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Automate all the inbound calls and route to specific departments effortlessly with
Smart IVR

Establish a robust IVR with a Virtual Number and streamline the entire inbound business communications. Segregate and route calls to specific departments with the help of DTMF inputs and optimize communication efficiency. Multi-level IVR provides a personalized experience to customers when they reach you on the business number. Create your own call flow as needed without the support of a technical team. Ensure best customer service is delivered to all your customers with the Call Recordings and Post Call Survey features of IVR Software.

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One number for all inbound calls with

IVR System

Use one number for all your business communication and provide hassle-free access to your customers with the IVR Number. The number can be Landline, Mobile or Toll-free, chose one and organize all the incoming calls efficiently. Attend multiple calls simultaneously and redirect the calls to the right department conveniently. IVR Service provider enables you to direct all your calls to the number of your choice with IVR Software irrespective of where you are.

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Guide customers with the

IVR telephony system

IVR is a customizable interactive voice response system that creates welcome messages or personalized greetings with the help of TTS or by mobile recording directly from the panel itself. Based upon the chosen inputs like time, skill, language and agent availability, the IVR system route calls to the right person or department as per the choice. It automates the incoming calls to the respective department and records the calls for easy tracking and to further analyzing. IVR system is an easy way to guide customer calls to the right destination.

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Custom design the call flow as required

Devise a call flow system of your choice as easy as it could get. Customize the call flow comfortably with the drag and drop feature. IVR Number provides for efficient handling of all the inbound calls with a custom designed call flow for a smooth and hassle-free experience to the customers. IVR system helps to build customer relationships that last longer and turn every association into a valued relation to race ahead of the competition.

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Best customer engagement with

IVR solutions

Create as many departments as you want and smoothly organize the call flow with IVR Software. Add multiple departments and map multiple users to receive concurrent calls and provide seamless interaction experience to customers.Top IVR service providers Office24by7 ensure a pleasant experience to everyone who’s trying to reach you and build a brand image. Make most of the innovative features to organize call flow and enjoy cost benefits.

Automate the call routing and never miss a call

Modernize the call routing to greater accuracy and to reduce the waiting time. Automatically route calls based on location, date and time. If the agents are not available or unable to take calls, IVR Software directs the calls to the next available agent. While leaving the desk, the calls can be directed to mobile numbers so as to not to miss a call ever. Personalize the entire customer experience to win the customers loyalty and patronage for long.

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ivr call routing

Monitor and evaluate the agent performance regularly

Monitor the call records and agent performance easily with the comprehensive and insightful analytics. All the incoming calls, call duration and employee performance can be clearly perceived with the help of clear reports. Measure daily, weekly, monthly performance with the analytics as needed and create a strategy with the team for improving overall performance of team and the business.