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Smart OTP

Ring-fence customer transactions with secure, multi-platform authentications

SMART OTP Box is being designed with advanced features. A One Time Password (OTP) which automatically generated password for an authentication of the transaction. Generally, OTP will be created as a thread of characters in Numeric or Alphanumeric. OTP authentication is unique and different for every transaction which gets expired in few minutes. An OTP is highly secured and brought to a registered phone number or email.

Office24by7 intent of introducing OTP Box is to provide the authentication without any fail. The OTP pin is generated by our platform and can be communicated in four ways as stated below.

Over a period, finding lot of issues in case of OTP pin delivery and security as companies opt SMS, Email and IVR solutions from different vendors which does not bring together for smooth transactions and address the need of the hour. Hence, Office24by7 provides single level API to integrate these four services for OTP conveyance.

smart ivr


The best and beautiful solution for OTP delivery. Implementing SMS gateway of STRIKER for OTP delivery is very expedient as we provide maximum TPS which avoids the failure of OTP delivery. Existence of multiple Operator connectivity and various redundant gateway servers in different locations provides no down time to the customer. STRIKER is the best service provider with 96% SMS delivery accuracy.

smart ivr


Encrypting Email services for OTP delivery is an another alternative to prevent the failure of OTP delivery. All that is needed is Internet to access the email. Office24by7 provides 99% accurateness in case of email. Respective OTP is delivered in to the registered email box.

smart ivr

Inbound IVR

OTP is sent through voice call along with SMS and Email. Inbound IVR is serviceable as determined by the customer. OTP is authenticated through voice response for which we need no internet. At times, we may face issues even in getting SMS, but voice IVR is the way to know the authentication pin without fail. For which we provide dedicated Virtual No. to receive number of calls in same time. Thus, a call lands on registered phone number to announce the particular OTP pin.

smart ivr

Outbound IVR

Verily, Outbound IVR works in an unique manner. If above all the three options fails to send an OTP password, then this mechanism helps to hold the pin. A number will be displayed in the respective dashboard for outbound dialling purpose. As soon as the number is dialled from the registered number, respective OTP will be announced over the phone then and there to access.

Smart OTP Flow



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