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Manage activities of a project or an event at various stages, lean and agile.

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Deliver Operational Excellence with Office24by7

Manage your team’s activities, time, and efficiency through a designated activity manager.

Optimize your planning and activities with sales CRM software system

Create and Define New Activities

Optimize planning, scheduling, and organizing activities with established deadlines for timely project delivery, addressing customer queries, and enhancing sales relationships. Set priorities for efficient resource allocation, preventing oversights in new responsibilities.

Create New Custom Activity Types

Call, Email, WhatsApp, Demo, etc., are traditional activity types. But don’t get stuck with them! Easily create new activity types that fit your ever-evolving workflow requirements. Categorize and track a wide range of activities, providing a comprehensive overview of operations. 

Design custom activity types for specific tasks and get an overview of operations.
Promote collaboration with Office24by7's assignment tools and facilitate seamless operations within your team

Assign, Transfer, and Share to Promote Collaboration

Delegate tasks efficiently to yourself, team members, or colleagues across teams for timely completion. The “Assign” feature gives the assigner access to view and track the activity. For complete ownership transfer, use the “Transfer” function. Facilitate seamless sharing with colleagues from diverse divisions or teams with the “Share” feature.

Interlinked Assets Support Direct Actions

Agents can edit or execute actions on leads, deals, contacts, or accounts directly within Office24by7 Activity Management software, eliminating the need to navigate back and ensuring a seamless sales process. Strategic alignment with the customer journey enhances sales efficiency, and agents can perform bulk actions for deletion, download, or status updates.

Empower agents with direct lead, deal, contact, and account actions in Office24by7
Effortlessly schedule your appointments with Office24by7 and stay organized

Schedule Appointments and Block Calendar Slots

Configure calendar details to ensure all appointments, including demos and calls, stay organized. Allocate specific slots on your calendar for commitments, keeping both you and your team informed about scheduled activities each day. This feature is helpful teammates seeking to reserve a slot with you apart from your committed times. Calendar integrations offer agents direct access to set up virtual meetings.

Review and Asses Overdue Activities

Deadlines are immutable; they are either met or missed. Boost team productivity by promptly reviewing and addressing overdue activities. Analyze reasons like underestimated effort or communication breakdowns to prevent future issues.

Monitor and address overdue tasks with Office24by7 sales CRM software
Hierarchical activity monitoring made easy with Office24by7 sales software system

Hierarchical Activity Monitoring

Enable structured activity oversight across organizational levels, aiding managers and executives overseeing multiple teams. Offer a top-down view for efficient tracking, promoting informed decision-making on ongoing activities, campaigns, or projects.

Activity Log

Analyzing activity history uncovers patterns and identifies bottlenecks, guiding intelligent decisions. Real-time insights from live logs enable prompt optimization. Office24by7 Activity Management system adapts to different structures, enhancing productivity, tracking progress, and optimizing resource allocation. Prioritize activities to streamline workflow, reduce redundancy, and prevent project delays.

Optimize productivity with Office24by7's activity management system

Enhance Overall Team Productivity with Activity Management Software

Office24by7 Activity management solutions provide extensive control over your leads, deals, accounts, and contact activities.

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Custom Activity Type

Create custom activities based on your needs.

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Custom Activity Status

Create custom statuses to include important details of activity statuses.

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Assign Activities

Set mutual ownership of an activity by assigning it to a teammate.

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Transfer Activities

Give a colleague the ownership of an activity while removing the access from your end.

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Linked Actions

Perform actions on leads, accounts, contacts and deals directly from activities panel.

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Bulk Actions

Perform bulk actions on activities, like status updates and removal.

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Add & Save Filters

Save filters for monthly, weekly or daily activities, custom date range, or based on their events.

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Table & Calendar View

Switch between Table view for list and Calendar view to grid based viewing.

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Calendar Integration

Create and share meetings using calendar integration.

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Block Your Time

Allow agents to review and opt an available timing for your appointment.

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Create Meetings

Schedule audio conference meetings ahead of time and notify participants.

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Reminders & Notifications

Setup reminders and notifications for you and your team to be on track.

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Activity History

View the complete history and progress of all activities.

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Internal Chat

Instant messaging to connect and collaborate with colleagues.

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Hierarchical Monitoring

Role-based access within a three-level hierarchy: operator, manager, and CXO.

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Reports & Dashboards

View progress of projects or events by individually viewing the progress made till date and plan accordingly using reports.

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Mobile App

Managing tasks has never been easier with our mobile CRM solutions and other tools.

Activity Management Software to Organize Your Events and Projects

Office24by7 activity management is built to address a huge multitude of requirements.

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Software DevOps

Development teams use activity management platforms to assign tasks, track bugs, and manage code reviews, ensuring smooth project delivery. Activity management software ensures the smooth completion of software development projects.

They can plan and coordinate software releases, manage feature deployments, and track progress in real-time.

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Marketing Campaign

Managing content calendars, scheduling social media posts, and coordinating team content creation efforts can all be done in a central hub. It also helps to plan, execute, and track the performance of marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

The Marketing team can leverage the activity management software to streamline their outreach activities and ensure they do not miss a deadline.

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Human Resources

In recruitment and onboarding processes, activity management software can help manage the recruitment process by scheduling interview calls, meetings, job postings, reviewing candidate applications, and conducting onboarding processes.

With our comprehensive activity management software, HR teams can optimize their processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately, secure top talent for organizational success.

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Event Planning

Activity management tool helps manage event schedules, assign tasks to event teams, and coordinate event logistics. From crafting event schedules to swiftly assigning tasks to event teams, seamlessly coordinate every aspect of your event logistics.

With real-time updates and notifications, stay informed and in control of every aspect of your events, ensuring smooth operations and exceeding client expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Activity management involves organizing, tracking, and optimizing tasks, workflows, and processes to enhance organizational efficiency and productivity.

Activity management software enhances organization, boosts productivity, and streamlines tasks—crucial for small businesses seeking efficient operations.

Office24by7 offers customer training to ensure smooth adoption and effective utilization of the activity management software.

Businesses benefit from activity management software by streamlining tasks, improving organization, enhancing collaboration, and boosting overall productivity and efficiency.

Yes, it allows integration with existing tools, ensuring seamless workflow across various software for enhanced efficiency.

For pricing details, contact +91 70971 71717 or directly, as costs may vary based on features, user numbers, and subscription plans.

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