• What is Office24by7?

    Office24by7 is the subsidiary of Striker Soft Solutions which have been designed to help all segments of an Organizations to manage complete call solutions, to automate internal communications in terms of voice and text, cost reduction minimizing human intervention. It address all the needs of the business and deploy entire technical requirements to meet every business goals with the apt combination tools to enhance business progress in terms of customer walk-ins and retention.

  • What is the Vision of Office24by7?

    Office24by7 vision is to establish, maintain and to expand customer relationship on a long term to accomplish company goals.

  • Name the solutions of Office24by7?

    Office24by7 has come up with Cloud and In-Host solutions to address all businesses and market needs.

  • What are the products offered by Office24by7?

    Products offered by Office24by7 are categorized under three segments:

    • Smart Executive
    • Smart Operator
    • Blended
  • What makes Office24by7 unique and best buy?

    • Instant online account registration and activation
    • Flexibility to purchase credits instantly
    • Provides varied analytical tools to count on ROI rates
    • Smart operator connectivity from multiple locations
    • Unparalleled 24/7 Customer support
    • Effective redundancy solutions ensuring Minimize to Zero Downtime
    • Easy customizability and integration features
    • Next-generation interface models with reliability & security to address technical needs of an employee
    • Highly reductant and scalable
    • Expert team of professionals
    • Impeccable features & functionality few clicks away
  • Which all industries can use Office24by7?

    All small and large scale business can use Office 24by7 as it provides the best call management solutions. This is not business specific as each and every business do require call management system to manage, track, analyses and record calls to make sure not to miss a single business lead to progress. Almost all industry types like Real Estate, Health Care, Hospitals, Tours and travels, Education and Financial Institutions etc. can use Office 24by7.

  • How Office 24by7 is beneficial for me?

    All business types do require a call management solutions to interact or to communicate with their clients to enhance and to improve business. All Solutions provided by Office 24by7 are cloud based that can integrate with any CRM. This single integrated and configured platform does not require any PBX or phone system for an interaction and automatically populates client details or information for the business contributing a healthy interaction with customers.

    Solutions of Office 24by7 is cost effective as it does not require hardware or software installation and business does not need to put up additional automation costs while scaling up.

    Office 24by7 provides complete data management services along with real time reports and analytical to help businesses to track the performance scale of departments involved and to overview all activities on a single platform saving time and resources.

  • Why should you choose us over other providers?

    • Services being available online with quick activation
    • Smart Operator connectivity from multiple locations
    • Un-parallel 24/7 Customer support
    • High redundancy ensuring minimum to zero downtime.
    • Secured one stop interface solution with high redundancy and scalability.
    • Features and Functions simply with a click.
  • Why Office24by7 is a value for money?

    Communication plays a major role in enhancing a business, not only for interacting business to customers but within the business also. The best channel for communication is telephony that happens maximum over a simple device called phone. Thus, for any business, missing a phone call, is equal to missing a potential opportunity. In order to ensure businesses not to miss a prospective, and to value your money, Office 24by7 have come up with cloud based Contact Centre solutions saving time in terms of data management by providing all customer details and information with simple pop ups for agents to have a healthy interaction with customers. As the solutions of Office 24by7 are cloud based, it reduces installation and infrastructure costs saving resource providing analytical calculations of your business.

  • Why did we build Office24by7?

    The contact center or customer service oriented services runs only on calls. The old traditional call management system through EPABX is not an easy task. So Office 24by7 have come up with complete 360 degree cloud based contact center solutions where solutions are built devoid of hardware installation saving time and resources for the business.

  • How can I trust Office24by7 not to misuse or sell my data?

    Office 24by7 is an innovative product of Striker Soft Solutions, leading cloud based telephony service provider, incepted in the year 2009, since then pioneered in serving the clients providing various solutions in text and voice arena and have succeed in acquiring 3000 clients across all industry types. This growth we are able to achieve by promising and handling all our client’s data safe and securely. We promise as your cloud telephony service provider never to sell or misuse your personal and business data. We will never want to ruin our reputation as well as our revenue and customers trust which is above all.

  • How can I be sure of Office24by7's after sales service?

    Office 24by7 as a team ensures customers data security devoid of departments. We are built up to serve our client’s needs and to ensure service satisfaction and business upscale progress. In case of any queries or suggestions or registering your valuable feedback, we are at your service to hear from you 24by7.
    Kindly drop your mail to support@strikersoft.in

  • What all areas are covered by Office 24by7 services?

    Our services cover nationally across all major cities.

  • What are the key benefits of using Office24by7?

    • Ready-made CRM integrations
    • Real Time views to track a detailed picture of contact center operations
    • Prioritized Data Management
    • Easy to integrate API’s
    • Services being available online with quick activation
    • Un-parallel 24/7 Customer support
    • High redundancy ensuring minimum to zero downtime.
    • Secured one stop interface solution with high redundancy and scalability.
    • Features and Functions simply with a click.
  • How reliable is Office24by7?

    Office 24by7 is highly reliable ensuring minimum to zero downtime and delivers communications through the most available and possible networks.

  • How is Office24by7's technology Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

    SaaS is a part of Cloud Computing software and it formed the most flexible trend in business eliminating installation, maintenance and upgrade drawbacks to that of premise based or non-premise based software systems. SaaS has become the right solution over the past few years due to its scalability, reliability and Cost effectiveness.

  • Can I use Office24by7 if I have offices in other cities?

    Very much sure, Office 24by7 is the best option to host multiple branches and offices at multiple locations.

  • How is Office24by7 priced?

    Office 24by7 offer cost effective, highly reliable and scalable solutions, hence the price is nominal. Kindly contact our sales team for further clarifications.

  • Does Office 24by7 compliant with regulatory rules?

    Yes, we are compliant with the TRAI regulations.

  • What all documents would be required to start an Office24by7 account?

    To get started with Office24by7, we require you to provide KYC (Know Your Client) documents, it is the process of a business identification to verify the clients interested in getting associated with it.

    Below said are the following which we require in the form of KYC documents to check for your company’s authentic nature:

    • Company address proof
    • Identify proof like Aadhar card, Pan Card, Voter ID etc. of the company MD or Proprietor or other company representatives.
    • MOC (Management Of Change) – depending upon the nature of the company
    • GST certificate.
  • How long does it take to activate my account with Office24by7?

    We always wanted to help you in your business. To know all the functions and features, we suggest you to activate our demo account that is designed with hassle free registration process by providing minimal details for trial and error purpose which gets activated instantly in few seconds and is valid for 3 days. After the trail period, the account gets activated automatically and instantly into a valid Office24by7 account.

    When you finally interested in getting associated with Office24by7, choose a suitable plan, purchase and add credits through payment gateway methods and start communicating and progressing your business instantly.

    But make sure to provide KYC documents in 7 days upon your account activation or your account would be temporarily suspended and upon verification of KYC documents, it gets activated.


  • What is the uptime of Office24by7 service?

    We value your time and money involved in business growth and thus we promise never to let our customers business go down. We have an uptime of 99.9% of uptime services as we are well versed in service provider and server redundancy and at the same time providing all vertices and possibilities in no time estimating downtime to zero.

  • Explain cloud-based services and their benefits?

    Cloud based services refers to any application, servicers or resources that are made available via internet without hardware installation. All the data can be saved securely on to the Cloud.

    Below are the advantages of Cloud based services that are must for a business to scale up:

    High scalability:

    Our Cloud based services are feasibly scalable to any extent where a business can expand infrastructure to that of requirements with technically advanced Cloud based features waving off hardware installation costs. The companies can save minimum of 30% of expenses on an average by shifting to Cloud, when compared with that of any service provider, Striker’s is the most cost effective.

    Highly flexible:

    As all the solutions provided are Cloud based, you can work anytime and from anywhere. It offers the flexibility of working from home with or without an Internet connection.

    Back up:

    Backup and recovery process is simple as all the data are securely saved on to Cloud not on to a physical device.

Demo Account

  • Explain Office24by7 Demo account?

    Office24by7 provides a trail and free Demo account that can be instantly registered and activated online in no time to test and use the offered features to get to know all the available features to your benefit. After completing the trail period of about 3 days, you can very well decide to join hands with us to progress your business in the very best way.

  • How to create a Demo account?

    To create Demo account, please follow below instructions:

    • Visit: https://www.office24by7.com/
    • Click the right top corner button “Login|Register”
    • A pop window appears, Click “Sign up”
    • Fill in the required details, Organization name, Email Id and Mobile number, Click “Signup”
    • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, enter OTP and click Submit.
    • A confirmation mail with credentials will be sent to your Email ID.
    • Using those Credentials login into your demo account for activation and start using the features.
  • What will happen after my 3 day trial expires?

    After the 3 day trial period, your demo account gets converted into an Office24by7 account instantly and automatically. It is of your choice to select a purchase plan, add credits and start using your account. When you decide to get associated with Office24by7, don’t forget to provide KYC documents as soon as possible to keep your account active.

Agent Panel

  • What is a Dashboard?

    A dashboard is a User Interface provided by Office24by7 where the information is organized and presented in a flexible way to read, process and to interact with the customers instantly. The dashboard notifies all of your current activities like the Login time, number of logins, Total time, complete call history etc.

  • What is a Ready status mean?

    It means that the agent is available to take incoming calls. The agent can notify ready status simply by clicking on the Ready button at the top.

  • What is Hang up used for?

    This feature is used to hang up the call after a conversation.

  • How to Log Out?

    To Log Out or to shut down the dashboard, simply click on the Log Out button at the top right corner of the dashboard.

  • What is a Dialer?

    A Dialer is a keypad, enrolled with a service number or caller ID as purchased by the organization integrated with CRM.

  • How a Dialer can be used?

    A dialer can be used to make outgoing calls manually. The customer will receive the call from the service number integrated with CRM as purchased by the Organization.

  • What happens when I call a customer manually?

    Upon dialing manually using a Dialer, A new window opens with all customer information. In case of a new client, enter the caller information and save for future reference. You can enter the call status feasibly to follow up or write remarks for future reference to maintain customer data.

  • Is it possible to send SMS to the customer immediately after a conversation and how?

    Yes, after updating the status in the Caller information, you can send SMS to the customer by clicking the SMS tab. A new page opens with all details, select the sender name and templates from the drop down menu as set by the organization and write the content and click submit to send. Make sure that the SMS content is 160 characters or less. Check for the characters as shown or if the characters are above 160, then it gets calculated as multiple SMS automatically.

  • Is it possible to send email to the customer immediately after a conversation?

    Yes, by clicking the email tab next to the caller information. A new page opens, where you should enter information like To, Subject and Message body. Select the From address from the drop down menu as updated by the organization where Reply to and Cc gets automated and click send.

  • What is Call in Queue?

    It notifies the number of incoming calls that are in queue for the agent to interact with.

  • What is Wrap up time?

    Wrap up is the agent’s time taken period to complete the work associated with the conversation.

