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Smart Call

Accelerate market penetration and ROI with multi-platform customer engagements

SMART Call is one of the services of Office24by7 with comprehensive list of features incorporated to help the customer in order to communicate in the emerging industries. SMART Call Service is the most extensive marketing tool for all business types to reach targeted audience. SMART Call is nothing but a Missed Call Number that is a regular telephonic number in the form of a Virtual Number. The Virtual Number can be either in the format of Landline, Mobile or Toll-free Number.

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Missed Call

Missed call service is the best cost-effective way for the businesses. Missed Call service is an Inbound Solution. Once Missed Call alert comes in, it gets disconnected after two rings automatically and displays in the dashboard given. Entire Missed Call Alerts are captured in the panel that are hit with in a second. Thorough requirement of the customer is known easily through this mechanism.

Office24by7 furnished Missed Call Services incorporating diverse components in it to enrich business reachability and to establish communication pipelines of businesses. Based on the analysis and the professional need, Missed Call Services are being added with two more solutions as described below.

  • SMART Call is useful to switch from one service to another service in accordance with the business demand.
  • Reply is directed either through SMS, Voice, Email or SMS with Short URL for every Missed Call Alert.
  • Elasticity of the service is too high to capture the multiple call flow and gets reflected in the panel.

All these options are deliberately introduced through SMART IVR and SMART Operator. Hence, we have named it as SMART Call.

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Missed Call Reply

The purpose of the Missed Call Reply is to facilitate the acknowledgement to the customer for the given Missed Call. As soon as call initiated, it gets disconnected after a ring and the number is captured in the dashboard promptly. Thus, the received number is acknowledged by a pre-recorded voice call or through a SMS as an auto response which will be originated from gate way as programmed. SMS & Voice is also communal. Also, we provide API provision to configure to any CRM application. Further to that Reports & Analytics are highly accurate for breakdown.

  • SMS, Email and Voice Call is communal as an acknowledgement
  • Short URL assimilation in SMS and Email to add Image, Audio and Video dynamically
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At times customer gets confused by call disconnect as per the logic Missed Call Service. Hence, we provide a competency in the form of a short message which will be publicized as soon as Call gets connected saying that ‘Thanks for calling, our agent will get in touch with you shortly’. Even after short message, if customer wanted to send an acknowledgement, it can be sent either via SMS or Voice Call. By enabling this possibility, Lead generation becomes easy and prominent at low cost.

  • Missed Call Alert - Announcement helps to give a clarity of Missed Call disconnection
  • Toll-free – Toll-free incoming call cost is expensive. Announcement service is useful as same as Toll-free to reduce the costing
  • Existing Toll-free numbers are convertible in accordance with Customer

Missed Call Agent

In current scenario, the origin of technological innovations have tremendously increased especially in Telecom industry. Typically, to avail the Toll-free service was difficult in olden days as there was no advancement of the features for the customization as needed for the businesses. By the disconnect of Missed call alert that lands on Virtual Number, auto call gets initiated with the support of SMART IVR inevitably. This provision is used to reduce the Call waiting time especially in Toll-free services. As this facility holds a special room for its proficient lead generation process, Office24by7 has designed an economical solution to minimize the incoming call charges for the businesses. Office24by7 provides Toll-free, Mobile and Landline numbers for availing Missed Call and Call-Back services.

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