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Streamline organizational relationships by managing contacts within a single entity.

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Centralize and Effectively Manage Your Contacts Within a Company

Effortlessly store, organize, and manage all associated contacts within the same company or account using our centralized company database.

Link sales CRM systems to decision makers in businesses

Seamlessly Associate Multiple Contacts with a Company

Link contacts with various designations and decision-making power from the same company to the same account within the CRM system. This capability enables comprehensive relationship management by providing a centralized location to store and access all relevant contact information associated with a particular account. Easily track and manage interactions, communications, and tasks related to each contact within the context of their respective accounts.

Manage All Contacts Within a Centralized Address Book

Efficiently organize and maintain comprehensive client or customer information from the same organizational entity in a unified database, ensuring easy accessibility and streamlined account insights. Store information such as contact numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, etc. Retain organizational contact when individual staff resigns or transfers using the online contact management software. 

Streamlined online contact management software for comprehensive and organized customer/client information
Maximize decision making efficiency with sales CRM solutions

Leverage Advanced Filters for Efficient Decision-Making

Enable quick and precise company information access through advanced search and sorting functionalities, optimizing accessibility and decision-making. Use standard fields to filter accounts. Filter options are based on various attributes like contacts, companies, activities, notes, contact ownership, etc. You can also filter accounts based on search phrases to find every account related to your needed information. Sort accounts based on any criteria.

Effortlessly Approach Companies with Multi-channel Communication

Facilitate seamless account-level and contact-level interaction across various communication channels like phone calls, texts, emails, WhatsApp, etc. Allow personalized engagement and comprehensive account correspondence. Place calls to any contact within an account from the CRM platform itself. Our call center management software helps place quick calls with virtual phone numbers. Access call logs, record calls, and get insights about account interactions.

Comprehensive call center software: Access call logs, record calls, and Analytics
Drive growth across accounts with our best account management software

Drive Targeted Sales Growth with Bulk Outreach Campaigns

Design and execute efficient large-scale targeted campaigns, ensuring personalized outreach to facilitate cross-selling and upselling. Our best account management software helps you perform bulk activities on multiple contacts in the account or multiple accounts at the same time. Execute blast emails, text messages, or voice calls to many contacts simultaneously without delay. Target multiple accounts with email, SMS, and voice campaigns.

Comprehensive Account View to Empower Informed Decisions

Get a holistic perspective of client interactions, history, preferences, and engagements, providing a comprehensive overview for informed decision-making with account management solutions. Get up-to-date insights with Office24by7’s account management services. View all interactions with the account in a graphical representation. Access the history of account interaction, including notes, calls, emails, text messages, and voice messages.

Access real time insights with Office24by7's account management services
Connect or disconnect contacts from accounts with ease with our CRM software

Streamline Attaching or Detaching Contacts with Account

Easily handle contact transitions within organizations. Attach new contacts under existing accounts to streamline communication. In the event of a contact resigning, swiftly navigate to the associated account to detach them, ensuring data accuracy and organizational clarity. When a contact moves to a new company, create a new account under their new company name while preserving pertinent historical data. Manage transitions seamlessly, fostering continuity and professionalism in client interactions.

Office24by7 Company Management Features

Our company management software offers a wide range of features to track and manage contacts in the same organization.

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Primary & Secondary Contacts

Categorize contacts as primary and secondary based on decision-making authority.

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Search Filters

Utilize standard fields to filter accounts by contact name, date, activities, notes, etc.

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Multi-channel Communication

Get in touch with the account through calls, SMS, emails, or WhatsApp.

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Easily place calls to contacts in the account with a single click.

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Log & History

Track all interactions and communications with clients with a comprehensive communication history.

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Reminders and Tasks

Schedule tasks such as follow-ups, meetings, and renewals. See past and upcoming tasks.

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Attach and Detach Accounts

Easily attach or detach clients with specific account managers or teams.

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API integrations

Seamless API integrations with other tools and systems to enhance productivity.

Company Management Software for All Industries

Convenient and scalable company management solution for all B2B companies.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers

Efficiently manage your client relationships. Ensures a smooth sale of your software service by centralizing customer data, tracking leads from various marketing channels, and facilitating the conversion of leads into deals.

Effectively nurture leads, optimize sales pipelines, and ultimately close deals, contributing to business growth and revenue generation.

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Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Leveraging Office24by7 CRM’s Account Management software, marketing agencies can easily and efficiently manage their client interactions, track campaign performance, and streamline billing processes.

This enhances client satisfaction through personalized communication, data-driven marketing strategies, and timely project delivery, driving client retention and agency profitability.

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Business Consultancy Services

Organize client information, track project milestones, and manage feedback loops. Facilitate efficient resource allocation, timely communication, and customized service delivery, fostering client partnerships.

Using Office24by7’s multi-channel communication, perform bulk campaigns to upsell or cross-sell your services, ensuring a sustainable business growth.

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Human Resources and Staffing Services

With Office24by7’s Account Management, HR and staffing agencies effectively manage candidate profiles, track client requirements, and optimize recruitment processes. Easily attach and detach contacts when required.

Ensure prompt candidate placement, streamlined client engagement, and improved staffing solutions, enhancing overall service quality and client satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management is the practice of managing relationships with clients or customers within a business entity.

Efficient Account Management enhances customer satisfaction, increases revenue, and strengthens client loyalty at an organizational level.

Account Management is very important to foster long-term client relationships and maximize business opportunities.

Account Management helps nurture client relationships within the same organization, which drives sales and personalizes services or products.

Simply contact Office24by7 to employ our Sales CRM software, which already has Account Management set in place.

Features of Account Management include customer data centralization, personalized interactions, automatic contact collection, and multi-channel integration.

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