  • What is an Auto Wrap up?

    The amount of time taken by the agent for updating remarks after an interaction with the customer is wrapped up automatically framing the next caller on track. After completing an interaction, the agent’s status automatically sets in Ready state by default reducing the time between calls.

  • What is Manual state?

    A state where the agents can stop incoming call flow or can dismiss system automation to make out going call manually.

  • What are My Leads?

    My Leads notifies the number of leads currently assigned to you by your hierarchy.

  • Where do I find my assigned leads?

    You can find the assigned leads by clicking on the number tab next to the My Leads button. A new page opens listing all the assigned leads with phone number, campaign name, List name and preferred Actions to take.

  • Is it possible to search for a particular lead?

    Yes, it is, all you have to do is

    • Go to My Leads
    • Select Campaign name from the drop down menu
    • Select the List name
    • Click Search
  • What is the use of Preview button found at the end of each individual list?

    The Preview is used to look for the information like Call type, call status, Remarks or previous call history of the particular lead in a detailed manner.

  • What is Click to Call?

    Click to call is a simple option that can be used for call patching. When the agent clicks to call option, it automatically sets the agents status in Ready state and the telephone number automatically gets dialed.

  • What is “My Follow Ups” on the dashboard?

    My Follow ups are the leads which are assigned by the agent to follow up or to call on a later date.

  • Where do I find my follow up leads?

    By clicking on the Follow ups tab on the dashboard, you will be directed to a new page comprising a list of leads as updated by you to follow up for a later date.

  • How would I enter a lead to follow up for a later date and time?

    When you want to save a particular lead to follow on a later date or time, click “Is follow up” while entering the Call Status, giving the date and time as needed and click Submit. The lead gets saved in the “Follow Up” bucket and gets notified on the specified date and time.

  • What is a Call History?

    The Call History gives the complete current call activities like Call start time, end time, call duration and actions to view the particular call activity in a detailed manner.

  • What is a Web Chat?

    Web Chat features allows an online exchange of messages in real time and are of two types:

    • Internal Chat – To exchange internal message with co employees or superiors/managers
    • External Chat – To exchange information and to assist customers through messages.
  • How do I join Web Chat?

    By clicking on the Join Chat in the Web Chat, you can get logged in to the web chat to exchange messages.

  • How do I join Web Users in a Web Chat?

    By clicking on the Join chat, a fresh web chat window opens and in the bottom click on Web Users to assist web users via messages.

  • What is My Account?

    My Account stores the complete individual information and details about an agent as entered by the Organization or supervisor or admin. Agent is not given the option to edit his/her information irrespective to Organization’s knowledge.

  • Can I change the Password?

    Yes, you are allowed to change the Password as per your convenience.

  • How do I change Password?

    • Login in to your account using credentials
    • Go to My Account
    • Under Settings, click Change Password option
    • Enter the required details Old Password, New Password, Confirm New Password and Submit.
    • Your password changes in no time.
  • Can I edit my profile that is found visible on the dashboard?

    No, you are not allowed to edit the information that gets displayed. Your supervisor/manager or the Organization are authorized to edit.

  • What are My Contacts?

    The leads that are saved by the agents can be viewed in My Contacts.

  • Can I search for a particular contact in My Contacts, if so, how?

    Yes, you can search for a particular contact. To do so, follow these steps:

    • Go to My Contacts
    • Select Contact group from the drop down menu
    • If you know Mobile number or Email Id or both, enter it in the given field to narrow your search
    • Click search
  • How do I add a contact to the list?

    To add contact, follow these steps:

    • Go to My Contacts
    • Go to Add Contacts
    • A new page opens, fill in the details and click Submit
  • What is Break state mean?

    The break state notifies the particular agent on break pausing the flow of incoming calls to that particular agent.

  • What is the break time that an agent can take?

    The break time interval depends on the parameters set by the supervisor/admin/manager of an organization.

  • How many Breaks are allowed for an agent?

    No standard formats as such, it depends on the parameters set by the supervisor/admin/manager of an organization

  • How do I take a conference inclusion during a call?

    This is possible only when you call the customer manually using the Dialer pad. While in call, you are allowed to enter the mobile number and simply connect for a conference. The conference inclusion can be done by entering any mobile number with that of your co-employee or another client or superior/manager/supervisor.

  • Is it possible to transfer a call to another department?

    Yes, it is, using the feature call transfer, you can transfer the call to another department or to other agent.

  • Is it possible to add my personal email ID in the ‘from, reply to or Cc” fields while sending email to a particular customer?

    No, it is not possible to add your personal email Id or official email Id in any of the fields. Those fields are customized by the supervisor or admin of an organization. If your supervisor/admin/manager gives privileges to do so, then those fields will be accessible.

  • How do I Login in to my account?

    You will be provided credentials by your supervisor/admin/manager using which you can Login into your account to access agent dashboard

  • Is it possible to send SMS or Email to the customer within the call?

    Yes it is, using SMS feature you can send SMS or email to the customer within the call.

Smart IVR

  • What is a Smart IVR?

    A Smart IVR is an advanced proficient solution of Office24by7 that helps in streamlining communication pipelines of an Organization. It is an Incoming call management solution and also known as Virtual receptionist. It is built with unified features to manage and to route calls to desired destinations through a User Interface. It also aids in tracking calls and location of field executives evaluating the productivity, comprehending ROI.

  • Why Smart IVR is known as Virtual Receptionist?

    Smart IVR is otherwise known as Virtual receptionist as it is highly robust and advanced that acts just like an office receptionist from a remote location where a PC or desktop would not be possible to place.

  • How does a Smart IVR work?

    It is a Virtual Call/Contact center solution that automates communication on cloud. Basically, Smart IVR is an incoming call management system, which routes callers through Smart IVR, forwarding to their favorable destinations providing varied inputs for swift resolutions. It efficiently takes part in Call routing and Call forwarding managing systems.

  • In what way does Smart IVR improve business efficiency?

    SMART IVR is very much flexible to configure varied services that helps in running day to day activities smoothly providing 24/7 business coverage. It is the most advance and robust solution designed to automate complete call communication system of an organization to miss not a single potential lead. It works efficiently in routing calls internally and externally to desired destinations for swift resolutions. This forma a single platform for an automated auto-response communication process reducing human intervention evaluates employee performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Why Office24by7 named it as Smart IVR?

    Smart IVR is not a simple IVR; it is the most advance solution that functions with a Virtual Number instantly through a user friendly interface enabling API integration of third-party tools. The function of the Number can be changed, configured with customized features as per needs.

  • How do I get Smart IVR solution?

    Office24by7 provides a hassle free registration process with which one can sign up for a Demo Account to get to know the transparency of Smart IVR features and its work flow. A Silver Number called a Virtual Number is allotted for a Demo Account which will allow you to route your incoming calls through SMART IVR, forwarding to destined destinations through a UI. You are allowed to upgrade or purchase plan as per needs instantly.

  • Who can use SMART IVR?

    Any type of business from start-ups to large entities or run a contract based services with a group of field executives working remotely can purchase and use SMART IVR solution to automate incoming call communication.

  • What are the benefits of SMART IVR?

    SMART IVR comes with many featured benefits

    • ACD – Auto Call distributing algorithms
    • Post Call Survey – gives accurate impression of the service provided and customer satisfaction rates comprehending ROI.
    • Intelligent Call Routing – Skill based, Scheduled and Time based routing
    • Sticky Agent – allows customer to talk to a particular agent for swift resolutions increasing customer satisfaction.
    • Agent CTI – Pop ups customer information in a fraction for the agent to gain knowledge improving productivity and customer engagement rates by reducing human intervention.
    • Queue management – updates agents about the calls in queue reducing customer call wait time and increasing first call resolution time.
    • MOH (Music on Hold) and Custom MOH tones – can engage the customers on hold by creating brand awareness with the products and services of your business.
  • What type of Virtual Number is used to configure SMART IVR solutions?

    Virtual Number either in the format of Landline, Mobile and toll-free number can be used to configure Smart IVR. Mobile and Toll-free numbers formatted Virtual Number is generally used as these numbers serve best for incoming call management. Landline formatted Virtual Number is used for facilitating both Incoming and outgoing call management services.

Smart Operator

  • What is Smart Operator?

    Smart operator is the innovative solution of Office24by7 designed specifically to manage Inbound, Outbound and Blended contact/call center communication.

  • Smart Operator is otherwise known as?

    Smart Operator is also known as Cloud Telephony or Super Receptionist.

  • Why Office24by7 named Smart Operator?

    Office24by7 has designed Smart Operator more than a Cloud telephony or Super receptionist with all advanced features and techniques viable to track the functionalities of all employees of an Organization of all vertices in a 360-degree angle.

  • What are the solutions that are operative in Smart Operator?

    As per the business needs and requirements, the following solutions are operative:

    • Inbound Call Center Solutions
    • Outbound Call Center Solutions
    • Blended Call Center Solutions
  • How a Business can configure Smart Operator Solution?

    A business can configure SMART Operator solution through a single Virtual Number which can be purchased and activated online by undergoing hassle free process.

  • How do I get Smart Operator Solution?

    Office24by7 provides a hassle free registration process with which one can sign up for a Demo Account to get to know the transparency of Smart Operator features and its work flow. A Silver Number called a Virtual Number is allotted for a Demo Account which will allow you to take a tour of SMART Operator through an UI. You are allowed to upgrade or purchase plan as per needs instantly.

  • Who can use SMART Operator?

    Any type of business from start-ups to large entities can purchase and use SMART Operator solution to automate complete call communication.

  • What type of Virtual Number is used to configure SMART Operator solutions?

    Virtual Number either in the formats of Landline, Mobile and toll-free number can configure smart operator solution. Landline number formatted Virtual Number is commonly used for configuring Smart Operator Solutions as it facilitates both Incoming and outgoing call management services.

  • In what way Smart Operator is benefited with?

    • Non-technical dependent flexibility
    • Digital and Chatting leads can be tracked
    • Flexible lead generation process
    • Complete ERP solutions - manage and automates all back end technological and human resource services.
    • CRM integrations - facilitates sales, support and related interaction.

Number Selection

  • What is a Number Selection?

    Business thrive on communication and to communicate a telephone number is highly essential. Office24by7 offers flexibility in choosing a number and activates instantly with the availability of varied services like IVR, Missed call alert, call routing, call forwarding services etc. and is feasible in switching the services at any point of time. The selected number is a Virtual Number in the form a mobile number, landline number or a toll free number.

  • What is a Virtual Number?

    A Virtual Number looks like a regular telephonic but works in an extraordinary way handling a number of call flow irrespective of volume and distributes widely through predetermined options to the right segments for right resolutions in a fraction. It is connected to a hardware at one place and the services are withdrawn remotely. A virtual number can be a mobile number, landline number or a toll free number.

  • What is the purpose of a Virtual Number?

