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Get a fresh perspective on customer relationships with the help of CRM services in India.

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Redefining The Customer Relations Ethos of Your Company

The new-age Office24by7 CRM services in India help you to evolve your business in new directions.

Small Businesses

Automate unique tasks that take up most of your productive time and focus on the income-generating bits. Save time and energy for the growth of your business. Use the best-in-class CRM services in India from tech-powered sales automation solutions.

If your businesses have long or complex sales cycles, invest in robust CRM software and efficiently track ongoing customer interactions and detailed customer records.

Grow Startups

Growing a startup is as exciting as it is tiring. Run high-voltage sales and marketing ops across your targets and effectively manage them all using the best CRM services in India.

You can now automate marketing messages and send them via your customers’ most used channels. Employ call-to-action voice broadcasting from celebrities and public figures to increase engagement.

Leverage User Feedback

Streamline the process of gathering user feedback. Use an easy-to-fill form and templates for surveys. With the help of top CRM services in India, transform your feedback-gathering system.

Conduct personalized one-on-one surveys right after calls to gauge customer satisfaction with support or sales reps. Need broader insights? Launch targeted surveys to understand consumer opinions and identify new product opportunities. This single, user-friendly IVR platform empowers you to gather valuable feedback in a flash, no matter the scale or purpose.

Transition to CRM

We’ve equipped it with powerful sales automation tools, so your team can hit the ground running. These tools streamline workflows, automate tedious tasks, and provide valuable insights – everything you need to drive success.

You can now send account-related alerts to your customers. Log-in notifications and account access information can be sent to customers as alerts or in real time. Send card transaction alerts to identify fraudulent payments.

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Boost Your Sales Efforts by Automating with CRM Services in India

Boost engagement and simplify outreach with CRM services for nurturing strong prospect relationships.

CRM Suite use case

Lead Capturing

You can now automatically capture leads from form submissions on your website, incoming emails, inbound calls, etc, easily by using a virtual number. You can upload lead details individually as well as in bulk and make bulk action on existing leads. Office24by7 provides API integrations for CRM services in India with trusted third parties.

Data Deduplication

It is a common case to find duplicates of the same lead whether they are done manually or automatically captured. Office24by7 CRM services in India provides not just data integration from different sources but also a validation system that flags duplicate leads and opportunities as they bypass through. Using our software you can eliminate confusion or loss of productive time and remove the risk of duplicates by automatically detecting them and merging them.

Assign/Transfer Leads

As soon as leads enter your sales process, you need them to be assigned and tracked to efficiently convert them and retain them forever. This is best done with the use of a CRM services in India. From developing new relations with fresh leads to cultivating them through the latter states in engagement, you can assign and transfer leads to your team members through each stage for efficient management.

Lead Prioritization

You can now automate the process of identifying your right leads and assign a predefined customer score based on their source. CRM services in India help you set lead scores as well as grade, prioritize, and identify hot leads. Based on this you can decide your action plans for nurturing and retargeting effectively.

Robust Integrations

Office24by7 CRM services in India integrate with your incoming and outgoing email servers. This helps to send emails to contacts and leads directly from the CRM. You can use these integrations to communicate via email, SMS, and click-to-call. The agent CTI as a plugin allows a two-way calling feature. It also allows agents to easily transfer calls inside the organization.

Call Recording

With the help of CRM services in India, you can record all incoming and outgoing call interactions. Using this, managers and CXOs can monitor team interaction with customers for quality and performance improvements. You can measure customer engagement levels and team performance to calculate the overall vitals of your services.

Mobile CRM

The Office24by7 CRM services in India are also available in mobile versions. A Mobile CRM enables you to boost productivity for your sales team. The best sales CRM software is packed with industry-best robust and secure features. Using the mobile CRM agents can work on the move as well as managers can monitor field sales activities effectively.

Task Manager

Using the mobile CRM by Office24by7, you can drive efficiency for inter-department operations within your organisation. Enable collaboration between multiple departments for breakneck efficiency across various projects. Whether it’s about getting approvals from different managers or getting two stakeholders to work together, the task manager will make everything happen!

Hierarchical Monitoring

Using the web app, decision-makers, managers and CXOs monitor team interaction with customers and alert them on the best means for easy lead conversion. With the best sales automation tools measure customer engagement level and team performance. Using this future-proof process, the projects can be easily monitored – hence boosting the overall performance and efficiency of your organization as a whole.

Features of Office24by7 CRM Services in India

Best-in-Class Sales Automation Software to help you close more deals.

Lead Distribution

Sales automation services create lead distribution rules for different divisions and periods.

Round Robin

Full-circle lead distribution mechanism to assign leads to the team with a sales automation solution.

Least Loaded

Sales automation software assigns leads to an agent who is assigned to manage the least number of leads.

Maintain Ratio

Lead distribution mechanism to distribute leads at a time to each member with sales automation services.

Streamlined Activities

Sales force automation software manages your leads better with bulk email, SMS, and voice-related activities.

Manage Escalations

Sales automation tools set up notifications when the statuses of leads do not change in specified TATs.


Sales automation services set up rules to reassign leads depending on the status of your leads.

Overdue Notification

Never fall back on your time by staying on top of the status of your leads.


With the top sales automation solutions run retargeting campaigns and nurture leads by the using geofencing feature.


The best automation tools capture leads through API integrations and assign them to relevant divisions.


The best sales automation solutions set up incoming email servers and accounts and ace your sales automation.


Sales automation CRM for business uses IMAP to set up and streamline outgoing email servers and accounts.

Lead Score

Lead scores based on email, SMS, voice engagement, stages, and priorities with the best sales automation software.


Sales automation services send emails to leads and track the lead activity with notes for each of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sales automation tool is software that will help with automating most of the sales process and aid the executives to increase their productivity.

  1. Lead scoring
  2. Sending trigger emails at regular intervals
  3. Lead nurturing
  4. Tracking the leads
  5. Track ROI and results

Sales automation will assist sales team in their selling process and eases the things for them.

Sales automation software uses AI and other digital processes to automate various monotonous works.

Sales automation will reduce a lot of monotonous tasks that sales reps have to do and ease their work.

Sales pipeline is a preset process and have all the required stages from where a customer has to pass through.

Automation is a process of making things done automatically with the help of software or any other required tools.

  1. Schedule the meetings
  2. Manage pipeline
  3. Call recording
  4. Templates and sequences

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