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Create More Than Just a Plain Marketing Email with

Smart Email

Reach every customer segment with personalized messaging and increase your email open rate, responses, visitors, and marketing qualifying leads (MQLs).

Reach your clients in the most cost effective way, create desire with relevant information and push them ahead in the buyer’s journey.

Emails your users will find hard to ignore

email marketing templates

Choose and edit a template

Select a template according to your email message and campaign goal. The user friendly and self-explanatory nature allows you to edit the design as per your taste and preferences.

choose and edit a template
drag and drop templates
drag and drop email templates
Drag and Drop

With easy to use functionalities you can arrange the location of pictures, social media icons and call to action button to redesign your own template which you can use multiple times.

email marketing campaigns
Prepare Intelligent Campaigns

Design a planned series of emails of what should happen when somebody exits from the payment page or they click on any email you have sent, or when users don’t open your emails or open them after a month. With automation increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns

prepare intelligent campaigns
auto responder
email marketing automations
Auto Responder

Set your routine emails in automatic mode. From welcome, thank you or the next action a customer should take avoid writing repetitive email every time. With our automation reduce your efforts get in touch with your customers.

email marketing software
Score Based Automation

Allot to every customer based on multiple factors like designation, company, location and industry. Send separate set of emails designed specially for priority customers

score based automation
measure efficiency of emails
email marketing automation software
Measure efficiency of emails

know how many users opened, how many clicked and the action they took after reading your emails on your website. Accordingly improve the way you present.

email marketing report
Get user analytics report

Find out on which devices they open your emails, what’s the best time to send for getting maximum results and which subject lines get maximum clicks.

get user analytics report
security email marketing

Send emails without any fear of data leak. SSL encryption certified ensures your information is protected from multiple attacks.