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Maximize Conversion and Increase Your Sales with Office24by7

Efficiently control the deal management process to gain higher productivity and make the best out of each deal.
Our deal management software helps you to access deals at the different stages in the dashboard.

Comprehensive View

You can check your dashboard and have a look at the deals that are present in different stages in our deal management software. The best thing about Office24by7 sales CRM is that you can also check the worth of each deal in the deal management process. You can ask your agents to focus on the more worthy deals or the ones that can be closed by taking action.

Set Sales Goals

Set your agents’ sales goals and track their progress in Office24by7’s deal management system. You can either set revenue goals or the deals. Put the right time limit and start tracking in our deal management software. The entire process is simple and easy. This will also help in knowing the successful products, growth areas you must focus on, and many more.

set sales goals
Filter easily among the deals and set priorities through deal management system.

Easy Filtering Options

With Office24by deal management system, you can easily filter the required deals and set priorities accordingly. You can categorize these deals according to their progress. The best part about our deal management CRM is that you can set up different stages and operate along with them according to your priorities.

Automate Follow-Ups

When you opt for Office24by7 deal management software, your agent doesn’t necessarily have to follow up with your deals all the time. You can set up the marketing campaigns, and emails will be triggered according to the preset time. You don’t have to spend extra time on these follow-ups when we have everything automated for you. The Office24by7 deal management system allows you to customize these follow-ups according to your requirements.

Automate follow-up with your deals through deal management software by setting up marketing campaigns.
Check the analytics and reports through sales CRM software and concentrate of the right deals.

Reports and Analytics

You can stop worrying about the lost deals and start focusing on the right deals with Office24by7. Our sales CRM will give you the analytics you can use to determine where to spend your time and resources. This way, you can make the most out of each deal.

Experience Enhanced Sales Like Never Before!

Elevate your sales game and increase the chances for successful deal closing with Office24by7’s exquisite tools.
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Ease of Availability

Now you can stay in touch with your clients/deals at any time of the day with our sales CRM. Nurture and close the deals at any time, any place.

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In-Depth Analysis

Conduct an in-depth analysis of every deal with the history reports in our deal management software and identify the bottleneck in the sales funnel.
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Focus on the Right Deals

Our deal management solution provides proper insights that will give you an idea about how good a deal is and whether it is worth your time.
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Revenue Forecast

Now you can predict the deals by checking their success percentages and revenue. You can forecast the revenue for the month, quarter, or year.
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Greater Productivity

Elevate productivity and get high deal values with our comprehensive deal management solution. Send emails, SMS, or WhatsApp to close a deal.
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Set Deal Parameters

Have clear parameters such as product status, offers, past deal activities, and operational constraints that can affect the company’s revenue.
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Renewal Reminders

Send the renewal reminders to your customers whenever required. You can set the time as per your business needs.
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Unclog the Pipelines

Remove stagnant deals in the sales pipeline using our deal management solution. Set an expiry time for your deals and check the revived ones.
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Cross-sell and Upsell

Get your deal interested in the other products that you have to offer. Cross-selling and upselling are made easy with Office24by7- the best deal management software.
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Create Different Opportunity

If a deal is interested in more than one product you offer, create a different opportunity for them. This way, track different deals individually.

Push Notifications to the Rescue

Boost revenues by sending highly personalized notifications.
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Real Estate Deal Management

Track and manage property listings, buyer inquiries, offers, and negotiations. Check the status of each deal, track the source, and schedule property viewings. Enjoy peace of mind in managing deals.

, and collaborate with clients and other parties involved in the transaction. Manage multiple deals simultaneously.

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Vendor Management

Manage multiple vendors and suppliers for sourcing products or services. Deal management software helps in managing vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, and tracking vendor performance.

It allows businesses to keep track of contract terms, pricing, delivery schedules, and payment terms.

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Channel Partner Management

Companies relying on channel partners to distribute products use deal management software to manage partner relationships and agreements. Track leads and manage marketing campaigns.

Negotiate partner agreements and tracking partner performance. Deal management software helps in ensuring alignment between the company and its channel partners, optimizing partner engagement, and driving mutual growth.

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Investor Management

Investment firms and financial institutions can use deal management software to manage investment opportunities, track investor inquiries, and facilitate deal negotiations.

This includes tracking investor communications and interactions as well as managing documents such as investment proposals, term sheets, and investment agreements. Deal management software helps streamline the investment process, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and optimize deal execution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A deal management software helps track, organize, maintain, prioritize, and analyze the deals irrespective of where they are in the sales pipeline.

Follow-up is a time-consuming process yet is quite essential for businesses. With Office24by7’s automated reminders, your agents will be able to follow up with the deals time and again.

You can copy the deal and create an entirely different opportunity for them. This way, you can track the sales journey of the two deals without confusion.

The sales pipeline is a process that starts with a lead entering the sales system and ends with them making the purchase. There are a lot of steps involved in between and after, and all of them together are an integral part of the sales pipeline.

Yes, you can do this. It is important to remove the stagnant deals from the pipeline and keep the ones that matter. With Office24by7 CRM, you can set a proper target period for each deal, and once it expires, the deal will go and fill in the revive section.

Deal management software will help in knowing the deal flow and understanding it. This way, the company will have complete control over the deals and can fasten their closing.

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