    Virtual Number comes with all additional features where a company can use it for various purposes like Missed call service, Call recording, to install IVRS, to set programmable extensions, queue management, to set queue count messages and call forwarding etc.

  • What is a Local number and its use?

    Local number is a simple landline number prefixed with the local STD and is highly used for local identification purpose esteeming a personal touch with local customers. The Virtual number in the form of a Local number allows both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • In which Cities does Office24by7 offers Local Number?

    Office24by7 offers local number in all major cities pan India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

  • What is a Mobile Number formatted Virtual Number?

    A virtual number can be 10 digit mobile number to promote business needs to a great extent as it does not gets unnoticed and does not specify location creating a local identity but specifically allows incoming calls only.

  • What is a Toll-free number?

    Toll free number is a 12 digit numeric number that is well known for offering varied services in the market rendering the best telecom service for the customers. Call flow via toll free number from the customers are high as the call cost is generally borne by the company to benefit their customers.

  • What is a toll free number and how does it work?

    Toll free numbers is a virtual number and are distinctly identified with prefix 1800. Toll free numbers can be dialed pan India free of charge for long distance. These numbers are the best source for callers to reach businesses without being charged. Toll free number is very much flexible and reliable for the businesses to advertise one unique number nationwide and is particularly used for customer-service purpose.

  • What is Office24by7 toll free number service?

    Office 24by7 Toll free number is a Virtual number that can handle only incoming calls and capable of functioning without an office, device or equipment and human intervention. This is an automated service integrated with voice mail, call forwarding services and can be coordinated with Missed call, SMS, Long Code service for registering customer opinion and feedbacks.

  • Do I need any special equipment to get started with Office 24by7 Toll free service?

    Office 24by7 Toll free service is a hassle free communication solution, does not requiring an equipment to function. It is very easy and simple to get started for Office 24by7 Toll free service. All you have to do is Sign up for the service, get registered and we will send you user guide and instructions of how to choose and set up service with varied features in no time, and all are configurable via online through UI.

  • How long does it take for me to start using my toll free number?

    All the solutions provided by Office 24by7 is Cloud based, thus you can start advertising your toll free number immediately after registration.

  • Can I try the Toll Free service for free with Office 24by7?

    Yes, we offer free demo service for toll free numbers also. You can take up Office 24by7 free trial offer to know in what way office 24by7 solutions benefits your business.

  • How many calls can my toll free number take at a time?

    There are no call bars and specifications as it a digitalized communication channel. Office 24by7’s toll free number can take up any number of calls depending upon your purchase plans. If you want to take up large volume, we are here to help you out with all possibilities.

  • Does Office24by7 toll free number service include monthly minutes? What if I go over?

    Office 24by7 provide cost effective toll free number service in wide ranges offering flexibility to change monthly purchase plans, if your billing amount go above monthly minutes then it will be is billed accordingly.

  • Can I upload my recorded messages in Office 24by7 toll free?

    Yes, when you use toll free number for IVRS service then recorded message can be uploaded.

  • What is Call forwarding?

    This is a simple feature where all the routed incoming calls from the virtual number like mobile number, local number or a Toll free number are forwarded to right segments or right person or another destination for faster resolutions through IVRS.


  • What is an IVRS?

    IVRS is an automated self-service segment to interact with human without involving a human intervention through DTMF inputs via voice and keypad. A business can customize IVRS according to their requirements to help customers to reach right person or the right department to ensure faster and quick resolutions.

  • What is a Time based or Scheduling IVRS?

    A business scheduling an IVRS menu in accordance to that of time based activities and requirements is called a Time based IVRS.

  • What are Caller based activities in an IVRS?

    This is a differentiated activity where the IVRS differentiates the callers to be an existing caller or a new prospective and directs the caller through different menu and to reach right destinations.

  • In what way Voicemail integrations are used?

    Voice mail Integrations are very useful in capturing the voice messages during non-working hours of the company which can be retrieved later to address the issues and to resolve quickly.

  • What is the purpose of an Audio Store?

    The main purpose is to store or upload recorded messages to add personal touch to your business or prerecorded custom messages to the IVRS. The Audio Store features offers flexibility of live recording messages from any location on the spot just by receiving a call.

  • How does an IVR work?

    When a caller calls your business number, the IVRS greets the caller with a welcome message elevating and creating awareness about the business, the caller then made to select option from the predefined set of options.
    For instance: Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Tech Support and so on. Upon perfect selection, the caller then routed to the right department for right and faster resolutions. If your agent does not answer the call, it automatically ends up in a Voice mail.

  • How can I be benefited with IVR?

    • 24*7 business reach-ability for callers
    • Connects to the right departments instantly
    • Gathers information and routes calls to particular agents in no time
    • Adds brand value to businesses
  • How can I create a new IVR Flow?

    To Create and Edit an IVR, follow the below mentioned steps:

    • Login to your Office 24by7 UI using credentials
    • Go to Home
    • Click on Active Campaigns at the top
    • Click Add Campaign
    • A pop window appears and fill in the required details
    • Campaign Name (name of the campaign to which you wanted to custom an IVR)
    • Company Name (Name or branch name of your organization)
    • Campaign Type (Inbound or Out bound based on purchase plan, the IVR options changes as per the solution type)
    • Service Number (Select the allotted Virtual Number)
    • Click “Configuration Call Flow”
    • A pop window appears “Create Campaign Flow” with all options at the right side of the page.
    • Double click on the option “Voice Configuration” and options gets displayed for creating the IVR flow as per your requirement.
    • Select Multi level IVR with the options displayed like DTMF, custom, API Authentication. Click DTMF, select options and give IVR message and close call.
    • You can simply select IVR message after Voice configuration and close call.
    • Likewise, you can use all the options to build the IVR flow like Agent Group, Executive Group, Voice Mail, Call forwarding, Internal Extension, Auto response, Close Call and many.
    • Upon completion, click Submit

    The flow builder specifies colors like Green for completed, Blue resembles in progress and Red symbolizes Active node.
    You can configure multi levels in an IVR menu and can set call forwarding feature to any desired number.

  • How to close and edit an IVR flow on Office24by7?

    To edit or close an IVR flow, when you click on the option it changes into red color and two tiny button gets displayed, to edit click the edit symbol button and to close click on the close symbol button.

  • How can I add/edit sounds to be played in an IVR flow?

    To update changes or to upload Audio file to be played in an IVR, follow the below instructed steps:

    • Choose IVR Message in the IVR flow
    • Click on the Edit button in the IVR Message
    • Input builder appears with options, select the required filed from the drop down menu. To upload the Audio file, click on the tiny red colored button at the right end of the box.
    • A pop up window appears, fill in the details and select “Choose file” to upload, if it is file upload or you can even add “Mobile recording” also.
    • Click “Add”
  • Is it possible to set multiple IVRs for different days?

    Yes, it is, you can schedule multiple IVRs for different days using time management feature in the options.

  • What happens if a client does not enter any input to the IVR?

    If the caller enters the wrong input, the following things can happen in accordance to that of parameters set by you

    • IVRs can play the time out message and repeat the main menu.
    • The caller can be connected to the agent instantly for resolutions.

    This possibility depends on the pre-determined options or the flow of IVR created by you.

  • How many IVRs can I set in Office24by7?

    There are no limitations of how many IVR can be designed in Out-bound, based on the requirement you can customize Caller based Multiple IVRS on a single number but in In-bound only one IVRs can be created.

  • Different types of nodes in an IVR?

    These are the different types of nodes that can be added in an IVR while creating flow.

    • IVR message – to convey message
    • Multi IVRs – To route callers to right segments
    • Agent group – Call transferring to the agent
    • Executive group – Call can be routed to Executive group
    • Voice mail – recorded message by the caller to play while the agents are busy or while the call goes unattended.
    • Call forwarding and internal extension – Used to add extension and to direct the calls to their destinations.
  • Can I activate or deactivate an IVR when needed?

    Yes, when you don’t want an IVR to play then you can disable it by deactivating the campaign or else you can create an IVR flow
    To deactivate:
    Follow these simple steps to deactivate the campaign

    • Login in to Office 24by7 using credentials
    • Select Active Campaigns in the home at the top.
    • A list of Active campaigns gets displayed
    • From the list click Deactivate present at the corner of each list to disable the IVR.
  • Create a Multi-level IVR?

    To create a Multi-level IVR, first you should create an IVR and then design an IVR flow accordingly. Follow the below instructed steps to do so.

    • Go to Home
    • Select Active Campaigns at the top
    • Click Add Campaign to create a new IVR flow
    • A pop window appears, fill in the required details and click “Configure Call flow”
    • Double click Voice Configuration, select multi-level IVRs and DTMF options.
    • Choose Options, custom IVR message and Close Call, Etc.
    • You can select the agents to whom the calls can be forwarded and also Voicemail to each and every branch as it will enable the caller to record their message when your agents are busy, so that your agents can call back or send an SMS or email.
  • Where should I upload sound to be played while user is on hold?

    To upload the sound file to keep your customer entertained or to create your brand awareness while caller on hold, follow these simple steps:

    • Go to Home
    • Select Settings
    • Click Audio Store
    • Click Add New at the right corner
    • A new page appears, fill the required details and select Audio Type and File Type
    • Click Choose File, select the sound file or audio file that you want to upload
    • Click Add

    However, you can upload as many files but can activate only one at a time and the uploaded file cannot be heard during the creation of flow.
    Note: Make sure that you use only .wav format and the file size less than 8MB.

  • Can I create a single IVR for multiple languages?

    Yes, you can create a single IVR for multiple languages.

  • How to add multiple audio files at a time?

    Yes, you can add multiple audio files at a time but can activate only one at a time while creating IVR flow. To do so, follow these simple steps:

    • Go to Home
    • Select Settings
    • Click Audio Store
    • Click Add New at the right corner
    • A new page appears, fill the required details and select Audio Type and File Type
    • Click Choose File, select the sound file or audio file that you want to upload
    • Click Add


  • Explain ACD?

    ACD is Automatic Call Distribution is an automatic feature that routes all the incoming calls uniformly distributing across available agents balancing the inputs as given by the customer to the right person.

  • How an Intelligent ACD benefits a company?

    This is an automated feature that comes with a powerful technical engine routing waiting callers to the company’s agents on First in First out basis/Linear – where the incoming call is made to follow a step wise protocol that is one after the other. It makes sure that all the agents receives calls uniformly or Randomly/Round Robin – where the incoming calls are allocated to the agents randomly whoever is free, so that your business never lose a prospect or potential opportunity.

  • What is a call routing system?

    Call routing system is an automatic features also known as automatic call distributor or ACD that routes all calls to the right segments or individual agents or queue based on pre-determined criteria.

  • Explain how the Time of day routing occurs?

    This works to that of pre-established or pre-determined criteria, where all the business calls are routed to the right destinations or segments depending upon the parameters like time of the day or schedule availability of agents.

