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In any business, reaching out a prospect and communicating to them is important. A dialer is heart of any business to fascinate the prospects and to ensure interaction to be in compliant with legal regulations to port long term customer relationship and satisfaction.

Our dialers are designed in a way to suits your business needs and to offer your agents the right communication tools. Be it a sales team where customers need to be called for lead generation process as leads are potential opportunity to progress business, support team – where customers are greeted back when unanswered or may be a simple Voice Blast to make an announcement for targeted audiences or existing customers. You can make use of our dialers as per your company’s requirements and products. Smart Operator – A single dashboard with a complete 360 degree solution allows you to integrate with our Dialer’s API’s to address all of your business and agents needs with high redundancy and reliability.

We have three major types of Dialers to simply business requirements under one umbrella:

  • Predictive Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer is automated, smart communication tool, simplifies the process of contacting prospective customers or leads. Predictive Dialer helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of agents. It connects agents only to those calls that have been answered by the lead or customer using statically algorithms. This saves the agent’s time that is normally wasted in waiting for the call to be received, listening to busy tones, messages of disconnection, etc. The dialer predicts the time when a call will be completed by the agent and takes the next call on track populating all the relevant and required information to the agent on their screen to interact, this way the caller also doesn’t have to wait too long before an agent comes online.

  • Increases the number of prospective calls in a day.
  • Increases agent’s talk time – puts agents in contact with the most prospective leads by filtering out invalid number, DNC listed numbers and answering machine etc.
  • Minimizes the time interval between calls.
  • Ideal to generate cold calls/ lead generation process.
  • Gives unparalleled speed to call and to close leads instantly.
  • Enriches ability to get in contact with potential customers increasing likelihood of success.
  • Compliant with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations.
  • Populates relevant and standard scripts to enhance productivity and cross selling opportunities.

Progressive Dialer

The progressive Dialer makes multiple calls at a time, based on agent availability and pre-set ratio. It consumes lesser time as compared to the Predictive Dialer and makes a beneficial tool for small and mid-sized contact centers with limited resources.

The framework checks agents’ calls lists multiple times and paces dialing in light of late abandonment rates and just dials when the operator gets to be distinctly accessible. Populates all required information about the call to the agent instantly boosting talk time by 300% removing wait time between calls thus improving productivity of agents.

  • Increases agents productivity by utilizing them optimally
  • Maximizes agent’s talk time
  • Minimizes agent’s time in logging for reports and details of leads by popping out relevant and required information.
  • Customizable dial plan to meet your business requirements
  • Dials only when agents are available limiting dropped calls.

Preview Dialer

The Preview Dialer works manually by displaying the next call to dial and allows the agent to prepare for the call by seeing the caller information before connecting the call. This proves very helpful for contact centers that deal with complex caller information and at the same time agents can know the next call in the list and flexible to skip the call in the list and to move on with another call or to make call, once the agent is confident on gaining knowledge about the customer and expected requirements, he can use the click-to-call option to dial out to the customer.

The Preview Dialer makes power customer engagement and builds their trust towards the company. This is ideal for complex sales team calls where a bit of gaining knowledge about the customer is highly essential to increase the likelihood of success ratio.

The system also skips presenting those customers who are on the company’s Do-not-call list, hence saving time and efforts of the agents

This is an automatic dialing process for the agents to control manually and gather customer information before making a call to close the lead effectively. It helps agents to prioritize calls and dial accordingly.

  • Allows a logical order of calling from a dialing list
  • The agent can preview the next call, gain knowledge and interact or skip and move on to the next contact in the list.
  • Automatically pools out customer information based on the past conversation history prior dialing the number.
  • Agent can control dialing process manually.