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Number Selection

In general, every business requires a phone number for communication point of view to interact with customers. The number is a Virtual Number which can be of any format like Mobile Number, Land Line Number or a Toll-free Number.

Smart IVR gives flexibility to switch the services with several possibilities like IVR, Missed Call and Call Forwarding to that particular selected number. Once after instant number activation, Smart IVR plays the designed roles offering instant transformation of services based on the company’s product and service enhancement.

Different businesses have different requirements and preferences and perfect Number Selection is a tedious process while getting it from operator or a service provider and does not result in a customized manner. To avoid all such inconveniences, Smart IVR offers flexibility to choose number that suits your company’s requirements and activates instantly saving valuable time rendering maximum opportunities to foresee operations of number of branches and to track and analyze work flows with the single number.

It offers flexibility to port company’s existing service numbers that have been in promotion as this makes customer experience memorable as the customers has been used to that number and availing Inbound call services for that number would make the business to progress in a better way in achieving the business goals.

We provide Virtual Number for our clients On Cloud or In host services accordingly on high priority have basis while moving from Cloud to On-Premise or vice versa.


Virtual Number

A Virtual Number is a regular telephonic number that hosted to a hardware and kept forwarding to either to API line or any other number usage. Such number can be a Land line, Mobile Number or a Toll-free number and forwarding would be done to either on PRI line or any other number. This Virtual Number is designed to forward incoming calls to the pre-set number at any time. Customer can monitor all business incoming calls, assign roles to agents, track department wise details, and analyze call data and reports efficiently through the Dashboard given.

Office 24by7 offers a Virtual number with all standard additional features where in a company can use it for Missed call service, call recording, to install IVRS, to set programmable extensions, queue management, to set queue count message and call forwarding etc.

Local Numbers

The local number is a simple land line number prefixed with the local STD. It is highly used for local identification purpose and to esteem a personal touch with local customers. A single Land line Number can be used to manage both In-bound and Out bound call flow which is not possible through other numbers like Mobile Number or Toll free number.

Office 24by7 offers flexibility in choosing a Local Land line number in all major cities of pan India to give a personal touch to your business and to retain local customers comfortably with their native presence.

Mobile Numbers

A Virtual Number can be a 10 digit Mobile Number which can promote the business needs to a greater extent. The major advantage of using a Mobile Number is that it never gets unnoticed as it does not specify location to that of a Land line number, creating a local identity but specifically allows only incoming calls.

Tollfree Numbers

Virtual Number can be a Toll-free Number, 12 digit numeric format which is well known in the market for a number of services in rendering the best telecom experience for the customers becoming a ground breaking digital experience from the customer’s standpoint.

Toll-free numbers are being adopted by businesses to benefit their customers by avoiding call charges and are borne by the company. This is the reason why the call flow from the customer is high. Toll-free charges are nominal and less in Office 24by7 comparatively with any other solutions.

Call Forwarding

Smart IVR designed by Office24by7 to receive and to manage inbound calls. All the incoming calls can be routed from any number such as Landline, Mobile and Toll-free number. The routed calls are then forwarded to the right segment to the right person through IVR integration. Call forwarding option enhances the communication between the client and the organization to optimize the client’s needs.

Missed Call

Company’s better reachability is what drives better engagement rates which in turn drives better sales and revenue rates. One such a convenient and best reachability service in the modern era is Missed Call Service, where it is not only a communication point but also used for varied purposes like opt-in, lead generation, to avail new services, App downloading, offer promotions etc. For a missed call service, a company can use a Virtual number as a marketing strategy by displaying it online and off line, to capture all potential clients without missing a prospective lead. Missed Call is the most cost effective service which works without a human intervention to meet ROI. When a call arises, it automatically cuts off after first ring and gets notified extracting all details like Call number, time and location.