  • What is a Skill based routing and in what way it benefits the company?

    It is a component of ACD that directs or routes the incoming calls to the particular agent as parameters set by the organization or superior in accordance to that of most applicable skill based on various parameters like language or any specified options chose by the caller in particular.

    In this way, a company can be benefited by rendering excellent customer service as the customers are allowed to interact with the particular agent with applicable skill set they are comfortable with.

  • What is a Priority Routing?

    This is a routing system or component of routing where all calls are allowed to destine in right segments on priority based on the parameters and assistance determined by the company.

    For instance:

    The caller being a Premium membership holder can be routed to the company’s senior agents on priority and the calls from a Silver membership holder can be directed to junior agents of the company.

  • Explain the Sticky Agent feature?

    It is a feature where it allows the caller to speak with the same agent again and again, who already knowns their situation and service history easing off the work for both the caller and the agent.

  • What is a Queue management and how it benefits business?

    Queue management feature manages the caller’s waiting time without disconnecting in a well manner way by playing the custom messages or custom hold music to make use of the caller time effectively. In this way this features helps to refrain businesses in losing a prospective or potential opportunity and at the same time reduces unoccupied time during peak hours.

  • How In queue count messages are useful?

    During heavy flow of calls, the system calculates the waiting time and number in the waiting queue and conveys it to the caller on hold to make them know how far from being attended by the agent.

  • What is MoH?

    MOH is music on hold, in order to occupy the unoccupied time of the caller on hold, the businesses can play recorded music.

  • What are Custom MOH messages?

    Custom MOH messages are messages customized and recorded by the company, that are played via IVRS to fill the unoccupied time of the caller on hold by creating awareness about the products and services.

Post Call Survey

  • Explain Post Call Survey?

    Post Call Survey is the valuable tool that gauge the customer satisfaction by providing valuable insight for the businesses into what makes the customer happy and what makes them to get bid off.

  • Does Office24by7 offers an automated Post call survey?

    Yes, the technically automated PCS feature provides customer feedback and insight about the services offered immediate after the customer-agent conversation establishing an accurate impression of service provided by the organization.

  • What is a Feedback IVRS?

    This is a predesigned feature of Office 24by7 that allows you to create an IVR flow to set feedback question or in the form of ratings to that of your offered services and products.

Reports and Analytics

  • What are Real time reports and its importance?

    Real time reports are the statically and analytical reports that enables to track all call activities on parameters such as completed calls, unanswered, ringing, not reachable etc.

  • What does the agent performance reports convey?

    These reports give detailed description of work flow activities, working hours, in call time, post call time etc. to gauge the performance and efficiency of agents. With the help of these reports you can adopt corrective actions, to segregate prospective leads and to improve performance levels of agents, who are not reaching the benchmark set by you.


  • What is a Dialer?

    A dialer is simple piece of software application to automate the process of dialing to telephone numbers externally.

  • What are the types of dialers offered by Office 24by7?

    • Predictive Dialer
    • Progressive Dialer
    • Preview Dialer
  • What is a Predictive Dialer?

    Predictive Dialer predicts the availability of agent as of when a call will close and takes the next call on track populating all the relevant information on the screen to interact.

  • What are the benefits of Predictive dialer?

    • Increases the number of prospective calls in a day
    • Increases agent’s talk time – puts agents in contact with the most prospective leads by filtering out invalid number, DNC listed numbers and answering machine etc.
    • Minimizes the time interval between calls
    • Ideal to generate cold calls/ lead generation process
  • What is a Progressive Dialer?

    The progressive dialer makes multiple calls at a time based on the availability of agents or pre-set ratio. It consumes lesser time and best suited for mid and small sized companies with limited resources.

  • What are the benefits of a Progressive Dialer?

    • Increases agents productivity by utilizing them optimally
    • Maximizes agent’s talk time
    • Minimizes agent’s time in logging for reports and details
    • Pop’s out relevant and required information.
    • Customizable dial plan to meet your business requirements
    • Dials only when agents are available limiting dropped calls.
  • What is a Preview Dialer?

    The preview dialer is an automatic dialing process for the agents to control manually by displaying the next call to be dialed to the agent along with caller information to have a broad view before connecting the call. This benefits financial and banking sectors that deal with complex caller information.

  • What are the benefits of a Preview Dialer?

    • Allows a logical order of calling from a dialing list
    • The agent can preview the next call, gain knowledge and interact or skip and move on to the next contact in the list.
    • Automatically pools out customer information based on the past conversation history prior dialing the number.
    • Agent can control dialing process manually.

Agent CTI

  • What is an Agent Module?

    A web-interfaced, user friendly UI/Dashboard for each agents with login credentials to view the real time monitoring of how many calls are in Live, Queue, Login time, Wrap up period, call history, Assigned leads, follow up leads etc. and can make calls using Click-to-Call. All the updates and calls are recorded for future reference with an option to set priority of calls.

  • What are the benefits of an Agent module?

    • Agent calls and activities can be tracked using a web interface with log in credentials.
    • Click to call option allows agents to view and make calls to the assigned leads
    • Caller and call updates are incorporated for future reference
    • Centralized data updating system to progress business needs.
  • What does a CTI screen do?

    CTI alerts the agent instantly providing information in the form of screen pops to agents prior to call connection to access information about the caller to handle more calls effectively, quickly and to provide better service. It is also known as automated or automatic screen pop ups.

  • What is an Agent Script?

    Office24by7 offers flexibility for the organization to generate a script for the agents to follow, to interact relevantly and to offer right resolutions. Organization can design or customize script and make available to all agents through agent module.

Data Management

  • Explain the feature List Management?

    This tool or feature facilities to create, manage, segment a large database to that of company’s products/services as per requirements. It allows to allot lists to agents based on their performance or benchmark set by the company.

  • What is Data Import?

    Office 24by7 offers seamless flexibility of importing contacts from multiple sources in .csv/xls/xlsx formats or to create the database manually. Imported data can be managed as separate lists or consolidate into one list.

  • What is NDNC registry?

    This is an automated feature of Office 24x7 that regularly cross-checks the database against the National Do Not Call registry to ensure that no DND numbers are contacted by the agents for promotional need. DND numbers are clearly marked and indicated as DND by the system.

  • What are Schedule Announcements?

    A company can schedule announcements for later dates/events important for their customers. Depending upon system configuration, the system prompts the agent on the marked dates where they can call or even send automated messages.

    For instance: For conveying Payment due dates, insurance policies due dates, credit card or debit card up-gradations, etc.

  • What is a Pilot Number?

    A Pilot Number is the Custom caller ID which forms the one single point of contact for all business calls that helps to track, compare and analyze call prospectus across various platforms which in turn provides a real view on analytics.

Missed Call Service

  • What is a Missed Call Service?

    This is a complete automated web based service that enables the businesses to get real time notifications of all business calls on the dedicated numbers like Mobile number, local number or Toll free number.

  • How does a Missed Call alert works?

    When the incoming call comes in, it gets disconnected after first two rings and notified with all details like call number, time and location.

Lead Management

  • What is Office24by7 - Sales Manager?

    It is a Sales Management Software or Sales CRM designed to streamline sales process. It helps sales team to manage contacts, track leads and simplify tedious tasks off their desks, focusing on driving sales.

  • What is a Lead Score and how does it work?

    Lead Score is an assigned value to a particular lead based upon their engagement with the business. The score is typically a combination of demographic information and a user’s activity such as visited your website, downloaded an eBook, sign-up for a form, email opens etc., which reveals their overall interest towards your business.

    This score values your leads automatically, once an activity is completed and it does not stay constant over time. Depending upon your nurturing process and the lead’s activity, the score increases or decreases automatically and makes it convenient for the sales team to prioritize leads.

  • How to set up a Lead Scoring attributes in Office24by7-Sales?

    To set up Lead Scoring Attributes, follow the below stated points:

    • Select Project Set-up from the menu bar
    • Configure Call Flow by clicking on the plus button at the page bottom and add a category.
    • Click on the Sales Manager
    • Configure Call Flow by clicking on the plus button at the page bottom and add a category.
    • Click on the Sales Manager
    • Select Sales Management from the above listed nodes
    • From the Lead Score node, you can define scores with regards to Status, Stage and Activity by giving inputs in the node properties of the right side panel based upon which the attributes are set, Lead score will be automated.

    Pathway: Project Set-up >> Configure call flow >> Sales Manager >> Sales Management >> Lead Score >> Status, Stage and Activity.

  • How to Prioritize the Lead?

    Users or a Sales person can set the lead priority manually based upon the lead activity or interaction or level of buying intent. This prioritization helps to segregate the quality leads, so that one can reach out to the leads that are most “likely to buy” first.

  • What is mean by ‘Source’ from lead and how many sources that we have in this application?

    The source simply states from where the lead is originated from or captured. Office24by7 offers a list of sources from where a lead can be initiated, also you are provisioned to define the lead sources with that of the default source list.

  • Is it possible to define my own source?

    Yes, it is very much provisioned to define your own source. All you have to do is to follow the below explained path

    Home >> Project Set-up >> Configure Call Flow or Flow Edit >> Sales Manager >> Project Management >> Opportunities settings >> Sources (Edit) >> “+” add button >> select the Source type, enter Source Name and save.

  • How to upload leads to Office24by7 Sales CRM?

    To upload leads,

    Home >> Project Set-up >> Configure Call Flow or Flow Edit >> Sales Manager >> Project Management >> Opportunities settings >> Sources (Edit) >> “+” add button >> select the Source type, enter Source Name and save.

    • Go to Project Setup
    • Configure Call Flow by clicking on the “+” at the right bottom of the page or Click on the Flow Edit, if you have predefined Configuration Flow.
    • Click on the Sales Manager node
    • Select Lead Management node, at the top menu you will find the nodes “Add Lead and Uploads”. Click on the Uploads, click the node edit button and select “Choose File” at the bottom of the node properties and Submit accordingly.

    Note: Office24by7 facilitates a default downloadable contact uploads format for your convenience. It is found at the top corner of the node properties.

  • What is My Opportunities from Office24by7?

    The number of leads assigned or available of a particular user for further process is termed as “My Opportunities” in Office24by7.

  • How to find lead information using Advanced Search from ‘My Opportunities’?

    Office24by7 Sales CRM offers multiple and advanced search filters to pool out the required lead information. All you have to do is,

    Go to “Sales” on Home

    Select Opportunities

    From the right side panel, click on the “Search” option; fill in the required Search Filter fields and Submit

  • How to make outbound calls to leads from Office24by7?

    In Opportunities, each and every lead is provisioned with a “Dial” button to initiate an Outbound Call for that particular lead at ease.

  • How to send an email and SMS to leads from Office24by7?

    In Opportunities, the user is provisioned to send SMS and Email to each and every lead just by clicking on the respective buttons. A form pops-up to create and send SMS and Email accordingly.

  • Can I add a duplicate Lead in Office24by7?

