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Take your first step into building long-lasting customer relationships with the best contact management system.

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Empower Customer Relationships with a Contact Management System

Record all your customer details, and track all interactions and documents in central contact details with state-of-the-art contact management tools.

Store all company contacts in the centralized address book of our contact management system.

Use the Contact Management Software as a Centralized Address Book

Our software lets you store all company contacts centrally and build a corporate asset with contact management software. Store their phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, etc. Store sales as well as non-sales contacts – employees, vendors, etc. Share contacts among colleagues and teams while controlling privacy and access using the online contact management software. Retain contacts when staff move on. Build contacts manually or import them in bulk.

Use Contact Management Software to Automatic Capture Contact Details

Capture contacts automatically from form submissions on websites, incoming emails, and calls on virtual numbers with online contact management solutions. Connect via plugins to Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram, and sync all customer data from paid social programs into your lead management CRM. Connect to third-party websites via API integrations and sync prospects’ data with the web-based sales CRM.

Capture contacts automatically through lead management CRM software system.
Search and sort contacts with our contact management software.

Use a Contact Management Software for Easy Search and Sort Among Your Customers

Filter contacts based on standard fields by enabling contact management tools. Filter contacts data using various attributes like contacts, companies, activities, and notes. Further filter results with contact ownership. Better yet, find every piece of information that matches your search phrase. Capitalize on the best contact management system to sort contacts based on any field.

Drive Multi-channel Communication Through Contact Management Software

Get in touch with contacts instantly with options such as calling, texting, or emailing. With built-in calling, make calls to contacts without leaving the platform. Call center management software uses virtual phone numbers to make quick calls to contacts with no hassle. Besides making calls, the built-in phone in our contact management system allows you to send texts, access call logs, record calls, and get insights.

Call center management software helps you to get in touch with contacts through multiple channels.
Track the source of contacts through segmentation option in contact management system.

Segment Your Customers Efficiently Using Contact Management Software

Track the source of each contact, such as incoming inquiries from a promotion or advertisement, internal or external references, events and exhibitions, online surveys, website visits, etc. Categorize contacts into customers, prospects, competitors, vendors, etc., on your online contact management software. These tools filter contacts based on source, groups, standard fields, companies, or activities and build segmented lists.

Leverage Contact Management Software and Do Bulk Campaigns

The best contact management software performs bulk activities on multiple contacts simultaneously. Blast email, text message, or voice to many contacts together without wasting valuable time. Target multiple contacts or contact lists with email, SMS, and voice campaigns.

Let your team perform bulk activities on campaigns through the best contact management software.
Maintain records of activities, tasks, and set reminders with contact management system.

Maintain Your Calendar, Reminders, and Tasks Integrated With Contact Management Software

Create new activities, set reminders, and view past tasks. The contact management system maintains comprehensive records to manage your tasks and time. See past and upcoming tasks to take necessary actions at the right time for your business. Forget no more to make an important phone call or send an email. Set reminders to communicate with any of your contacts.

Get a 360-Degree View of all Your Contacts

Office24by7 is the best contact management provider, and here we offer you up-to-date insights into contacts. See a graphical timeline of complete interactions with the contact. Information includes notes, calls, emails, text messages, and voice messages. Get a 360-degree view of contact details and interaction history by adopting contact management solutions.

Get a graphical view of interaction with the contacts and their details with the best contact management system.
Store all the important documents of each contacts through the contact management software.

Maintain Your Calendar, Reminders, and Tasks Integrated With Contact Management Software

Best personal contact management software stores important documents within each contact profile. Create and store documents — contracts, proposals, and other files — during the relationship with each customer or contact. Simply drag and drop files from the desktop or quickly click to upload them to the contact profile.

Manage Customers Efficiently with Contact Management System

Our business contact management software offers a complete set of features to track incoming and outgoing calls.

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Reassign contacts to another user with contact management software.

