Internal Communication

Task management software and internal communication channels to fuel collaboration and teamwork.

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Streamline Internal Communications to Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

Create a culture of workplace collaboration with task management software as its centerpiece and surrounded by different internal communication channels.

Task Management

Do away with disorganized team correspondence with the best task management software out there. Communicate goals, assign tasks, and be on the same page. Create, assign, search, and track tasks. Help stakeholders see what work was done, when, and by whom.



Deploy hosted or on-premise PBX as a cornerstone of internal and unified communications strategy. Integrate telephony with existing PBX systems and allow users to dial internal extensions directly from desktops or mobile phones using Agent CTI.


Audio Conference

Interact, collaborate, and conduct meetings with remote workers through inbound and outbound audio conference calls. Leverage our task management software to enable communication anytime, anywhere over disparate systems and devices irrespective of the availability of the Internet.

Facilitate additional collaboration with our video conferencing solutions, and manage team coordination seamlessly.


Mobile App

Expand the purview of internal communication. Enable employees on the move to converse, coordinate, and collaborate with colleagues across the organization via various communication modes such as calls, video conferencing solutions, SMS, and chat. Enjoy a whole new level of efficiency in task management through your mobile device.

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Capitalize on How Modern Teams Form and Function

Tear down rigid structures of the past and create a nimble organization by transforming how your teams message, communicate, coordinate, and conduct meetings.
Internal Communication use case

Team Messaging

Team members utilize chat apps to accelerate coordination and collaboration and schedule virtual meetings.

Team Coordination

Team members enhance work coordination through tasks. They assign tasks to each other with due dates and priorities.

Team Meetings

Team members organize and conduct virtual meetings promptly, whether one-to-one or one-to-many.

Remote Teams

Shatter the traditional notion of a workplace at a central location and enable the modern fluid office.

Best Set of Internal Communication Features

Explore the features that make us the best internal communication software.


Deploy as hosted or on-premise PBX. Or integrate with existing PBX.


Log callers, missed calls, and all calls made or received by users.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls between PBX extensions or from a PBX extension to a mobile number.

Internal Chat

Instant messaging to connect and collaborate with colleagues.


Integrate with existing email software.


Set up and create internal approval tasks.

Task Automation

Automate the process of creating, assigning, tracking, and completing tasks.

Hierarchical Monitoring

Role-based access within a three-level hierarchy: operator, manager, and CXO.

Audio Conference

Conduct inbound and outbound conference calls with or without Internet availability.

Task Assignment

Create and assign tasks to co-workers across teams.

Task Reminders

Schedule and get reminders on tasks.

Meeting Scheduler

Schedule audio conference meetings ahead of time and notify participants.

Task History

View a complete history of and progress to date on a task.


Integrate with third-party PBX and messenger apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our internal communication solution comes with a customizable suite of features that can adapt to diverse business requirements, ensuring efficient communication.

Task management tackles issues like inefficient workflows, miscommunication, and disorganized activity management, fostering effective communication.

Office24by7 integrates with existing internal communication channels via APIs or connectors, ensuring compatibility and smooth interaction with established tools and systems.

Internal communication solutions and task management software increase efficiency, reduce communication gaps, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity.

Agent call logs provide insights into call metrics, patterns, and outcomes, enabling analysis for refining strategies for internal communication solutions.

Office24by7 internal communication solution allows instant messaging between team members by integrating with collaboration tools to accelerate coordination and schedule virtual meetings.

Our internal communication solutions enable email integration to centralize communication, fostering efficient correspondence, sharing, and collaboration within a unified platform.

Task management software efficiently assigns tasks, sends reminders, and tracks progress, boosting accountability and productivity through streamlined task management.

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