    NO, you are not provisioned to add duplicate leads in Office24by7.

  • How to schedule a SMS and an Email on Lead from Office24by7?

    In “Opportunities”, each and every lead is provisioned with SMS and Email buttons in the Lead details window, upon clicking on it, a form pops-up for the user to enter the required information. At the bottom end, a “Schedule” is facilitated to schedule the SMS and Email by defining the date and time as required.

  • Can I reassign a lead to another user and how?

    Yes, you can. Click to on the check box of the Lead Details Window to choose the lead you would like to re-assign. Click on the “+” button provided at the page bottom, options pops-up like Leads list, Transfer, Reassign, Custom Fields and Add Lead. Click Re-assign, choose the User and Submit. The lead gets assigned in a snippet.

  • How to create/add a new lead from User Panel?

    To add/create a new lead from a Uesr Panel, follow the below mentioned steps

    Choose My Opportunities from the left side navigator

    Click on the “+” provided at the bottom of the page

    Select Add Lead, enter the required fields and click Add.

    A new lead will be added successfully

  • Can I get/see the list of leads in Grid View?

    Yes, you can change your leads view. To do so, just navigate your cursor to the left side menu and choose “grid view” button. Your view pane will change in no time.

  • How can I auto-distribute Leads to my Users?

    To automate your leads distribution, follow the path:

    Home >> Project Setup >> Configure Call Flow by clicking on “+” or choose Flow Edit >> Sales manager >> Sales Management >> Distribution >> Set the rules for Source, Time, Location and Region >> Select the Users >> Distribution type >> Save.

  • Is it possible to route Leads to specific User?

    Yes, it is. You can choose a particular User while setting the rules in Lead Distribution process.

  • Where can I see the Lead Score and the Customer Score on a Lead?

    You can view the Lead Score and the Customer Score of a particular lead in its lead details window.

  • How to Update the status of the Lead in the Lead Details Window?

    In the Lead details window, click on the “Add Comment” and update the lead status by choosing the option form the drop down and Submit

  • How do I add/update notes to the Lead?

    In the Lead details window, by clicking on the “Add Comment”, a new page opens to update the Lead Activity, at the bottom of the page, you will find “Comments” field to add the notes respective to the lead.

  • Where can I get the complete lead information?

    To view the complete lead information, click on the “View Lead Information” and you shall see the complete information of a particular lead in the right side panel.

  • What is Lead History?

    Lead history is something that a CRM explains about your lead in detail. It can be conversations, deals (open, closed or lost), touch points with your company, tasks and appointments scheduled with them and so on. This information helps you to know the lead’s engagement status with your business and build personalized conversations.

  • Where can I see the Lead History (Activity)?

    To view the particular lead history, click on the “Add comment” of the Leads Details Window, a new page opens with the updated lead activity.

  • Where can I see the User Activity?

    To view the complete User Activity, click “Agent Log” button in the right side panel. The complete user activity as updated by the user gets displayed. The panel provisions you to view the history of specific activity by selecting the Activity type from the drop down menu to respective date.

  • How do I find Leads with Activities in the selected date range?

    Click on the “Search” option of the right side panel; choose the “From date - To date” to view the Leads activity in the selected date range.

  • How do I find Leads with Activities in the selected date range?

    Click on the “Search” option of the right side panel; choose the “From date - To date” to view the Leads activity in the selected date range.

  • How do I find Lead(s) Information with field (Ex: Contact Name, Contact Number or Email ID) value?

    You can find the specific lead information with field value just by clicking on the View Lead Information from the Lead details window.

  • What is Lead Stage? Where can I see them?

    Leads stage can be defined as the position of lead in the sales or marketing funnel depending upon their level of engagement. Likewise you can group leads based upon their similarity or disparity with the engagement level and shall customize the lead engagement method for each lead.

    To view the Lead Stage:

    Click on the “Add Comment” in the lead details window. A page pops-up wherein you can update or view the Lead stage.

  • What is Lead Status? Where can I update the status of a Lead?

    The lead status is the stipulated allegations as updated by the sales team based upon a certain activity. This defines the lead specificity and helps your sales team to understand the status of the lead in the buying cycle. In office24by7 Platform, you are allowed to customize the lead status fields for your sales process.

    To update the Lead Status:

    • Click on the “Add Comment” in the lead details window
    • A pop-up opens; choose the lead status from the drop down menu
    • Click Submit to update.
  • Where do I view Lead follow-up reminders?

    On the right side panel, click on the “Reminder” button and view for the Lead follow up reminders.

  • How to view and filter the Leads based on Status, Priority, Lead Score and Customer Score?

    Very simple, just click on the “Search” button provided on the right side panel, filter your search options as required.

  • Is it possible to customize the Lead Form?

    Yes, it is very much possible to customize the lead form as per your industry process. To do so, follow the below mentioned path:

    Home >> Project Setup >> Configure Flow by clicking on the “+” >> Sales Manager >> Project Management >> Opportunities form >> Click on the Edit >> Submit the Art Board Settings >> Choose Customize Form Tools and customize lead form as required.

  • Is it possible to automate SMS, Email and Voice notifications to a customer and other users after an activity is added?

    Yes, Office24by7 platform provisions you to automate multiple notifications or reminders to be sent via SMS, Email and Voice to customer and user when an activity is recorded. To do so, follow the path:

    Home >> Project Setup >> Flow by clicking on the “+” >> Sales Manager >> Notification Manager >>Activities >> Click on the “+” >> Personalize Activity Wise Notification with regards to SMS, Email and Voice as required.

  • Is it possible to delete a Lead from Leads Panel (My Opportunities)?

    The captured lead automatically gets settled in “My Opportunities” hence it is provisioned for an activity to get recorded or in case comments to be added. It cannot be deleted at any point in time.

  • Is it possible to edit or delete the history (Activities on the Lead) of the Lead?

    No, it is not possible to edit or delete the history of any lead. Because, once an activity is recorded it becomes a history which in turn is available for reference of that particular lead in future.

  • Can I update the Lead information? If ‘YES’ what are all the details that I can edit/update?

    Yes, it is very much possible to edit/update the Lead Information. You are allowed to edit/update every detail of the Lead as prescribed in the Form fields. All you have to do is, click on the “View Lead Information” of the Lead Detail Window; click on the “Edit” at the right side panel, a form (Edit Lead) gets displayed with the recorded Lead information, edit and click Update

  • Is it possible to personalize the Email and SMS messages of Follow-Up Leads?

    Yes, it is possible to create and send personalized SMS and Email to Follow-Up Leads.


  • What is List? Why should we create a List?

    A List is an organized format of contact information with respective to names, mobile number and other data as needed for the company. It is essential to create a list as it facilitates you to organize and segment contacts as per their interests and preferences, so that you can send right information at the right time

  • How to Create a List using advanced search from ‘Contacts’?

    To create a List from Contacts using advanced search, follow these steps:

    Choose Contacts from the Left side panel.

    Using “Search” option on the right side panel, search for specific contacts by choosing Events, Groups and Contacts.

    Click on the Add List, enter the List Name and Save contacts.

  • If I delete a list, will the contacts in the list be deleted from Office24by7 Contacts?

    It is always feasible to delete a specific list. But the contacts of that list will not be deleted from Office24by7 Contacts as the contacts might be a part of event or group or multiple lists. So the list gets deleted, the contacts of that specific list remains as contacts in Office24by7 contacts.

  • Is it possible to delete the selected contacts from a ‘List’?

    No, it is not possible to delete the selected contacts of a list.

  • Where can I see the list of ‘Lists’ which I have created?

    As soon as you click “Contacts” on the left side panel, the information respective to Events, Groups, Contacts, List gets displayed and under List column, you can view the list of Lists.

  • Can I upload a CSV file into contacts from Office24by7?

    To upload a CSV file into Office24by7 Contacts, follow the instructions:

    Choose the “Contacts” from the left sided menu,

    Click on the “+” button at the page bottom

    Select Add Contact

    An Add Contact gets displayed,

    Click on the Upload Contacts at the top right corner of the Form

    Enter the fields of the pop-up by selecting the required field from the drop down,

    Click to Choose file of .CSV and Submit

  • Where can I see the count of contacts from a ‘List’?

    Under the List column of Office24by7 Contacts, you can find the list of Lists. Each and every list is listed with a List Detail Window with details like the List Name, List Date and No. of Contacts with the count of contacts of that particular list.

  • What is an Event from Contacts and how can I define my own Event?

    An Event is the segregation of multiple contacts under multiple heads or groups. It is named on defining the source from where the contacts are captured into the platform to build a business strategy.

  • What is ‘Group’ and how can I use groups in Contacts?

    A Group is defined as a group of contacts grouped under a particular Event. An Event can evidence multiple groups grouped with multiple contacts.

  • If I delete a group, will the contacts in the group be deleted from Office24by7 Contacts?

    Yes, if your delete a group, all the contacts of that groups will be deleted from Office24by7 Contacts.

  • If I delete an Event, will the groups and contacts in the Event be deleted from Office24by7 Contacts?

    You are not provisioned to delete an Event. Only the contacts and groups can be deleted.

  • How many contacts can be stored in ‘Contacts’?

    You are free-limited to store any number of contacts in “Office24by7 Contacts”.

  • Are there any limits in creating ‘No. of Events’ and ‘No. of Groups’ from Contacts?

    No, you are not restricted in creating multiple Events and Groups from Contacts as of now.

  • Is it possible to move the contacts with in groups?

    Yes, it is possible to move the contacts from and into multiple groups

  • Can I update the contact information?

    Yes, you are provisioned to update the contact information as required from the User panel hassle-freely. To do so, go to “Contacts”, click on the “Settings” button of the individual contact details window, click on the Update and edit the contact information as needed

  • Is it possible to share the contacts with the other users?

    Yes, you can share the contacts with the other users with just a button click on the contact window

  • Can I restrict ‘Read & Write’ permissions of a Group?

    Yes, you are allowed to restrict the Group permission. To do so, follow the path;

    Project Set up >> Sales Manager >> Project Management >> User Privileges. Here, you can assign and restrict privileges or permissions respective to Users

  • How can I add a contact from User Panel?

    To add a contact from the User Panel, choose “Contacts” from the left side panel, click on the “+” at the right bottom of the page, select Add Contact and fill-in the required fields to add the contact information and click on “Add” to save the information accordingly.

  • Can I search contact information based on contact form attributes (Form Fields)?

    To search the contact information using form attributes, click on the “Contact Search” from the right side panel menu and by choosing the form attributes from the drop down, you can search for the particular contact information.


  • What are the User License types of Office24by7 CRM?

    There are multiple User License types of Office24by7 CRM:

    • CXO
    • Manager
    • Supervisor
    • Agent – Operator and Executive
  • Can I get all the Call Recordings of a User?

