Nurture leads with care and personalize the customer engagement with

Drip Marketing Software

Automate your marketing campaigns completely and reach your customers over emails, voice, SMS and push notifications easily with the drip marketing software. Influence your leads using the predefined flow of information with minimum effort. Segregate leads into groups and reach out with personalized campaigns. Based on the user action on messages, create another flow of email or voice. The best part of drip marketing is, you can create the campaign flow easily with drag and drop options on your panel.

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Create striking campaigns with

drip marketing tools

Deliver the campaigns with personalized messages, more as a conversation with drip marketing tools. Easily create impressive email campaigns with drag and drop features. Address the lead with the name, right salutations and strike a chord with lead and trigger a reply. Interactive, personal campaigns have far more chances of conversion than others.

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drip marketing automation tool
Segregate leads into groups and target smartly

Easily segregate the leads into cohesive groups on the basis of age, gender, location, language and many other criteria of your choice. Send personalized campaigns most relevant to the group with drip email marketing. Campaigns designed targeting a group have better results as the relevancy is high. You can always expect a better response when messages are more targeted.

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Choose a better

drip marketing campaign

Never leave a chance to engage and nurture quality leads with the drip marketing software.Design the same campaign with two different offers with A/B Testing and find out which one works better. Get deeper insights about customer behavior online with such experiments and improvise and innovate campaigns accordingly for increased engagement.

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Customize and automate the campaign flow

Create fully automated campaign flow based on the visitor action and reactions. Drip funnel marketing allows automating the campaign for a year in advance. You can choose to send an email, call or send an SMS most suits the message. Easily create your own campaign flow of information and the action at every step with just drag and drop features.

Ensure ROI improvement to the maximum possible

Follow up every lead with the web of multiple communication channels with personalized campaigns and increase your chances of converting every lead into a customer. Track all the campaigns from different sources and assess the ROI easily. Intelligently designed drip marketing campaign can help you boost your ROI as you generate more customer from the existing database.

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Make the most of multi-channel communication

Capitalize different means of communication to build a strong campaign and accelerate the lead nurturing process. With the drip marketing software, reach your leads with multiple channels - email, SMS, voice calls and push notification to make your campaign more impactful. You can also understand the more preferred and effective mode of communication and target accordingly.

drip marketing integration
Integration into different CRMs and ERPs is easier

Integrate your CRM with the services of Office24by7 and make your existing sales team more powerful. Innovative Office24by7 automation tools can be integrated into a variety of CRMs and ERPs, including that of third parties easily. Deliver information using drip marketing software and always ensure you reach your goals easily.

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drip marketing reports
Get detailed insightful analytics and Reports

Make strategic decisions by viewing the report of your drip campaign in graphs and charts. A graphical representation of action on the ground will give you a clear picture and help you make better decisions. Get data of your drip campaign with accuracy. Know who opened your emails or SMS and design your next campaign more effectively for better results.