lead management
Improve the sales velocity and amplify sales team productivity with

Sales CRM

Upgrade your sales operations to modern, informed and growth-driven inside sales. Process the raw lead data and identify quality leads easily. Nurture the prospects with innovative, personalized campaigns. Boost your sales agent’s performance with an agent-friendly, click-to-dial, SMS, Email and Voice Call integrated dashboard. Office24by7’s lead management software is a one-stop solution to rejuvenate your entire sales operations with the automation.

lead management tool
Process the raw leads with the

lead management tool

Process and analyze huge amounts of raw lead data on a single screen through an intuitive UI. Lead management system allows deep search functionality by a criterion to identify the quality leads. Expand your prospect identification criteria by understanding a lead activity journey through logical lenses. Identify leads better by capturing the detailed data of visitor. Build your own custom lead generation form with self-service functionality.

Quick lead identification
human centric
lead management automation
Segregate and distribute the leads to the right teams

Segregate the leads and custom distribute to the right teams based on the skill, availability for higher conversion rate with the lead management system. Leads can be distributed on the basis of source, region and priority as well. Inbuilt automation feature distributes the leads as per the criteria set to enable the sales agents and teams to stay focused on the right leads in appropriate way.

nurture your prospects
Nurture prospects with targeted campaigns

Multiply your conversion chances by charting a multi-action and multi-channel driven drip campaigns for every prospect. Track prospect behavior and send appropriate responses including the welcome email, promotional offers, coupons, personalized messages, proposals, wishes through SMS, Voice, Push notifications, and Email. Lead management tool help you to add wait-time at every interaction to humanize the drip campaign experience.

Check customer score
Check customer score and do more closures
Measure lead quality with the lead scores

Define the criteria to identify hot leads based on your preference. Understand the lead behavior at every interaction with lead management to stay focused on the sales-ready customers first. Analyze a cumulative, auto-generated customer score based on the prospect interactions to reduce your lead conversion time. Keep tracking the lead scores to target on the right time with the right channel of communication.

agent friendly smart tools
Empower sales team with

lead management app

Give your sales team all the required information in one go and avoid the hassle of searching to gather the right information about the lead. With prospect interaction tracking, drip service and auto-generated customer score of lead management software, enable your agent to reach out the lead in no time over a multi-channel. Identify your top sales-ready prospects and close the sales fast. Just measure, track, qualify, and close.

dashboard and data views
Customizable dashboard for the easy data view

Customizable dashboard with deep analytics helps you track your best and least performing lead sources. Keep the right tools at the disposal of an agent with the customization of dashboard. Lead management tool help to track the number of daily leads, view the count of leads by status. Agent can extract daily or monthly reports related to their sales pipeline, business generated and number of deals closed easily.

Grid view

Self-service drag and drop functionality to switch a lead from one status to another. Sort leads by priority. Transfer or reassign single or multiple leads to other agent(s) in a few clicks.

Table view

Switch to a classic tabular lead data view as per your convenience on a single click. Easy-to-understand data view, suitable for every kind of business audience.

Comprehensive calendar for better organizing

Plan your sales meetings proactively by setting multi-channel reminders for both your agent and customer. Receive automatic notifications by SMS, Email, Voice, Push services so as not to miss a single schedule meetings and call ever. Lead management system makes it easy to sort the lead and meetings count by a date, date range or non-linear dates to keep a track of your work.

reminders and calendar
multi channel services integration
multi channel services
Multi-channel integration to empower agents

Empower your agents with value-addition integration, dial a new customer number directly from the web interface to fasten communication and reduce conversion cycle. Send promotional offers, coupons, information on new product launches, exclusive deals, and wishes to your customer through SMS and email servicesintegrated into lead management software. Use the template store, scheduling feature and short URL generation tool to optimize and personalize your content further.