Ticket Management System

Leverage our multi-channel ticketing system that is easy-to-implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your needs.

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One Helpdesk for All Your Support Channels

Unify customer messages and information across channels and give your customers a better support experience.
Empower hassle-free communication between your team and customers through different channels by effectively prioritizing and assigning tickets with our ticket management system.

Ticketing Management

Streamline your communication with customers without any hassle. Office24by7 Support provides ticket management software to empower your teams to connect with the customers via various channels, be it through web or mobile, or start a conversation directly through User panel, Email, phone, API, or any other channel you want. Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets automatically and efficiently.

Automate Your Support Process

Ticket management solutions automate every step of your team’s workflows with powerful automation, allow them to perform actions depending on where they’ve contacted you from, what they’ve contacted you about, etc. As an example, tickets can be automatically prioritized and assigned to the right teams whether the customer has contacted you over email or phone and what they have written to you about.

Automate your team's workflows with the best ticket management system.
Ticketing system software automatically unifies all the data of your customer interaction and prioritizes tickets for follow-ups.

Track and Prioritize Interactions

Unify your conversations across channels, like email, voice, and messaging for faster replies. Ticketing system software tracks and prioritizes each customer interaction to make the follow-up and resolution process quicker than ever. Leverage data and insights from previous events to drive conversions. You can also auto-assign tickets to the right agents by using our auto-assignment algorithms.

Manage Your Team’s Performance

A collective pat-on-the-back is all that your team needs. Use the feedback & survey report to know how your customers feel about the quality of your support services. Ticketing system software identifies opportunities to craft better experiences using our Top Customer Analysis report. Get a bird’s eye view of how your team is performing on the key support metrics through the performance report.

Know and manage your team's performance through the key support metrics with our ticketing system.
Access and manage workloads of your team, track their performace and other issues through the customized dashboards and reports module in ticket management system.

Customized Reports and Dashboards

Go through our customized reports for getting an overview of your helpdesk’s performance, and customer happiness to assess how your team is performing. Share access with your agents and other stakeholders for achieving a well-oiled support staff with top ticketing management software. By setting up dashboards, you can assess and manage workloads and other important issues without any escalations.

Ticketing Management Done Right

Boost helpdesk productivity and improve customer experience
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SMS Templates

Leverage high-engagement SMS templates to interact with your customers by adopting ticketing management software.

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Email Templates

Ticketing system software use ready-to-use email templates and never spend time in planning responses.
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Custom Ticket Forms

Never face difficulties in managing tickets and keep it all efficient, all the time with the best ticketing system software.
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Ticket Routing

Make the ticket management system highly efficient by routing the tickets proactively.
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Ticket Distribution Rules

Leverage various ticket distribution rules for efficient ticket management software.
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Ticket Prioritization

Prioritize tickets based on a number of factors with efficiency with an automated ticketing system.
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Merging Tickets

Merge tickets as and when needed to make sure your ticketing is perfect with the best ticketing software solutions.
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Activity Log

With the best ticketing system, log all the activities for your agents and stay abreast with support.
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Real-time Notifications

Always stay on top of all your support tasks with real-time notifications with ticketing system software.
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Seamless Integrations

The best ticketing software solutions make sure your communications in multiple channels are integrated.
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Trigger growth with high-performance collaboration across various teams. with ticketing software.
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Intuitive Reporting

Top ticket management software leverages custom dashboards to access data and insights for reporting.

Make Ticketing Management Easier Than Ever!

With our pool of tools under your arsenal, you never have to worry about managing tickets and prioritizing them among your agents. With the best solution, offer the best frontline support.
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Omni-Channel Helpdesk

Start managing customer communications across multiple channels. Set up workflows and start sending them across various channels such as email, phone, messaging, and other channels based on the customer’s preference.

Scale up and deliver the best experience to your customers with the best ticketing system software. With our support solution, frontline support agents have a tool that they love.

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Mobile Ticketing System

Enable a mobile ticketing system and manage tickets on the go, without keeping your clients waiting forever. Track progress and further escalations of the issue with communication opportunities that can streamline the support process.

Whether you are at your desk or traveling always stay in touch with your client tickets to ensure timely resolution and customer satisfaction.

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IT Help Desk & Support

Leverage our bespoke ticketing system tools to serve as IT support and a reliable point of customer contact. Whether the users are within your organization or from outside, a Help Desk support software will prove very helpful in keeping things highly organized.

Quantify Ticket Participation and identify top performers. Auto-assign tickets to the right agents through intelligent auto-assignment algorithms.

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Manage Customer Complaints 

Receive, track, and resolve complaints promptly with Office24by7’s ticketing management system. Reduce incoming complaint numbers by improving customer satisfaction with the help of Office24by7 Complaint Management software.

Office24by7 Complaint Management Software lets you gather all your customer complaints into one common help desk system where you can categorize, assign, and resolve complaints with ease, without having to struggle with a cluttered inbox filled with customer emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to track and measure the team’s performance whenever required.

Yes, push notifications are sent to managers and agents as well to have an idea about the tickets raised, issues solved, etc.

You have the activity log feature available in our Office24by7 CRM. You can use that to check the performance of each of your agents, the number of calls they have attended, the duration of calls, any call activity, etc.

The pricing varies. Contact us at +91 7097171717 to get the best pricing.

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