    Yes, you can extract the call recordings of a particular user from the panel itself. All you have to do is,

    • Go to Reports
    • Select Recording Calls from the drop down menu of Report type
    • Using search attributes, select for the particular user from “Users”
    • Click on “Search”

    Note: Even you are provisioned to export the audio file just by clicking on the download button provided beside the audio file.

  • How do I assign Agent CTI Privileges to a User?

    To assign Agent CTI Privileges of a User

    • Go to Organization
    • Select Users
    • Choose the User type like Operator, Executive, Manager, Supervisor etc.
    • The page displays a list of users associated under a particular type with the account. Click on the Agent CTI button to set the privileges of a particular User.
    • Click “Confirm” on the pop-up window to confirm your access
    • A new page opens with multiple privileges respective to Agent CTI settings, click on the radio button to assign the particular attribute and click “Assign” to save.
  • Where do I set the privileges of a User?

    You can set the privileges of a User while configuring the Call Flow or by clicking on the flow edit of the Project Set-up.

    • Go to Home
    • Choose Project Set-up
    • Click on the “+” at the page bottom to configure a fresh flow chart or click on the Flow Edit to edit the current flow.
    • Follow this path to set the user privileges: Sales Manager >> Project Management >>User privileges >> click on edit >> choose Web or Mobile >> select the user type from the drop down >> click on the check box to choose the User >> click on the check box to assign the privileges as required >> click on “Assign” to save the assigned privileges accordingly.
  • Is it possible to upload list of Users?

    Yes, you are facilitated to upload the list of Users into Office24by7. To do so, follow the below listed instructions:

    • Go to Organization
    • Choose Users
    • Select the User type
    • Click on the “Upload”, a window pops-up with the default format, download the format and enter the fields as required. Then click “Choose file” to browse and upload the list of Users and Click “Submit” to upload successfully.

Sales CRM

  • What is CRM?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It works like an organized module as it enables companies to manage business related processes and the data associated with it.

  • How to Login to Office24by7 Sales CRM?

    Office24by7 Sales CRM is a browser based Login where-in the User can Sign-in to their accounts directly from the Website itself. The username would be the user’s registered mobile with an encrypted dynamic password.

  • How do I raise a Support Ticket?

    When you initiate a phone call on the Virtual Number (7097 17 17 17) or write an email to support@office24by7.com for support then automatically a ticket gets recorded.

  • How can Office24by7 Sales CRM help me make more sales?

    Office24by7 Sales CRM can help your Sales team at every stage of the sales cycle that is from capturing leads to converting customers. Below listed points explains the benefits of Office24by7 Sales CRM:

    Records and Manage user activity and communications

    Forecast sales activity, measure business done and helps to identify analytical insights.

    Qualify and prioritize leads based upon their activity

    Centralize Customer Information which can be accessed and shared amongst different departments.

  • How Office24by7 Sales CRM is going to save my time?

    Office24by7 Sales CRM help you log sales data and communicate with contacts via SMS, Email and Voice call directly from the CRM. It automates redundant tasks like capturing leads from varied sources, assigning scores based upon a particular activity, track user productivity, assign tasks, route leads automatically and much more. In simple, it reduces manual intervention saving your business time and resources so that you can focus on develop team and help business grow.

  • Does this Sales CRM help my teams to work better together?

    This Sales CRM helps improve communication between teams and help align activities of all teams, lead management, lead nurturing efforts, lead evaluation employing streamlined processes ensuring the teams have the same information . Sales CRM lets you to manage and analyze lead activities and customer interactions throughout the life cycle to nurture sales enhance customer relationship and assist in customer retention.

  • Is Office24by7 Sales CRM customizable for my business?

    Yes, Office24by7 Sales CRM is customizable as per your business needs.

  • Is it possible to define SMS, Email and Voice templates to share with the sales team?

    Yes, it is very much possible for you to create, define and share a number of templates respective to SMS, Email and Voice with your team. To do so, follow the below listed details:

    • Go to Settings
    • Choose Audio Store to create Voice templates
    • Click on Announcement or IVRS or Music-on-Hold or Dynamic Audio respectively as required.
    • Click on the " + ", fill in the details and click on ADD to add the specific file or template.
    • To define SMS template, choose SMS Store from setting,
    • Click on the " + " to add Sender Names, Short URLs, SMS templates, Dynamic Form as required.
    • To define Email template, choose Email Store from Settings,
    • Click on the " + ", fill in the fields as listed and click on ADD to add the specific email template.

    The template of SMS, Email and Voice is made available in the User panel respectively to communicate with the customers as needed.

  • What is Agent CTI?

    Agent CTI is a web-interfaced, user friendly UI/Dashboard for each agents with login credentials to record and view their activity in real time respective to assigned leads, set lead priority, interact with the lead via SMS, Voice & Email with an option to set lead priority based on which the lead score and customer score gets assigned for future reference.

  • What is the use of Dialer from Agent CTI?

    The Dialer on the Agent CTI helps to bridge calls between the agent and customer. It is a keypad, enrolled with a service number or caller ID as purchased by the organization integrated with CRM.

  • Where User can see his Follow-Up Calls?

    A User can see his/her Follow-Up Calls on Agent CTI provided at the right side of the dashboard. By clicking on the Agent CTI, it gives the complete information respective to My Calls, My Follow - Ups, and My Call Logs.


  • Can I add an ‘Event’ to Office24by7 Calendar?

    Yes, you can create/add an “Event” just by clicking on the “+” button provided at the left side bottom corner of the calendar page.

  • Is it possible to create SMS and Email notifications of an Event?

    Yes, it is. To create SMS and Email notification of an Event, follow this path.

    Calendar >> Add Event >> fill in the details (Name, Select Company, Select Category) >> Notify >> Choose SMS and Email, one after the other >>Enter the requested details >> Schedule, Reminder, Repeat, Alert to >> Submit.

  • How can I schedule an Event?

    To schedule an Event, click “Schedule – on”, set the “Date and Time” as required and click on “Submit” to get it automated.

  • Does Office24by7 Calendar have event reminders?

    Yes, Office24by7 Calendar provisions to set event reminders. Click “Notify – On” and set Reminders for SMS or Email Event accordingly.

  • How can I send a reminder message (Alert) of a scheduled Event?

    To send Alert notification of a scheduled event to “you” or to “other”, click on the checkbox provided beside “Alert –To” respectively to remind the particular user or both.

  • Can I send reminder messages (SMS and Email) repeatedly with a specific interval?

    Yes, you can send reminder messages of SMS and Email. To do so within a limited time frame or at a specified time, choose mins, hours, days or weeks from the drop down provided in “Reminder” section.

  • How do I set up repeat notifications for an Event?

    To set up the repeat notifications for an Event, follow the below steps:

    • Go to Calendar,
    • Click on the Add Event
    • Click on the Repeat – On
    • Choose Daily, Weekly or Monthly from the drop down
    • Specify date until you want to precede the reminder “Until Date” and “Trigger Time”.
  • How often I can send SMS and Email reminder notifications?

    You are allowed to send SMS and Email reminder notification as often as you like depending upon your requirements.

  • Is it possible to have text templates (SMS and Email) of reminder notifications?

    Yes, it is. You can select the text templates that are saved in the SMS Store or Email Store, either for Email or SMS from the drop down of the “Templates” box. In case, if you would like to add a new template then and there, click on the “+” Template, a pop-up window gets displayed for you add and save the template of use.

  • Can I update the schedule time of an Event?

    Yes, you can update the schedule time of an Event just by switching the “Schedule - on” beside which schedule date and time box opens for you to update the time as needed

  • How can I see the Events from different dates?

    To look for the Events of different dates,

    • Select “multiple” from the calendar menu,
    • Choose multiple dates and the Events associated with it will get displayed.
  • Is it possible to view the events of a specific date range?

    Yes, it is possible to view the events of a specific date range. All you have to do is:

    • Go to Calendar
    • Select Range from the Calendar menu
    • Click the date range from the start date to end date as per your requirements and the Events associated with the specific date range gets displayed.

Mobile App

  • What is Office24by7 Mobile CRM?

    Office24by7 Mobile CRM is a real time CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that helps your sales team to access and manage customer related information on the move, giving you a visual representation of your team’s activities. It enables you to experience a CRM on simple handsets like Smartphone, Tablet and other internet-connected devices.

  • Why Office24by7 Mobile CRM is important?

    Office24by7 Mobile CRM explicit to run your direct sales operations smoothly and help you to plan, manage and track day to day activities of your team from anywhere any time.

  • Is it possible to track the geo location of an Executive through Office24by7 Mobile CRM?

    Yes, it is possible to track the geo location of a particular executive. All you to do is, click on the Geo Tracking on the dashboard, choose the executive from the drop down and look for the complete track record. You are provisioned to monitor their check-in and check–out points, review their performance by selecting a specific date range and fence a particular location for specific executive to work and help them to organize their customer data.

  • Can I add a new Lead through Office24by7 Mobile CRM?

    Yes, to do so, click on the Leads icon, select the desired status list of the particular lead, click on the “+” button at the bottom right corner of the screen and click on Add to save the lead information. Any number of leads is facilitated to add through office24by7 Mobile CRM.

  • Is it possible to access the contacts of Office24by7 CRM through Mobile CRM?

    Yes, it is, click on the “Contacts”, select the option Web and all the contacts of Office24by7 CRM are displayed.

  • Can I view the Status Wise Leads through Office24by7 Mobile CRM?

    Yes, click on the “Leads”, select the Status to view Status Wise Leads.

  • Is it possible to track and record all the calls of my sales team?

    Yes, Office24by7 Mobile CRM provisions you to set permission to track and record all the calls conversations of your sales team.

  • Can I view leads that are nearby me?

    Yes, you can view the geo location of the leads that are near you on the move which would help to plan your day to close many sales opportunities as possible.

  • Can I track the field sales team?

    Yes, you can individual location of the field sales team and keep an eagle eye of their meetings and tasks regularly in real time, from anywhere.

  • Is it possible to view the dashboard of Office24by7 Mobile CRM?

    Yes, you can view the dashboard just by clicking on the “Dashboard” navigation.

Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing?

    Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing, using electronic email as the marketing medium to promote products or services to bulk audience. It is a segment of online marketing/internet marketing which encompasses websites, social media, blogs etc.

  • Can I add Social Sharing buttons to Email Template?

    It is true that content delivered through social media permits business to gain feedback, with which an Organization can gauge the customers attitude and get to know their needs better. Hence adding social media sharing buttons in email campaign is a good thing as it facilitates readers to share content with just a click increasing customer engagement rates.

    To do so, follow the path:

    Home >> Project Set-up >> Marketing manager >> Source Manager >> Builder >> Email Templates >> Edit >> Art Board Properties >> Tools >> Social Media Buttons >> click to Add.

  • Can I stop an Email Campaign after it is sent?

    Yes, you can pause a campaign and stop your next emails from getting delivered. However, it’s not possible to stop emails one you click the sent button. Scheduled and planned emails can always be stopped depending on your need.

