sales and marketing automation app
Run your field sales operations live, on the move and from anywhere with the

Mobile CRM

Perform all the sales operations on the go with the mobile CRM, the Smart App.The clever and user-friendly app allows you to know and plan the day’s activity, track the entire organizational operation on the mobile. You can schedule meetings, track your team’s performance, location and alert the team about the actions to be taken easily. Also, you can reach your customers and send important messages. Smart App has everything to give power to your field team and monitor on the operations on the move.

call tracking
Record calls and plan better with

mobile sales software

Track and record every incoming and outgoing call to measure the customer engagement level and to plan the best action to be taken to convert next. Monitor your team interaction with the customers and alert them about the best means to convert easily. Measure your team’s performance, effectiveness and accordingly create strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

sales call tracking
sales automation
sales automation tool
Empower your sales team with most advanced tools

Empower every member of your sales team with our SMART Tools. Enable your team with lead behaviour, response and scores to reach the leads on time and close the sales. Provide your team with different means of communications like mail, message and calls to reach out to the leads. Turn your team into a ‘smart force’ with the clever mobile CRM.

leads management tool
Real-time, accurate lead details for easy conversion

Equip your agents with the correct status of every lead to take appropriate action. The smart App allows your agents to check lead stage, status, priority and accordingly schedule a meeting, make a call or send emails to take the lead conversion to next logical step. Inform about the lead status change real-time to agents to organize better.

geo track
geo tracking
Track your field sales team with

mobile sales CRM

Take the field sales executive tracking to a new level with the geo-tracking feature of Smart App. The smart app allows you real-time location tracking of field sales team and helps the managers to see the exact location of agents on the field and guide them about the leads to be attended. It essentially allows to reach out to the hot leads in no time and reduce sales cycle.

marketing automation tool
Draw intelligent and informed marketing strategies

Always stay ahead of others when it comes to formulating better informed marketing strategies. Get real time information about the leads from different sources like email, SMS, voice or outdoor activities. Process, analyze the leads, measure the quality and prioritize the leads on verge of buying. Track the ROI of all sources, analyzing the performance and plan marketing accordingly.

marketing software
ticketing software
Better support for improved customer satisfaction

Resolve the customer issues earliest possible with the right mechanism. Avoid any delay in generating tickets for customer’s issues by instantly registering complaints. Keep your customer updated by sending messages about the stage of solving the process. Gain trust by including transparency at every step.

chat tool
Engage timely from anywhere for better relations

Forge better and lasting relationship with the customers by reaching out on time. Stay in touch with your customers using minimal resources. Allow your team members to chat with clients from anywhere and anytime. Easy and quick communication will improve the performance of your team.

chat box
calender mobile applications
calender applications
Alerts and reminders for timely customer information

Set notifications, reminders of important dates using the calendar and never miss an opportunity to impress your customers. Allow your team to stay in touch with your customers at the right time, in right manner and increase brand loyalty.