool

Make your communication personalized by addressing every lead with name. With individual name attached you can make your emails more of a conversation than announcement, trigger a reply and solve an issue.

drip marketing service
drip marketing automation
drip marketing automation tool
Target Customers

Select a group of contacts and blast a targeted email containing information only relevant to them. You can always expect a better response when messages are more targeted.

drip marketing a/b testing
A/B Testing

Design the same email with two different offers and find out which one works more effectively. Get deeper insights about customer behavior online with such experiments. Accordingly create your next email for better results.

testing drip
roi growth drip
drip marketing roi
ROI Improvement

Follow up every lead with the web of multiple communication channel and increase your chances of converting every lead into customer. Intelligently designed drip campaign can help you boost your ROI as you generate more customer from existing database.

Custom Flow Automation

Create your own flow of information and the action at every step with drag and drop features of Office24by7. You can choose to send an email, call or send an SMS depending on the need of the hour.

custom flow automation
drip multi channel
multi channel
Multi Channel

Reach your leads with multiple channels - email, SMS, voice and push notification to make your campaign more impactful. You can also understand the more preferred and effective mode of communication for your customer.

drip marketing integration

Integrate your CRM with services of Office24by7 and make your existing sales team more powerful. Deliver information using drip management and never miss your goals.

drip marketing reports

Get data of your drip campaign with accuracy. Know who opened your emails or SMS and design your next campaign more effectively for better results.


Make strategic decisions by viewing the report of your drip campaign in graphs and charts. A graphical representation of action on ground will give you a clear picture and help you make better decision for your company.

drip analytics