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smart ivr

SMART IVR is a Virtual Call/Contact Center which establishes and automates the communication on Cloud. Basically, SMART IVR is an incoming call management system that ensures all the customer calls are routed through SMART IVR to the right department very efficiently. Above all, it reduces human intervention and increases the branding. Typically, Virtual Call/Contact Center works based on IVR and Auto Call Distribution (ACD) enabling call forwarding option to the specific department. The furnished API suites of Office24by7 enables simple and instant integration of third party tools.

  • Office24by7 provides a simple User Interface to design single and multiple call flow.
  • Instigated beautiful features to route the calls as per customer preference which in turn call shall routed to the right department.
  • Facilitated to create groups as per existing and new client database.
  • Highly noticeable and measurable of Agent’s performance in 360-degree angle round the clock.
  • Reports and Analytics are extractable hourly wise, day wise, weekly wise and monthly wise.
  • Post Call Survey is very simple to trail in SMART IVR either through SMS, Voice or Email.
  • Office24by7 offers Secured and furnished API’s which is useful to integrate any third-party tools.
  • Office24by7 provides high redundancy with multiple server’s placements.
  • State wise Local numbers are obtainable
  • Customized configuration panel is accessible.


Number Selection

  • Virtual Number
    • Landline Number
    • Mobile Number
    • Toll-free Number


  • Welcome IVRS
  • Time Based IVRS
  • Caller Based Activities
  • Multilevel IVRS
  • Programmable Extensions
  • Voicemail Integrations
  • Audio Store

Call Routing

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Time / Day based Routing
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Priority Routing
  • Sticky Agent
  • Queue / Duration / Count Message

Post Call Survey

  • SMS based Feedback
  • IVR based Feedback
  • Short URL based Feedback
  • Missed Call based Feedback
  • Voicemail Integration
  • Re-Campaign/Event

Reports & Analytics

  • Real time Report
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Call Status Report
  • Geographical Report
  • Hour wise calls analysis
  • Month wise calls analysis
  • Agent wise calls analysis
  • Location wise calls analysis
  • Custom Reports


  • Agent Performance Feedback (Hourly | Weekly | Monthly | Custom)
  • Agent to Agent comparision Notification (Hourly | Weekly | Monthly | Custom)
  • Call Summary Notification (Hourly | Weekly | Monthly | Custom)
  • Payment Notification
  • Service Notification
  • Renewal Notification
  • Campaign Based Notification

Work Flow



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