Office24by7's sales software gives your business control of the sales funnel and facilitates representatives from first contact to closing. Convenience is a key benefit. Stay productive and maximize your close rate even when you're on the go, thanks to the mobile app!

CRM Tools & Features that Make Your Job Easier

Customizable Layouts & Sorting

Sort leads in a variety of convenient ways and arrange the information on your screen to minimize fumbling and scrolling.


Trouble-Free External & Internal Communication

No need to call, email or text from another device or application.

Click the corresponding button right inside your CRM to contact leads, customers, or team members.

Set up and conduct conference calls without leaving the CRM with the CTI plug-in.

Activity Log, Alerts and Reminders

See all logged activity pertaining to a particular lead so you can make the best decisions about how to continue nurturing or to close the deal.

Set reminders to inform representatives when leads asked to be contacted, or when other important dates are near.

Alert appropriate team members when lead correspondence is overdue or when other events occur. You decide on the events that require an alert.


Role Hierarchy

Assign user roles to appropriately delegate access to information.

Stay Up-to-Date with the CRM's Calendar

Scheduling and viewing of events and time-sensitive matters is important, which is why Office24by7's CRM has a built-in calendar with all of the functionality you would expect.

Mobile App

Surprising Mobile App Capabilities
for Effortless On-the-Go Sales!

All of the functionality you need when you're out of the office is built into your attractive, intuitive mobile app. Access lead information, get important reminders, view your calendar, and much more. The mobile app can carry out many of the same tasks the desktop application does. Managers can even track the location of their agents and monitor their activity logs.


It's a Proven Sales Workflow, But Simpler


Identify new leads and resolve duplicates, or allow a duplicate if necessary.

Lead Routing & Distribution

Automatically segment leads based on territory, source, time, or your own parameters.

Lead Scoring & Prioritization

Set the rules and define your algorithm to automatically categorize hot, warm, & cold leads.

Management & Reporting

Customize dashboards and reports for better visibility of your most essential metrics.