How To Make Your Call Centre Effective And Efficient

How To Make Your Call Centre Effective And Efficient-00

To accomplish the future needs of Organizations in terms of communication automation, Contact Centers must break away from the traditional operational styles and think of new ways to operate.

To enhance business credibility, Call Center Solutions should be implemented to fulfill enterprise needs.  To enhance Communication automation, Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre software plays a major role in a positive customer experience. Continue reading “How To Make Your Call Centre Effective And Efficient”

How does a Click-to-Call works and its benefits?

How does a Click-to-Call works and its benefits

Click to Call is a web based application or digital communication tool that effectively fills the communication gap between the organizations and their customers. It serves as an instant and fundamental customer service feature.

To define simply, Click to Call is a clickable link which enables to place a call without entering numbers in a dialer.  Office24by7’s Click to Call service is called as Smart Click. This service gets integrates with any third party CRM and ERP’s through API. Smart Click can be availed in the following: Continue reading “How does a Click-to-Call works and its benefits?”

How to find out ROI with Virtual Number?

How to find out ROI with Virtual numbers

A strong marketing tactic alone can comprehend ROI. Most of the marketers are aware of as ROI is not a simple thing that can be analyzed and measured easily. With the current market trend, it is of known fact that telephone calls play a major role in bringing up sales. Though, tracking all the incoming, out-going calls data from different advertising sources is not an easy and affordable way. Emphasizing on this, Virtual Number became popular as it acts like a technology upholding high on opportunities enabling tracking and analyzing data missing not a potential lead for SME’s. Continue reading “How to find out ROI with Virtual Number?”

How to reduce the Toll-Free cost?

How to reduce the toll free cost

Toll-free number is a 12 Digit Virtual number that is exploited to receive a flood of incoming calls for the businesses. Generally, the incoming calls that are hit the Toll-free number charges are not incurred by customers but borne by the companies who opt the Toll-free service. This is the reason; flow of incoming calls on the Toll-free number is very high as it provides a free and convenient way for the customers to contact businesses. Continue reading “How to reduce the Toll-Free cost?”

What is the importance of Virtual number for a business?

What is the importance of Virtual number in business

Every customer either new or existing, reach businesses with inquiries, concerns, subscriptions etc.  proving that communication plays a key role. This is where the Virtual Number acts like an asset in filling the communication gap between the entities and customers. However, the rise of innovative technological aspects has made flexibly possible for a customer to reach business irrespective of location. With this uphold, Virtual Number gained popularity among SME’s simplifying communication process.

Virtual Number is a ten digit telephonic number without a physical existence. This is a technology that enables businesses to communicate with customers from any part of the globe. Office24by7 offers Virtual Number either in the format of Landline, Mobile and Toll-Free. Generally, incoming calls from this number are forwarded to the desired pre-set telephonic number of any format to any device.

Here is the list, enforcing the importance of office24by7’s Virtual number for businesses:

Projects a Professional Image:

Any formatted Virtual Number establishes a professional brand image incepting familiar and personalized touch. In addition to it, Office24by7 offers flexibility of assigning a single Virtual Number for varied services like Missed Call service, Call forwarding, IVRs and etc. Office24by7 uniqueness is that the businesses are feasible to swap services instantly in the same live dashboard as desired. Office24by7 offers several numbers of Virtual Numbers of any formats instantly at an affordable price that gets activated in no time.

Accessible round the clock:

Virtual Number provides a convenient and hassle free communication process by exposing an identity, maximizing customer reach. A Virtual Number offers feasibility in addressing a flood of incoming calls. This lessens the busy tones as the calls get forwarded to employee as available or pre-set destinations through an Intelligent Routing System, ACD, and Voice Mail integrations etc. With this, customers are aware that the business is reachable for an interaction at any point of time.

24by7 customer service:

A business using a Virtual Number can provide 24by7 customer support as the number lacks physical existence; it does not tie the executives to their desks. The incoming calls can be routed and forwarded to any pre-set number or mobile number of the agents to take up calls from their own device to interact at ease from anywhere, any place, and at any point in time. Commonly, Call forwarding feature is patchable as per business hours and non working hours pre-determining the destinations, missing not a single potential lead.

Data security and Scalability:

Virtual Number removes security vulnerabilities. Each and every call log or call data, call recordings, and customer information are stored on to cloud. Opting Virtual Number is done online easily. All need to do is to visit and request for activation which gets activated instantly. When a business grows, scaling is easier with the addition of Virtual Numbers, Services and required Users to the interface instantly. An organization is feasible to activate and deactivate the services as per needs.

Multi-channeled connectivity:

A virtual number permits to connect customers in a number of ways via SMS, Email with just a click. An SMS can be personalized incorporating Short URL of Audio, Video, Image, Website and etc, to provide visually appealing and meaningful information to the customers. Office24by7 offers powerful API suites enabling integrations of any third party CRM instantaneously.

Transparent Reports and Analytics:

Tracking the voice services is tough but Office24by7 made it convenient through a Virtual Number as all the call and customer details are stored on to Cloud providing the best way to monitor and track all related information in real time comprehending ROI.

With this, it is made clear that the concept of Virtual number is important for businesses as it benefits in varied vertices. Office24by7 offers flexibility to Organizations to choose Virtual Numbers of any formats as per requirements on Cloud and On-Premises. The number gets activated instantly rendering maximum opportunities to address the communication needs of all branches and departments of the Organization. A Virtual Number can track and analyze communication work flows of an Organization.  Hence, Office24by7’s Virtual Number is surely an asset to SME’s.

How to choose the best Conference Solution?

How to choose best conference solution

The Conference is a systematic calling system that connects a group of people to share information. This has gained a lot of importance in the office communication process where calls get lands for connecting instantly and work flawlessly, assisting in a discussion, bringing up-to-date activities. Office24by7 conference system comes with all advanced features differing widely with various service providers. Selecting the trustworthy service provider with all innovative features to streamline communication process at an affordable price is surely an added advantage for an organization. Continue reading “How to choose the best Conference Solution?”

How does IVR service helps to improve your business efficiency?

How does IVR service helps to improve your business efficiency

IVR – Interactive Voice Response is the prominent tool for a business for creating a brand awareness in the form a self-help tool from the customer’s standpoint. Today, the importance of IVR solution in a business has increased many folds as it provides customer engagement and customer service without a human intervention.  However, user-friendly and customized solution for handling increased call volumewith a professional touch is an added advantage.

Continue reading “How does IVR service helps to improve your business efficiency?”