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Use the source tracker code and start tracking your visitors and leads with Office24by7.
Improve your Lead tracking by monitoring website traffic and user connections.

Monitor Traffic

Start tracking all your visitors with a comprehensive dashboard to monitor your website performance based on the device used and the geographic location of your users. You can track the performance of every landing page on your site with tracking software solutions. You can export data in CSV format to create reports and communicate results on keywords and duration analysis.

PPC Tracking

Running and analyzing PPC campaigns can capture several metrics. By monitoring all your ads in one place, you can know the percentage of people who clicked on your ad. Features like average position, average CPC, etc., help assess the accurate cost of each click and conversion with the best lead tracking software. Also, measure the quality score of each lead with Office24by7.

Add improvements to your PPC with campaign strategies and bring progress to lеad tracking
Bring out the usage of campaign stratеgiеs with social mеdia lеad tracking to build great lead tracking

Social Media Tracking

With complete lead information and tracking of campaigns on social media, always stay on top of your campaigns to assess performance and garner insights into each channel used in the campaign with tracking software. For each social account, track metrics comprehensively and deduce the right conclusion in each case. Get access to rock-solid numbers and valuable insights with Office24by7.

Third-Party ERPs and CRMs

Never worry about integration with third-party ERPs and CRMs anymore once you start using Office24by7. Whether you need to assess the quality of leads generated by affiliate partners or monitor and compare the conversion rates of various sources of leads, Office24by7 source tracker helps you track every campaign within a single dashboard by adopting lead tracking software.

Reach еntеrprisе salеs succеss by tracking solutions & CRM to enhance succеss

Features to Leverage Office24by7 Source Tracker

Use our source tracker to streamline your campaigns.
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Tracking Lead History

Lead tracking solutions track your leads with forms and engaging CTAs using website cookies.

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Visitor Tracking

Track Website visitors (Known and unknown) based on the engagement level with the website analytics tools.

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Lead Tracking

Lead tracking from different traffic sources and assess the ROI effectively with Lead tracking software.

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Landing Page Builder

The best tracking tools software creates responsive landing pages for campaigns using drag-and-drop tools.

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Organic Traffic Tracking

Website visitor tracking assists in tracking metrics like click-through rates and sessions with organic keywords.

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Direct Traffic Tracking

Tracking software helps track the traffic (visitor data) where the referrer or source is unknown.

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Referral Traffic Tracking

Track traffic coming through a site other than a major search engine with the best tool-tracking software.

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Workflows to Set Lead Sources

Lead tracking software for workflows defines lead sources (e.g., Search) and specific lead sources.

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Most Viewed Pages

With the website visitor tracking tool, track and monitor your most viewed pages to optimize your conversions.

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High-Traffic Sources

Top web analytics tools discover which websites and marketing channels bring you quality traffic.

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A/B Testing

With the lead tracking software, test different versions of your landing pages with comprehensive A/B testing.

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User Journey Mapping

Tracking software solutions track your ideal customer’s actions before, during, and after the conversion.

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Customer Scoring

With the best lead-tracking solutions, define values or points for every user-generated event on your website.

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Text Drip

Incorporate SMS and messaging into your overall automated drip marketing campaigns.
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Push Drip

Send push notifications by setting triggers for certain actions by users with drip campaign software.

Using Source Tracker by Office24by7

Proactive tracking of the leads is essential to creating, launching, and running successful campaigns in today’s digital world. With Office24by7, you get the tools to do it!

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Real-time Analytics of Conversion 

Use our best-in-class source tracker to monitor all your campaigns. By keeping track of every aspect of your campaigns, you can constantly work on improving the conversion rates with tracking software solutions.

With Office24by7, you can perform real-time conversion analytics for your campaigns. From checking the performance of your landing pages to doing A/B testing on your CTAs, everything is possible with our source tracker.

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Tracking Campaign Performance

Using our source tracker tools suite, you can perform campaign performance tracking and never worry about having important things slipping through the cracks. Get regular and insightful updates on your campaigns.

Take required actions proactively by adopting the best web analytics tools.
Office24by7 empowers you to stay up-to-date with all the cutting-edge tools by your side. Start using our source tracker and get better campaign results.

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E-commerce Tracking

Ensure success in today’s fast-paced e-commerce scenario. Launch campaigns using our drag-and-drop tools with little involvement of development team. Track the performance and leads generated with the lead-tracking solutions.

With the source tracker provided by Office24by7, you get access to the best tools by your side, helping you stay focused on the more critical aspects of running an e-commerce brand.

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Boosting Return On Investment

With our source tracker, experience a significant boost in ROI from your campaigns. Lead tracking software tracks all your assets’ performance and engagement levels, like landing pages and ads. Know the aspects boosting results.

With our drip management software, you Start generating better results once you have access to our source tracker. Leverage features like journey mapping and A/B testing to succeed further with your planned campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a source tracker, users will get an idea about where the traffic has come to the website from. Which of the marketing campaigns are a success and which are not.

Companies conduct various marketing campaigns and each of these campaigns brings in different kinds of results. With source tracking, it becomes easy to understand from which source the traffic is generated for a website.

With Office24by7 CRM, you will get a small snippet that you can add at the end of your URL. This way multiple URLs will be generated and these URLs should be used on different platforms for marketing purposes. The snippets present in the URL will help in tracking these metrics.

Although all the URLs bring customers to one web page or landing page, the source is different and each of these sources can be tracked with ease.

Visitor tracking or website visitor tracking will help in knowing who is coming onto the website in real-time. You can know why they are on your website, what are their issues and pain points, and where they are in the buying cycle.

Websites use tools like Office24by7 to track the customers who are visiting the website and the pages they have visited.

You just have to integrate your website URL with our Office24by7 CRM and we will track the visitors for you. We have advanced technology in place which will help in tracking and observing the behavior patterns with ease.

With visitor tracking, it becomes easy to capture the key information and details about the website’s performance. Businesses can benefit a lot from this website tracking feature.

Integrate the website with Office24by7 CRM and it becomes quite easy to track the visitors on it.

  1. Number of visitors
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Average page views in each session
  4. Duration of the session
  5. Average time that person stayed on the page
  6. Device source
  7. The traffic source
  8. Interactions for every visit
  9. Exit pages

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