  • Can I create and save an Email Campaign without sending it?

    Yes, you can create and save or schedule an email campaign for sending it a later time.

  • What does CTA mean in Email Campaign?

    Call to Action is a button/statement designed to educate an immediate action from the subscribers or customers reading through the email. It is used as a part of the marketing strategy to encourage a response from the target market. Generally it is propagated through-out the proposal or at the top or bottom of the mail to mark the expression of the audience or to capture their action towards the proposal.

  • Can I embed a form in an Email Template?

    No, Office24by7 Email Builder does not allow you to embed a form in an email template.

  • Can I design/create on-brand emails without designers or IT?

    Yes, Email Builder of Office24by7 is simple and use friendly that you can design/create and preview emails by yourself in real-time without the help of an IT or designer.

  • How do I make sure my email doesn’t land in the spam folder?

    To make sure that your emails do not land in the user’s spam folder, the crafted emails must be in complaint with CAN SPAM Act. It is a law that sets rules governing the commercial emails to establish requirements for sending commercial messages to customers. This act gives your customers right to opt out from your mailing list at any point of time and convenience to stop emails receiving from you. It exploits tough penalties on violation of imposed rules.

  • What is ‘Click-Through-Rate’?

    Click through Rate (CTR) a metric of Digital marketing, is used commonly to measure the success of an online advertising campaign. It estimates the number of clicks advertisers receive on the link posted in an email. Achieving a high CTR estimates the success of marketing strategies like PPC etc as it affects both your Quality Score and how much you pay every time someone clicks your search link.

  • How do I know if one subject line will perform better than another?

    Today, customers are bombarded with emails every day. Your subject lines decide whether or not subscribers actually see your messages. So, to make sure that your subject lines are attractive enough to grab the user’s attention is to test the strength of subject line. You can perform A/B testing on a segment of your subscribers before rolling out the winning campaign, or use them as a way to improve and refine your subject lines each time you schedule in a new campaign.

  • What's the difference between a hard bounce and a soft bounce?

    An electronic mail that is undelivered due to some reasons and returns back to the sender is called a bounce or bounce email. In general, there are two types of Bounce emails: Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce

    Hard Bounce refers to the email that is permanently bounced back to the sender on account of invalid or doesn’t exist email id. Generally, hard bounced addresses are added to a suppression list as it is no longer going to get delivered. Continuing to try to send such address will harm your reputation.

    Soft Bounce refers to the email that is recognized by the user server but is bounced back to the sender due to temporary reasons like user’s mailbox is full, unavailability of user’s network or user no longer holds that account but is active.

    At such case, we continue to attempt to send these messages for up to 72 hours until the message is delivered. If a message is continuously deferred for 72 hours, we convert these addresses to a block/deferral list.

  • How do I know if an email campaign is successful?

    There are three top email marketing metrics to judge the success of email campaign; they are Delivery rates, Open rates and Click through rates.

    Delivery Rates: This is a great metric to monitor the strength of your email list. A high deliverable rate means you are successful in reaching your intended audience. A low delivery rate is the indication to work on building a healthy subscription list.

    Open rates: Once an email is delivered, the next challenge is to get read. The Email subject line plays an important role in getting your email read by your recipients as it is what gets the subscriber to click “open”. Hence, craft catchy subject lines as it needs to catch the reader’s attention and should be relevant to the user and the context.

    Click-Through-Rates (CTR): Now that your subscriber has received the email and opened it, it’s time for action. This solely depends upon your email context. Email campaign with high CTR speaks about its success.

Source Tracker

  • What is Office24by7 – Source Tracker and How does it work?

    Office24by7 Source Tracker helps you to extract the lead information captured from varied sources like PPC, Social media, Forms etc. This is an automated systematic process which will pool out the lead information like type of campaign, source, device used, browser etc.

  • What is the purpose of Office24by7 –Source Tracker?

    The main purpose of Source Tracker is to detect the source of leads from where it is captured as it will determine working efficiency of marketing strategies.

  • How do I set up Source Tracker?

    To set up the Source Tracker for your marketing activities, follow the path:

    Home >> Project Set-up >>Marketing manager >> Source Management >> Source Tracker >> Edit the Events and Source fields as required.

  • Can I view the total no. of Leads from different sources?

    Yes, you can view the total number of leads from different sources in the table format of the Source Tracker page. The “number of Leads” column will give you exact leads count respective to the source.

  • Is it possible to see the Lead Details in table view?

    Yes, all you have to do is to click on the leads number in the “number of leads” column of the table, a new page opens with the detailed lead information in table view.

  • How do I get the Lead count from different sources?

    At the bottom of the source tracker page, the “number of leads” column in the table will give you the lead count from different sources.

  • Can I get the in-detail information of each Lead from different source?

    Yes, all you have to do is to click on the leads count displayed in the “number of leads” column of the table to get in-detail information of each lead from different source.

  • Can I get the ROI % of different marketing sources from Office24by7 – Source Tracker?

    Yes, you can view the ROI% respective to different marketing sources in the ROI box of Source Tracker page.

  • Is it possible to view complete details of each lead from different lead source?

    Yes, it is possible to view complete details of each lead from different lead source with just a click on the leads count from the “number of leads” column.

  • How to Integrate Inbound Call Tracking with Office24by7 – Source Tracker?

    To integrate inbound call tracking with Office24by7 – Source Tracker, follow the path: Home >> Project Set-up >> Marketing manager >> Source Management >> Virtual Number >> Edit >> configure Call Forwarding by choosing the users forwarding number from the drop down.

  • Can I get the inbound call analytics of my business Virtual Number?

    Yes, at the bottom of the Source Tracker page, you can find the Inbound Call Analytics of the associated Virtual Number.

  • Can I track call conversions of my Business Virtual Number?

    Yes, you can pool out all the call conversions irrespective to date, agent, campaign etc of your business Virtual Number from Reports. You need to click on the Report type, choose recording calls and using advanced search filters track all the call conversions.

  • Can I get the User count based on the Browser type?

    Yes, you can get the User count based on the specific browser with just a click on the leads count. A new page opens with a table of in-detail lead information including device used and browser type of the lead.

  • Where do I see Missed Calls in Source Tracker?

    In the Source Tracker page, you can view the number of missed calls in the Missed Calls box. It is a clickable box, with a click all the calls that are missed or dropped will get displayed in a table form.

  • Is it possible to get the count of Connected and Not Connected calls?

    Yes, it is possible. You can view the number of Connected and Not Connected calls in the respective box.

  • Can I get the Call Details of Connected Calls of my Virtual Number?

    To get the call details of Connected Calls, just click on the “Connected Calls” box on the Source Tracker page. As it is a clickable box, with a click all the calls that are connected are displayed in a table form, right below.

  • How can I track the ‘Leads’ based on the marketing source from Source Tracker?

    The table view on the source tracker page will display exact Leads count with respective to the marketing source.

Smart Builder

  • What is a Landing Page?

    In Digital marketing, Landing Page is a web page that is specifically created for advertising or marketing a product or service. The only goal of a landing page is to capture information of visitors by enticing them to sign up on the page. With content, design, benefits and offers the page attracts them to fill in the form.

  • What is Smart Builder?

    Office24by7 Smart Builder is an ad builder, helps you to create stunning and impressive landing pages with a simple drag and drop method. It enables businesses to select and edit mobile responsive templates, create sign up forms without the adherence of complicated coding. Also facilitates multiple pre-designed templates sync with your brand image to help you grab every opportunity to impress visitors.

  • How do I design a Responsive Landing Page?

    With Office24by7 Smart builder, you can design high converting responsive landing page in no time. To do so, follow the path

  • What is the purpose of a Form?

    The Form purpose is to capture Lead information as it is the ideal marketing method to request information from visitors.

  • Where can I use Landing Pages?

    You can use a Landing page for every inbound advertising/marketing campaign you operate. It helps you to create a level of message differentiation with products or services of business deal with as the home page cannot hold offer for different user segments. Also, with landing page provide a relevant experience to the user respective to the source form which they are captured.

  • How do I design/create a Landing Page?

    You can design/create a landing page in no time using our Smart Builder. All you have to do is to follow the path:

    Home >> Project Set-up >> Marketing Manager >>Source Management >>Builder >> Landing page >> Edit >> click on the “Properties” of the left side panel >> you will find “default templates”, pre-defined templates for use or “My templates” for creating a fresh copy of your own and “Tools” are provisioned for use.

  • How do I add a video on my Landing Page?

    To add a video to your Landing page, follow the steps:

    Home >> Project Set-up >> Marketing Manager >>Source Management >>Builder >> Landing page >> Edit >> click on the “Tools” >> select “Media tools” from the left side panel >> Click on the “Video” and add.

  • How do I change the background color of a Landing Page?

    To change the background color of a Landing page, selecting the Text box on the left side panel, choose the “Properties” – “Color Picker”, click on the “+”, the box expands with the color and the capacity details, wherein you can set the background color of the Landing page.

  • Can I change the styling of a landing page?

    Yes, you can change the style of the landing page with just a click. You can design an impressive copy as per your requirements by choosing the inputs from the left side panel.

  • Can I use a Landing Page with more than one campaign?

    Yes, you can loop one than one campaign to the Landing Page. To do so, follow the path: Project Set-up >>Marketing Manager >>Source Management >> Source tracker >> Source >> click on the “+” button at the bottom of the left panel and loop campaigns to Landing page as needed.

  • Why should we use different landing pages for different kind of Ads?

    Landing page help increase your conversion rates as they are focused on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad that your visitors clicked on to reach your page.

  • Can I have a link back to the website home page from the Landing Page?

    Yes, all you to have to do, is to add the short URL of your website or home page to the landing page. To so do, follow the path: Builder >>Landing Page >> Properties >> “+” to add the URL link.

  • Is it possible to authenticate Lead details entered by the visitor?

    Yes, to authenticate the lead details, follow the path:

    Marketing Manager >> Source Management >>Web Traffic >>Authentication >> click on edit to enter the level and mode of authentication process

  • Is it possible to get default templates to design my Landing Page?

    Yes, Smart builder facilitates multiple default templates to help you create impressive and outstanding landing page. You can select the templates from the “Default Templates” of landing page.

  • Can I edit default layout templates to save it as new design?

    Yes, you can edit the default layout respective to text fields, image opacity, border etc as per your brand creating it a fresh copy to look or validating your brand image. All you have to do is to select a template from the “Default Template” and edit.

Web Tracker

  • What is ROI?

    Return on Investment is a performance measure that is used to evaluate and compare the efficiency of business investments.

  • What is the use of Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    The benefit of using Office24by7 Web Tracker is it can actually determine the identity of your website visitors. Once the visitors take a tour on your website, it unlocks their presence, actions and a plethora of options to help you to take action and use the data for creating a personalized experience.

  • What is Web Tracker and how does it work?

