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Manage Leads Easily with the Best Lead Management Software

Using Lead Management Software by Office24by7, nurture and move the leads one stage down the funnel.
Lead management software allows you to combine data at one place from multiple tools.

Lead Management Software is Your One-Stop Solution for Lead Tracking

You can stop juggling through multiple tools for lead tracking. With Office24by7 lead management software, you can combine data from multiple tools and follow up with them right from the same place. Right from making a sales call to assigning the lead to another agent, everything can be done from one place with Office24by7 lead management CRM.

Different Lead Sources – One Lead Management CRM

No matter where you get leads, all these sources can be tracked, and leads can be bucketed accordingly with Office24by7 lead management software. You can also upload the leads directly into the sales CRM. All of these will be considered manual leads. You will know where to spend your resources and time once you know where you are getting more leads.

Track the leads that you get from multiple sources and put them in a bucket through lead management software.
Our lead management software helps you to concentrate on high-priority leads based on the score through lead score option.

Prioritize and Score Leads With Lead Management Software

You get so many leads every day, and dealing with them will become hectic after one point. Knowing which of these leads are of top priority and which can be dealt with later is important, and that is why we have given you a lead score option in our lead management software. Score the leads according to different parameters and increase your chances for leads to sales conversion in our lead management CRM.

See Lead Details in a Single Timeline using Lead Management Software

Now, you can check every detail of a lead in a single timeline. With Office24by7 lead management software, you can check all the touchpoints between a particular lead and your company. Our system integrates all touchpoints, from sales to customer service and more. With one source of record, your team will have the full context of a lead without any hassle.

Integrate all the touchpoints between the lead and your company and check them at a time through our lead management software system.
Set the rules of leads distribution through multiple parameters with our lead management system.

Distribute Leads Intelligently using Lead Management Software

Every company has its own set of lead distribution rules, and Office24by7’s lead management system is here to abide by them. You can set the rules, and we will help with the distribution process. You have multiple parameters to go by, such as the number of leads or the special attributes of your agents- products, seniority, lead location, agent performance, lead source, and many more.

Segment and Nurture Leads Using Lead Management Software

An all-in-one database makes it easy to understand and segment the leads accordingly in our lead management software. Once this segmentation is done, you can send different marketing campaigns with a click. With our hyper-targeted segmentation, you can reach out to the right leads at the right time and nurture them enough to make them your prospective customers.

Our lead management software allows you to segment the leads in one database.
Allow your agents to view, access, and make calls and thus, give scores to prioritize them with our lead management system.

The Best Action-Driven User Interface For Effective Lead Management

Office24by7 has become one of India’s best lead management providers with our extensive features. Now, you can make it easy for your agent to access, view, and make calls for the leads, later they can give them a score and add priorities to those at one click, too. With an action-driven user interface, all of this becomes relatively easy. Declutter the data and design a streamlined process for your agents with the Office24by7 interface. They can directly conduct any kind of lead action from the individual lead card.

Office24by7 Lead Management Tools to Boost Your Sales Efforts

Get a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline and manage leads effectively with our industry-best lead management CRM.

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Pipeline Reports

Know how many emails are in each stage of your sales pipeline with just a click in our lead management system.

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Email Integration

Integrate the lead management software with Gmail, Outlook, G-Suite, or Office 365. Office24by7 offers a myriad of third-party integrations.
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One Inbox

You can have one inbox for the sales, support, and marketing team for one lead. Every conversation can be viewed across the team.
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Track all the activities done by your agents along with their revenue with a click in our lead management solution.
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Social Media Marketing Leads

Capture leads from all of your social media campaigns with Office24by7 CRM.
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Schedule Meeting

Schedule the meetings with your leads on the sales CRM itself. You can integrate our lead management CRM with various virtual meeting platforms.
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Customized Dashboard

You can choose how you want your dashboard to look. Select the fields you want to show up in and get a 360-degree view of all the leads.
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Call your prospective leads with just one click with the Office24by7 Click to call feature.
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Follow-up Wisely

Assign follow-ups to your agents and nudge them if they haven’t followed up with the particular lead.
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Lead Action

Transfer, assign, or reassign the leads as per your requirement.
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Easy Upload

Capture your offline leads and upload them onto the sales CRM with just one click.
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Table View

Get an idea of all the sources with our table view feature. It is your CRM, and you have the right to customize the display settings as and how you want it to be.
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Telephony and IVR Integration

If you are already using any other third-party lead management software, integrate with Office24by7 Telephony and IVR with our API.
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Basic and Advanced Search Option

With our advanced search feature, you can quickly do a search related to your leads with just some clicks.
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Cross-sell and Upsell

Track your leads’ behavior to cross-sell and upsell the products.
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Source Analytics

Knowing where your leads are getting generated will help in knowing which of your campaigns are a success.
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Real-time Notifications

Notify the sales team whenever a lead takes an important action or moves down your sales funnel with the help of our lead management solution.

Leverage Push Notifications with the Best Lead Management CRM

Boost revenues by sending highly personalized notifications.
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Cart Abandoned Push Notifications

Cart abandonment is a big challenge that brands face. Boost your conversion rates by sending push notifications to users who abandoned their carts. Using the best push notification software features, you can ensure great timing and convert more visitors than ever.

Target abandoned cart users with push notifications strategically. Do not forget that higher open rates will directly translate to increased conversion rates for your brand.

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Price Drop Alerts for E-Commerce

There are always going to be customers who love your products and services, but they are waiting for a price drop to make the purchase. Use web push notifications to target those customers by updating any price drops, changes, discounts, or other product offerings.

By sending price alerts or price drop alerts, you can re-engage your customers and increase the total conversion rate using web push notifications.

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Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Your Products

Increase the cart value of a customer while they’re on the cart page and about to make a purchase. This is the perfect timing to up-sell your products to the customer, as they can be persuaded to move forward with the decision of making the purchase. Offer undeniable offers to persuade them.

Share images of the product with links to relevant product pages. Up-sell other offerings by offering discount codes for increasing the cart size to motivate users. Use cross-selling and assist your customers in complementing their current purchase with the best web push notification service.

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Product Review and Feedback

Product review is a vital section of every product page. This is the one section that can convince your customer to either make the purchase or abandon the purchase. This is why you should make sure to constantly remind your customers to leave product reviews.

A product with good reviews is bound to be sold out more quickly. The best website notification tool collects reviews from original buyers and makes sure to get regular reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead management software will help any business qualify the incoming leads, nurturing them after thorough analysis and helping convert those leads into sales.

The answer is no; however, lead management is an essential component of a CRM. So, you will find this lead management component no matter what CRM you opt for.

Intelligent distribution is an important feature in lead management. With this, the reporting manager can assign leads to the respective agents according to their skills, knowledge, and other parameters. You just have to set these parameters first.

There are five most important steps involved in lead management. They are lead capturing, tracking, qualification, distribution, and nurturing.

Office24by7 has the best lead tracking system that will help you know all the details about a lead, from the source to its score. You will get a 360-degree view of these details, and you can plan your next steps accordingly.

Office24by7 sales lead management software can be availed by calling us at +91 70971 71717 or mailing us at sales@office24by7.com. We will guide you through the process of our easy and scalable lead management software.

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