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Office24by7 service includes both a single level and multi-level Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS). The IVRS is performance driven, automated self-service segment, involving an agent less significantly with the help of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-frequency Signaling) tone. This system reduces human intervention and resources. You can customize IVR menu according to company’s requirements and helps to connect right person and the right Department.


Welcome Message

  • Greets the caller – you can design and set a message that suits your requirements and as per your convenience.
  • Improves company’s brand value – Showcasing all products and services
  • Flexible option to change the voice message as and when required
  • Eliminates error scope by being uniformity in interaction process.
  • Maintains quality of service as it is fully automated and rely on technical features.
  • Efficiently improves call completion rates
  • Enhances effective segmentation, cost effective and of-sure customer satisfaction.

Scheduling or Time Based

Schedule IVRS and its messages according to the requirements and time based activities. Update different menu as and when required in accordance with the services and products offered within the specified time scale.

For instance: If the caller calls during office hours, the IVRS routes him to different menus and destined him to the right segment. When the caller initiates a call during non-office hours, the menu may be designed to request him to call later or leave a voice message or the call can be transferred to the desired extension or assigned to a specific number for an interaction.

Caller Based Activities

This is a differentiated call activity where in, the IVRS differentiates the caller to be an existing caller or a prospective. Based on this, IVRS expedites the caller with different steps.

  • In case of new caller, the IVRS plays the multi-level messages and rushes him through different steps to land him to the right destination.
  • In case of existing caller, the IVRS skips the preliminary steps and takes him directly to the relevant menu.

Multilevel IVRS

A start-up company with large group activities or a Multilevel Company with multiple products and services can adopt Multi level IVRS for their convenience with an automated menu and an automatic centralized versatile routing system for multiple destinations to serve customers without human intervention. This process saves time for the company and callers.

Programmable Extensions

With just a press, the call can be connected to the desired and preprogrammed extension in fewer seconds. All that the caller is to do, is to press the desired extension after listening the instructions. If the caller does not know the extension or if there is no response from the extension, the call will be routed to the main menu or to an operator.

Voicemail Integrations

Voicemail Integrations are centralized integrated feature where businesses can record, store and retrieve audio messages of the customers. This flexible and powerful integrated feature allows customers to record their message when the agent is unavailable or during non-working hours that gets stored and retrieved later for right resolutions. This system is highly reliable for the businesses to keep external and internal flow of communication seamlessly and efficiently.

Office24by7 offers flexibility to integrate Voicemail feature to that of programmable extensions, so when a call arises and when the line is busy or ringing or unanswered, the callers listens to the company’s customized message like instructing the caller to leave a voice message or call transferred to another extension. Voicemail integrations also provide notifications to the agent informing the new voicemail to resolve.

Audio Store

Smart IVR allows personalized greetings or prerecorded custom messages to add personal touch to customers via IVRS or you can enjoy the flexibility of live recording your messages from any location on the spot just by receiving a call. The Audio Store is the best set feature to give your customers to have a business’s instant amazing first impression.