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Create landing pages from the readily available templates best suited to your industry and convert every visitor into a lead with the landing page software. Add a variety of buttons, icons and images with the drag and drop to make your landing pages powerful to create a lasting impression about your brand. Landing page creator saves you from writing any HTML codes. Easily create a landing page and integrate it to your website.

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Create landing pages easily with

Landing Page Builder

Choose a template of your choice, a template that best suits your product, service or the message from the landing page software. Select from amongst many available and edit, customize the landing page as required. Make a responsive page to catch hold of the user’s attention and to smoothly convert the visitors into leads with landing page creator. The templates are smartphone responsive and cater to the mobile phone market as well.

Create responsive pages with landing page builder
Add buttons easily with landing page creator
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Easily add buttons, social media icons to pages

Landing pages can be made more attractive with a variety of brand information. Landing page creator makes it easy to add multiple buttons, icons and images wherever required in the landing page design to ensure the message gets across as you wanted. Alongside, social media icons, call to action buttons can be added and linked easily with the drag and drop option right away.

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Get codes automatically with

landing page creator

As you create the landing page from the landing page software and add buttons for the landing pages, the codes are automatically get written saving you from creating long HTML codes. The codes are ready the moment you create the page of your own from the landing page creator. Just integrate the page in your website with a unique URL, your landing page ready.

Get codes automatically with landing page creator
create signup form
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Customize the sign-up forms to get required details

Whether it is visitor name, phone number, company name or email id, customize your forms by selecting the customer information you wish to track from the landing page creator. To understand the level of interest of your customer, integrate the OTP authentication. Bring the focus of your page on the registration form with intelligent design. With the right positioning and correct color choices enthuse your visitors toward sales.

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Entice the visitors to click with correct pop-up

Responsive landing page builder helps to convert the prospects into leads with additional features and always keeps you ahead of others in pushing the visitor towards conversion with the edgy strategy. Make use the landing page to the maximum effect, show ads at different parts of the page and entice the visitors to click. The additional pop-ups enable you to pursue the lead with accurate sales pitches.

 Entice visitors to click with correct pop-up
Measure ROI of page with A/B testing
landing pages a/b testing
Measure campaign efficacy, ROI with A/B testing

Take advantage of A/B Testing to measure the effectiveness of pages with different CTA or content. Responsive landing page builder helps to find out the better performing campaign in advance. Compare between two landing pages to get deeper insights into how your customers prefer to interact with you online. Improvise the pages, ads based on the insights and improve the tracking of ROI for better campaign strategies.

Empower your team with real-time lead data

Provide your team with all the required tools to be ahead of others in generating the leads effortlessly. Landing page creator empowers your team with real-time data of online visitors. Integrate tools for reports of previous interaction on your page and ease the agent’s job to keep a track of visitors. Enhance your page to the optimum to ensure higher conversions.

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