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Smart Number

Smart Number or Virtual Number is a cloud-based number where you can direct all your incoming calls and manage easily. It can be a Landline, Mobile Number, or a Toll-Free Number as per your choice. Virtual number service makes it easy for customers to reach you wherever they are and allows you to manage your incoming calls better with the call routing, diverting and forwarding features. Simply, virtual number solution is a one-stop solutions to manage your communications better.

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Never miss a business call with a

Virtual Number

Streamline entire incoming calls operations with a virtual number service to the best effect. Route the calls to the right department with a pre-defined flow and make it easy for customers to connect to the right team. Also, virtual number solutions provide for forwarding calls to any individual mobile, landline, or Toll-free number, PRI line without any difficulty. Never leave a call unattended for any reason with the virtual number service.

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Monitor campaign and analyze leads cleverly

Virtual number service best helps to monitor a campaign performance across the channels, including the online, print and outdoor channels. Give a virtual number in a campaign and monitor all the leads from the campaign. Accordingly, measure the quality and nurture every lead with virtual number solutions as well. You can compare and know the effectiveness of different campaigns.

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Engage your visitors with a

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Make it a pleasant experience for your customer to dial and reach you in a flash with the virtual number. Integrate click-to-call feature to your number on your website and let visitors on the web, or mobile click on the number and start dialing. You can route calls to specific departments and create a better calling experience for customers with the virtual number service.

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Be reachable to everyone and attend calls on time

Virtual number provider ensures no call goes unattended ever with the call forwarding option. Forward the calls to personal numbers or any other agents as desired so as not to miss a call with virtual number service. Calls can be forwarded to the mobile numbers when away from the desk, also to the next available agent when one agent is busy or not available. Attend every call and never miss a deadline when it comes to meeting goals.

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Get comprehensive reports and analytics

Get a detailed report about the entire call operations and the analytics to monitor the agent’s performance over the virtual number solutions. Virtual number allows to record the calls, track the call history, get details of call duration, location and campaign information with a click to monitor the calls. Know the better performing campaigns and a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Improve the performance of your agents based on the report.

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