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Design multiple campaigns and track 100% ROI with the

Marketing Software

Track the leads, measure the lead quality and design choicest campaigns to nurture the lead to convert into a customer with marketing automation. Create campaign action plans based on website traffic behavior and user response. Effectively persuade the lead with personalized campaigns over SMS, Email and Voice call to strengthen your marketing efforts. Office24by7 Marketing CRM has everything you ever need to be a ‘smart’ marketer.

Marketing Automation

for Insightful analytics

Track the visitor’s minute details to measure the buyer’s journey stage and design campaigns to best target to convert a visitor into a lead, a lead into a customer with marketing software. Details like visitor’s location and duration, time spent on the page, and where did they come from give insights to create a personalized campaign to nurture the lead and convert comfortably.

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Lead scores to measure and prioritize the leads

Auto-generate scores of the leads based on the quality with a preset criterion. Lead scores help you to target on a priority basis and to optimally utilize your sources with marketing automation tools. The criteria for the scores can be set on a variety of parameters including the verification of number, designation, location. Identify the high quality leads on the basis of a lead score to identify the high priority ones.

Auto set the marketing flow with the Drip Management

Strategically plan a flow of information that you should send to convert a lead into a customer. Pre-decide your plan of automated action for marketing and re-marketing well in advance to get the best results. Marketing automation optimizes your chances with low investments in nurturing leads. Based on customer behavior, show relevant ads and decide among the Email, SMS, and voice to set the action flow.

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Measure campaign performance and calculate ROI

Create multiple campaigns, track and calculate ROI. Measure the exact results from various campaigns by different kinds of ads, including the paper ads, billboards, and PPC. Receive information from different layers of the campaign and get 100% leads tracking. At PPC level, get information by landing page wise. Similarly, get insights from keyword level as well.

Simplify, automate, and manage your customer, service, and internal communication processes from one solution suite.

Capture comprehensive data of every visitor

Capture the required visitor details and convert into a lead. Get the detailed analytics of lead source and Lead behavior. Know the exact traffic from each source including the blog, social media and others with the help of analytics from marketing software. Analytical inputs into lead behaviour help to design campaigns for greater impact and higher traffic.

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Organize the leads into groups and engage easily

Organize your contacts into groups based on the similarities and help your agents to target better. Segregate the leads on the basis of region, designation, priority and distribute to the appropriate teams. Easily reach the groups over Email, SMS or voice with the personalized messages to nurture and convert conveniently.

Exceptional Calendar for managing a day better

Never miss an opportunity to engage the customers in the right manner and to explore the opportunities. Get notifications about important occasions you want to shoot a campaign. With the marketing automation, plan the activity of the day, schedule a meeting, book an appointment and also share calendar with your team members.

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