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Contact Lists

Add contacts to new or existing lists by enabling contact management CRM.
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Duplicate Filter

Our contact management tool lets you manage software checks for duplicates in selected contacts.
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Call center management software performs several quick actions to take on contact.
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SMS, Email, and Voice Campaigns

With customer management software, run bulk SMS, email, or voice campaigns on selected contacts.
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List Views

See contacts, companies, sources, groups, or contact lists with the personal CRM system.
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Upload, Download, Add Contacts

The contact management system uploads contacts in bulk with .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files, or download contacts. Or add one at a time.
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Export Contacts

Select contacts to export to .csv, .xls, or .xlsx files. Software for managing contacts, editing, sending, or importing them to another platform.
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Standard and Custom Fields

Contact management software has standard fields to store multiple contact details such as name, company, role, work email, phone, etc.
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Link Contacts to Companies

Get suggestions when entering the company name to select the existing company in a database with customer management software.
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Personal contact management software accesses campaign-related status reports.
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Search contacts based on any standard contact field value with call center management software.
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List View Settings

Select what contact fields to display in the list view by allowing the best personal CRM software.
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Advanced Search

Best contact management software provides an advanced search option to search for contacts.
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Geo Filtering

Part of the advanced search in contact management solutions is finding contacts in a geographical location.
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Quick Filters

See all contacts or your own. See contacts modified or created by you with the best personal contact management software.
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Our contact management services will enable you to see all reminders within a period. Search within the resulting list of reminders.
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System-generated notifications of all contact-related updates and activities with the software for managing contacts.
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Add comments to contacts with personal contact management software.
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Access Roles

The top management software has predefined user access roles with reading, writing, deleting, and editing options.
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Set your working teams based on company departments or working segments and assign them by adopting contact management CRM.

Contact Management System for Enterprises of All Segments

Contact management is transforming various segments of marketing, non-profit, and corporate use.

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Small Size Businesses

Easily manage your small businesses with long and complex sales cycles that require ongoing customer interaction. With scheduled follow-up dates and detailed communication records, this best personal CRM system helps manage contacts. It adapts to the requirements as the business grows.

Target abandoned cart users with push notifications strategically. Do not forget that higher open rates will directly translate to increased conversion rates for your brand.

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Startup Companies

Automate marketing messages and send them straight to customers’ phones to increase reliability. Contact management software adds a personal touch with spoken messages from celebrities to encourage action from the target audience. Get closer to the audience with such calls from celebrities and idols.

By sending price alerts or price drop alerts, you can re-engage your customers and increase the total conversion rate using web push notifications.

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Feedback & Support Solutions

Conduct one-to-one post-call surveys of customers and get feedback on support or sales agents with personal contact management software. Or blast broad-based surveys for consumer opinions and needs for new product definition. Simplify the feedback collection, surveys, and polls with a single-level IVR.

Share images of the product with links to relevant product pages. Up-sell other offerings by offering discount codes for increasing the cart size to motivate users. Use cross-selling and assist your customers in complementing their current purchase with the best web push notification service.

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Transition to CRM

Send account alerts to help customers manage their accounts. Call center management software sends frequently, ensuring that they have real-time information. Send security alerts to ensure they know log-in and account access information. Send card transaction alerts to identify fraudulent transactions.

A product with good reviews is bound to be sold out more quickly. The best website notification tool collects reviews from original buyers and makes sure to get regular reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact management means storing the details of leads, customers, and prospects and organizing and tracking the information related to them.

  1. Contact Creation
  2. Import/Export
  3. Database
  4. Unified view of customer
  5. Data Analysis
  6. Reports

An online contact management system is a cloud-based system that helps organize data related to the customers. It helps view the contact list and understand them.

  1. Better customer relationship
  2. Deeper insights about customers
  3. Improved data management
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Better alignment and collaboration
  1. Backup the data
  2. Pause any integrations
  3. Remove duplicates
  4. Delete any outdated data

This is an easy process. A CRM like Office24by7 already has everything you need; you just have to upload the contact details, and you are ready.

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