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Click to Call Services from Office24by7

Simplify Communication through Click to Call Service

Say goodbye to manual dialing and hello to instant and effortless connectivity via Click-to-call.

Simplify Communication through Click-to-Call

Click to Call

Click-to-call service bridges the gap between customer and organization. It enables visitors to click a button and call a virtual number from the website. Receive notification with their number and get connected to them instantaneously. Call contacts from web apps, including third-party CRMs, with a click. Allow customers and agents to connect via mobile apps.

Click to Dialer

A button on the dashboard that opens a dialer with a click. Dial a number manually and reach customers not in the database. While click-to-call service is apt for calling an available number in the database, click-to-dialer is best for reaching new numbers unavailable. Integrate dialer in third-party CRM to avoid multiple tabs or applications. Click-to-dialer ensures more customers engage in activity in an organization.

Simplify Communication through Click-to-Dialer
Simplify Communication through Agent CTI

Agent CTI

Agents make and receive calls from their computers with click-to-call and click-to-dial buttons. They get information about callers and their accounts, open cases, and call history. Send instant personalized text, voice, or email messages during or post calls. Use automated post-call surveys and feedback with click-to-call service providers. Get insights into customer needs and guide agents to provide better services with click-to-call software.

Office24by7 Click to Call Solution Features

Features that form Click-to-Call, Click-to-Dialer, and Agent CTI.


Number Selection

Virtual numbers – mobile, landline, or toll-free – for both parties when call patching. Convey a local business presence with a local number. The click-to-call solution offers real-time communication between customers and employees.


Protect the identities of both parties when call patching. Click-to-call software connects with customers and protects their privacy with number masking, which is the best way to avoid off-platform transactions.


Click to Call API Integrations

Integrate our click-to-call API into your applications and platforms, enabling one-click calling for enhanced user convenience.


Call Recordings and Call Logs

Click-to-call service includes capturing recordings of calls and logging all incoming and outgoing calls.


Call Transfer

Click-to-call solution transfers call internally via IP PBX and EPBX.


Multi-channel Communication

Allow agents to interact with customers over several communication channels through click-to-call services.


CRM Integration

The click-to-call solution allows agents to make and attend calls from CRM apps and avoid switching between systems.


Agent Performance Tracking

View agents’ activities and day’s progress in real-time with click-to-call service. Allow supervisors to listen to customer-agent interactions in real-time.


Manual (Outbound) Calling

Agents manually call contacts or dial a number not in contacts with click-to-dial service.

Use Case Scenarios

Click-to-call, Click-to-Dialer, and Agent CTI are integral to many business models.

click-to-dial buttons in delivery

Deliveries, Cab Rides, and Directories

Allow customers to reach drivers, delivery executives, vendors, and vice versa through click-to-call and click-to-dial buttons in delivery, cab ride, or directory mobile apps. Safeguard either party’s identity by masking their phone numbers with call masking.

quickly dial phone numbers of contacts in third-party CRMs


A click-to-dial CTI for CRM extension allows sales representatives to dial contacts' phone numbers in third-party CRMs quickly. Using the extension, sales representatives can identify callers (screen pops) and enter call notes in the CRM.

Call back Request

Callback Request

Allow visitors to connect with you directly from your website with the click-to-call button. Allow visitors to request a callback (schedule a call with you) or drop a message (email, phone, and query) and capture it as a lead through click-to-call services.

Order Confirmation and Delivery Rescheduling

Order Confirmation and Delivery Rescheduling

Trigger an automated call with IVR input to confirm orders by customers who choose cash-on-delivery payment mode. Save time and cost by connecting delivery executives with customers to check their availability and reschedule with the best web dialing services if needed.


Click-and-call or click-to-call is a service offered by Office24by7. This way, the call can be placed via CRM software to customers.

With a click-to-call solution, a button will be provided on the website, and once any visitor clicks on it, the call will be immediately placed.

The click-to-call solution provides an easy way to call customers via the website. A button can be added to the website; whenever a visitor clicks on it, a call will be placed to the company.

This setup is done via integration. Once you contact us at +91 7097171717,we will guide you through the setup process.

Placing a call from the browser becomes quite easy, with a click-to-call option.

The click-to-call solution is shown only in the mobile browser; hence, it is called a mobile click-to-call.

Yes, they work. The engagement rate with the click-to-call button present on the website is 200%.

Facebook offers the click-to-call option for business pages. When the call button is clicked, the call will be placed automatically.