    Web Tracker is software wherein a tracking code is added to the website. The code is generated by the Office24by7 platform. This is a small piece of Javascript code that is made within your analytics account and is placed on every web page to identify specific interactions and purchases that can transpire.

  • What is the purpose of Web Tracker?

    Web Tracker is a Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. It helps to keep a tab on website visitors based on their internet activity.

  • How do I set up Web Tracker?

    You can configure Web Tracking system for your website from the Office24by7 platform itself. To do so, follow the path:

    Project Set-up >> Marketing Manager >> Source Management >>Website Tracker >> Web Events >> click to edit the Website manager to define the Web events from the left panel to set up a tracking system for your website.

  • How do I put Office24by7 – Web Tracker on my website?

    You can set up the Office24by7 - Web Tracker on your website by adding the tracking code from your account. You have to find the tracking code, copy and paste it in every web page that you want to track. To do so, follow the path:

    Project Set-up >> Marketing Manager >> Source Management >>Website Tracking Script >> Click to edit >> Click on the “+” choose or enter the required details >> click on “Generate Script”, copy and paste it on your web page.

  • What is Office24by7 – Web Tracker tracking code?

    In website analytics, a tracking code is a small piece of JavaScript that activates Web Tracker tracking by inserting ‘.js’ into the page. It enables to track the activity of a website user by collecting data and sending it to the analytics module.

  • Where do I get the tracking code to track my Website?

    You can get the Tracking code from Office24by7 platform itself. Click on the Tracking script, edit to define the fields and click on “Generate script”. This script is the “Tracking code” which will help you to track your website.

  • Should I place the code in each web page to track views and visitors of my Website?

    Yes, the tracking code needs to be placed in every web page to track the visitor and view count of your website.

  • What can you track with Office24by7 - Web Tracker?

    Web Tracker is a website analytics service offered by Office24by7. It helps you to know who’s on your website, their behavior and how they find your website with actionable insights of how they users use your website. With Web Tracker, you can identify new visitors; convert them into happy customers comprehending ROI for your online marketing. You can also use tracking codes to tag & track any advertising, social media posts or PR campaign on any platform/website.

  • What are views in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Office24by7 Web Tracker views represent the web page content viewed by the users. The Total number of Views will help you to know which web page is mostly viewed and how users are navigating between different pieces of content of your website.

  • Where do I see ‘Total Visitors’ in Web Tracker?

    In the Web Tracker page of Office24by7, click on the “All” button to select for sources and events and view the count of visitors on your website in “Total Visitors” box.

  • What are Office24by7 - Web Tracker Unique Visitors?

    Unique Visitors refers to the number of user’s who has visited your website more than once within a stipulated period of time. This count correlates the amount of traffic on your website.

  • What are Office24by7 - Web Tracker New Visitors?

    New visitors refer to the number of user’s who have visited your website only once.

  • What does a session mean in Web Tracker?

    A session is defined as a group of interactions or tasks that a user does within a period of time on your website. Web Tracker defaults that time frame to 30 minutes. Meaning whatever a user does on your website either browse webpage, download resources, purchases products etc., before they leave equals one session and their behavior is recorded.

  • What does Bounce Rate mean in Web Tracker?

    Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who visited your website and left without viewing other pages of the website. It is basically calculated on how much time an user spends on your website.

  • Can I get the overall Bounce Rate of my Website?

    Yes, on the Web Tracker page of Office24by7 platform, you can view the overall “Bounce Rate” in a clickable box under “Overview”.

  • Is it possible to view the page (URL) wise Bounce Rate?

    Yes, it is. Just click on the “Bounce Rate”, a table drops down with the links of web page.

  • Can I see the total no. of Views of my Website?

    Yes, on the Web Tracker page of Office24by7 platform, you can view the total number of views of your web site in a clickable box “Total Views” under “Overview”.

  • What is ‘Average Stay Time’ in Office24by7 - Web Tracker?

    Average stay time is a type of web analytics or metric generally used to detect the amount of time that a user or visitor (in minutes or seconds) have spent on your website.

  • What is the difference between ‘Visits’ and ‘Page Views’?

    Page View: When a visitor visits your webpage then it is considered as a page view and if he reloads or navigates to a different page and returns back to the former web page then that is counted as another or additional page view.

    Visit: A Visit is a sequence of consecutive page views without a 30-minute break. A Visit is a collection of one or more page views.

  • How does Office24by7 – Web Tracker track referrals?

    Referral traffic is an analytical method of Office24by7 Web Tracker to report the visits that has come to your website through varied sources other than the organic search. For instance, if someone clicks on a hyperlink or an ad to go to a new page on a different website, Analytics tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site.

  • What does ‘Direct Traffic’ mean in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Direct traffic is the web traffic that gets counted when people visit your website by typing the URL or via their browser bookmarks.

  • What does organic search mean in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Organic traffic is the traffic that you get from the search engine like Google or Bing where the web page gets listed that closely matches the user's search query based on relevance. It is also called as “natural” search results. To increase organic search traffic, paid search, display, or even offline campaigns are designed.

  • What is organic search Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Tracker separates traffic that arrives at your site through search engine and other referring channels, like paid advertisement or from other sites that is linked to your website. In the Office24by7 reports section, this traffic segment is called organic search traffic.

  • What is a source in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    In Office24by7 Web Tracker, Sources is categorized as Source and Medium.

    Source is the origin of traffic that comes from the search engine such as Google or from domain like example.com.

    Medium is the general category of the source, for example: Organic search, cost-per-click paid search (CPC), web referral (referral).

  • What is Social Referral Traffic?

    Referral traffic refers to the visits that come from links on a different site which has an important impact on page rank. Social traffic refers to traffic coming from social networks and social media platforms.

  • What is paid traffic in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    This traffic source is divided into organic or non-paid search engine traffic, meaning the visitor clicks on the search result. CPC or paid search engine traffic, the traffic you purchase pay-per-click ads_ from search engines.

  • How do I get Referral Traffic?

    • a. Be Active on Q&A Sites.
    • b. Create Video Marketing Campaigns.
    • c. Create Influencer Marketing Campaigns.
    • d. Join Forum Posting Sites.
    • e. 6. Make Effective Use of Social Media.
    • f. Focus on Guest Posting Efforts.
    • g. Get Published on Review Websites.
    • h. Publish Info-graphics.
  • Can I get country wise ‘Views’ count in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Yes, you can see the country wise “Views” by clicking on the country of the Web Tracker page. A table gets displayed below with the detailed information of Country name and the views associated with it.

  • Is it possible to filter browser wise ‘Views’ in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Yes, it is. You can see the browser wise “Views” on the Web tracker page. To filter the views, click on the browser type, a table form gets displayed with the views of the browser, upon clicking on the view count, a pop up window opens with the inherited information.

  • Is it possible to filter source wise ‘Views’ from Referral Traffic in Office24by7 – Web Tracker?

    Yes, it is. You can get the Source wise “Views” in the Referral box on the web tracker page. To filter the views, click on the source type, a table gets displayed with the view count respective to the source, upon clicking on the view count of a particular source type; a pop up window displays the detailed information.

Smart SMS

  • What is an SMS gateway?

    An SMS Gateway is an integration that allows a computer to send or receive SMS, routed into the mobile networks via SMS gateway.

  • Who can use Office24by7 – Smart SMS service?

    Almost all enterprises from small to big scale can use Smart SMS services in accordance to that of their business requirements.

    For example Advertising & Event Management, Tours & Travels, Retail, Stock Broking, Real-estate, Media & Entertainment, Insurance, Airlines, Banking, Automobile, Consumer durables, Hotels & Resorts, E-commerce Portals, Education and etc.

  • Do I need a mobile device to use Smart SMS service?

    No, you don’t need a mobile device to operate Smart SMS Service instead Office24by7 provides a user friendly interface to use Smart SMS Service.

  • Can I buy credits online in Office24by7 – Smart SMS? If yes, how?

    Yes, you can buy SMS credits from the user interface itself.

    All you to do is,

    • Log-in into your Smart SMS account
    • Click on the “Active Top-ups” from “My Account”
    • A pop up opens with the Top up details, enter the fields as required and click Submit.
    • Click on “Buy Now” on the billing page which will redirect you to the Payment Gateway page.
    • Through Net Banking, on paying the required amount, SMS credits get credited to your account automatically for use.
  • How can I send Bulk SMS messages online?

    Sending SMS messages online is similar to that of sending SMS from your mobile, type the message you wished to convey, copy and paste the contact numbers in bulk and click send but the only change is you will be sending the SMS in bulk through an interface.

  • Do I have an expiry on SMS credits?

    No, we value your effort and money; hence the purchased SMS credits of Smart SMS are given with a lifetime validity wherein you are allowed to use it at any point in time.

  • How many characters can I send in a message?

    You are allowed to send SMS with only 160 characters as the length of a standard SMS is about 160 characters including spaces along with certain special characters, common accented forms, Roman characters and few Greek alphabets. But using the feature Multipart / Concatenated SMS, you can even split long SMS’s into smaller ones while sending where it recombined and shown as a single meaningful message at the receiver’s end. So, you can send maximum seven part Multipart / Concatenated SMS summing to 1000 character limit.

  • Can I have more than one sender ID approved for my Smart SMS account?

    Yes, you can have multiple sender ID approved your Smart SMS account but make sure the sender ID’s that you consent for approval should be uncommon or unique one.

  • Are there any additional charges for extra sender IDs?

    You can have multiple sender IDs with no additional charges for it. We only need signed scanned consent letter on your business letterhead clearly to get the Sender ID approved.

  • Can I send SMS in Regional Languages?

    Yes, Unicode SMS feature of Smart SMS allows you to send SMS in regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati and Malayalam etc.

  • What is Unicode SMS Message?

    Unicode message is Smart SMS feature where a enables the user to send message in any regional language.

  • What are the differences between Unicode and Normal SMS?

    Normal SMSUnicode SMS
    SMS message is sent only in the English language SMS can be sent in multiple languages, apart from English. All regional and International languages are included.
    Normal SMS is limited to 160 characters from the GSM alphabet. Unicode SMS is limited to 70 characters
    The GSM alphabet set includes Latin characters, digits and few special characters. This refers to the text messages sent and received that are not included in the default GSM alphabet set.
    Communicates information in a Universal language. Communicates information in a local regional language.
  • Is it possible to send personalized messages?

    Yes, it is possible to send personalized messages with Custom SMS feature.

  • Is it possible to send messages outside India?

    Yes, it is possible to send international massages with Smart SMS Service. For more information, kindly write to us sales@office24by7.com or reach us at 709717 17 17.

  • Does Office24by7 – Smart SMS provide contacts?

    No, we don’t provide or share contacts as such to any of our members or account holders but if you request us to do campaign on behalf of you for your products, we do campaigning to progress your business scale in the very best way. However we offer Long Code, Short URL and Missed Call service which are effective in lead generation. Such services can be used for enhancing business progress.