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Swiftly convert and be the leaders with the

Sales Tracking Software

Assign the leads on priority, to the right teams and close the sales quickly. Intelligently design action plans to improve sales velocity. Close more deals with the same team and lesser effort. Sales Automation, the new class of sales CRM, makes you the business leaders with a swift conversion of leads into customers.

Classify the leads with intelligent

Sales CRM

Cleverly identify the latest leads and where they have come from. Follow up the lead in real-time with the smart lead distribution, where the agent status is readily known and distribution takes place on availability. Classify leads into groups based on similarities and convert the groups easily. Sales management software ensure high conversion rates.

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SMS, Email and Voice integrated Sales CRM Software

Multi-channel communications to reach quickly

Equip your team with a variety of means to reach out to and engage the lead without any delay to capture the mood of the buyer. The SMS, Email and Voice integrated Sales CRM Software allows your team to reduce the response time in engaging the customer. Multi-channel communication also enables you to deliver a personalized message.

Custom distribute to convert with the Sales Automation

Automate the distribution of leads to the right teams to save time, energy and to convert easily. Customize the distribution of leads based on place, service, priority, and direct it to the team specializing in dealing with such customers. With our intelligent sales automation tools, decide who should get a lead if you suddenly receive multiple calls at a time.

customized distribution of leads
Sales CRM with Hierarchy level monitoring

Hierarchy-wise performance monitoring

Sales CRM provides for a Hierarchy level monitoring, where the activities of sub-ordinates can be monitored by Mangers and CXOs. Group and individual communication is allowed with in the hierarchy level to alert about meetings and targets, etc. It helps greatly to do the re-allocation of leads to the subsequent step to be taken, so as to reduce the sales cycle.

Simplify, automate, and manage your customer, service, and internal communication processes from one solution suite.

Track complete interaction history easily

Track complete interaction of your agent with the customers. Whether it's an email, SMS or voice call, you can track the entire history and see how the customer perceives your company. It not only helps you to get deep insights into patterns of behavior of the customer, but also enable you to track the performance of the agents.

Track complete interaction of agent with customers
Grade and identify hot leads

Lead scores to determine the ‘hot leads’

Grade all the leads and identify the hot leads. Get auto score on the pre-determined criteria to choose the leads on the last lap of the sales cycle. The basis for the lead scores can be the source, location, and verification. You can decide the scores and parameters on your own to identify the hot leads according to you. Based on the score, you can decide the action plan to convert with sales automation.

Contacts book for initiating a call with a click

The smart contact not only allows you to contact the leads from a single dashboard but also help to monitor entire interaction history. It is easy to address customer concerns based on the previous interaction. Even the scheduled meetings and calls details can be seen and a call can be initiated effortlessly from the same dashboard with a click.

Smart contact to contact the leads
 Smart calendar

Smart calendar for ably and expertly organized

Notify your agents with the prior notifications about the impending scheduled meetings, calls with the alerts in the smart calendar. The intelligent calendar of sales tracking software enables your agent to be better organized and close more deals. Calendar also keeps a track of all the special days like birthday, wedding anniversary, etc. to send personalized messages with a drop of the hat.


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