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Deploy sophisticated, virtual calling paradigms to rapidly expand customer base

SMART Number is one of the services of our smart family of Office24by7. SMART Number is nothing but a Virtual Number. Virtual Number is a regular telephone number, exploited for call-forwarding. It creates an ability to stay connected with customers and business associates round the clock. Office24by7 is a best Virtual number provider in India. Virtual Number is either in the format of Land-line, Mobile or Toll-free number like any other Virtual Number providers. SMART Number is useful as specified as below methods.

Why we call this as SMART Number because, one can swap the services from one service to another service in the same live dashboard instantaneously. Office24by7 delivers two different type of services which are thought-out based on the market need deliberately.

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Call Forwarding

Office24by7’s Virtual Number has a facility to persist the Call Forwarding as desired to pre-set telephone number from any formatted number or even to PRI line. Prominently, Landline, Mobile and Toll-free formatted numbers are feasible for incoming call management system. For outgoing, only Landline number is suitable. Commonly, call forwarding is done to any individual number, Mobile number, Landline Number, Toll-free number and PRI line without any hassle.

Local Number

The local number is a local landline number that can be provided to the customers which in turn exposes the local identity as the number is prefixed with the local STD code. Office24by7 is the expedient Virtual Number Provider in marking a local presence for the business with a Landline Virtual Number.

Mobile Number

This virtual number appears as a mobile number that is provided to the customers for maximizing the customer reach. Office24by7 is the mobile Virtual Number Provider scaling a national presence with a Mobile Virtual Number for the businesses.

Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers are a facility that companies provide to their customers. The cost of calls on these numbers is borne by the company. Toll-free number is 12 digit which is not a landline or mobile number. Once the call gets initiated on a toll-free number, it connects with an agent of the company or with an IVRS menu either. Office24by7 is a pre-eminent Virtual Number Provider enhancing national proximity for the businesses with a Toll Free Virtual Number.

Office24by7 facilitates call forwarding option with-in the circle as mentioned below.

  • Call gets forwarded to the PRI line which is set-up in customer premises from Virtual Number
  • Call Forwarding can also enable on cloud from the PRI line of Office24by7.
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Generally, tracking the leads which are generated through voice services is really hard-hitting task. But Office24by7 made it convenient and possible through SMART Number and it is the best way to monitor and capture the ROI of market strategies intended towards customer engagement. The notion of ROI is really advantageous for Print, Social, Electric and Outdoor media’s. Office24by7 is flexible and best Virtual Number Provider to make available the Virtual Numbers for publication in the website or in the market that provides all the data of calls received and records and number masking details. Virtual Number receives the reply as well. Computing ROI becomes crystal clear with these features.

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