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Classify leads
according to buyer's
journey stages.

Assign responsibility as per priority. Manage, track and nurture leads. Intelligently design action plan and close more deals with same team and lesser effort.

Differentiate types of leads

Create separate lists of leads according to priority to target intelligently. Prepare s strategy for customers who approach you after office hours, doesn't respond or replies after certain time.

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multiple tasks

Manage multiple tasks

Provide your team with a single panel for every lead to send SMS, email and any other activity.

Customized distribution of Leads

Identify leads according to place, service, priority, and direct it to the team specializing in dealing with such customers. With our intelligent CRM decide to whom a lead should go if you suddenly receive multiple calls at a time.

customized distribution of leads
set reminders to engage

Set reminders to engage

Intimate your agents with a notification about a scheduled meeting, call or any important appointment with customers. Never miss an opportunity to send the right message.

Simplify, automate, and manage your customer, service, and internal communication processes from one solution suite.
track every interaction

Track every interaction

Register every time your agent communicated with customers. Whether it's an email, SMS or voice call, you can check the entire history of how the customer perceived your company. Finally you can get deep customer insights of patterns of behavior.

Allot score to prioritize leads

Give scores to leads depending on the source, location, action and verification stage to decide the importance. After adding up a all the points the final score will reflect the amount of attention it deserves to get converted.

allot score
create contacts

Create contacts to manage better

With help of separate lists of agents according to type of job, location, and priority, send information only relevant to them. Minimize your efforts and maximize results.

Remind your team on time

Help your team members reach your customers at the right time with prior notification. From sending anniversary messages to closing deals equip your team with the right tool.

remind your team


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